Stan Cullis, Wolves

Well Jeff, how are things? Just throwing a quick few notes out to let you know how things are going. It seems like everything is going well at Molineux towers apart from the fact you don’t talk to us any more. That’s a real crying shame. I don’t know who has given you that advice, that perhaps the best thing would be to drive away Wolves fans from the club with some extremely dodgy communications and policies over the past few months. Now I’m not going to go over the small print about how you have put our noses out of joint, it’s pointless and negative. But Jeff…really? What have we done to deserve this? Haven’t we done everything that was expected of us? Haven’t we welcomed you with open arms? We expected partnership but got a mouth full of ashes in return. We expected to get on the Crazy Train with you but turned up at the station and found you had already left.

What have we done wrong? We have supported you 100% throughout these short years you have been involved with the club and now we find that we really are the most disgusting thing you can have at a football club like ours. A customer. A knobhead who just hands money over with no real interest in how our club is being run. Here’s a little description of what a ‘club’ means. A club is an association of people united by a common interest or goal. But I don’t think we are united in any way. You have tried in fact to sew division within the fan base. I mean fucking hell Jeff we are always divided, that’s Wolves. One Pack? Bollocks Jeff, many packs now and it’s getting worse. You are destroying what makes history, what made Wolves a ‘brand’ if you like. It’s not even anger I feel but inspiration really. I’m not crying over Fosun Jeff, I’m really not. This last game ticket lottery. Why? Either you are stupid and just rushed out this incredibly brain dead idea (which I doubt) or you are doing it on purpose to divide and shatter the heart of the club. But we don’t know either way because no one speaks to us any more and to be fair to Moxey and Morgan at least we had the odd mumbling bullshit press release or idea off them. I know your minions read Social media so what have they said? All going to plan or fucking hell another cock up?

But yes inspired. Fosun inspired me to be honest. I actually took on every little message Fosun farted out into cyberspace and made it mine. I looked at what my club had become and I didn’t like it but I shut up and carried on waving your fucking flag. There wont be any more flag waving for sure. You don’t like people using the ‘Wolverhampton Wanderers’ name? Tough shit, it’s not yours. I mean you may hold a bit of paper saying it’s a trade mark and ‘yours’ but it’s not really and you know it. You can try and grab everything you can but you are grasping at air Jeff. It really isn’t yours. Wolverhampton Wanderers is our club not yours…is it sinking in yet? Do you really want a battle? We are a small group but we are very adaptable, we evolve very quickly, we move a lot faster than you can Jeff. The blows we will land may be few but they will be hard and they will hurt you.

Fosun have made a massive cock up. Yes, this global brand with investments and cash and political might and this and that but Jeff you have made a massive mistake in trying to have a pop at the fan base. Because 12 months ago you could have made massive PR gains in just engaging with us instead of some hand picked fucking Gonk you parade around at events. I’m inspired Jeff, because now I know you and Fosun are not infallible…you make mistakes. So this big mistake sits there on Social Media and in the streets like a stinking turd. We don’t trust you any more. You have thrown away that right. All across the world things are changing Jeff. That focus group model you and Fosun have adopted is old hat, it’s yesterdays groove. Are you going to continue to sail that particular ship come what may? I don’t advise it. You will fall, you will be called back to China and you will have to face the music….talk to us Jeff, throw caution to the wind and talk. Don’t send out the Communications suits, they haven’t got a clue. Jeff they are not fit for purpose.

Inspired Jeff. That inspired that you have forced me and a few other concerned supporters to form an independent supporters association. We are going to call it ‘The Stan Cullis Appreciation Society’ and we are going to build it up as far as we can, as big as we can make it. I have been talking to supporters around the World to find out how we would form something, make something real and concrete. A balance if you like to the fallible abstract entity you represent in Fosun. We will have some clout too. I’ve been talking to local Councillors and have been getting extremely good feedback. You see we vote these doughnuts back into their jobs every few years, often their nice Council positions are defined by maybe a 100 votes here and there. Votes that are made by fans of Wolves. There are a lot of us you know. Now they will listen to our concerns because at some point their jobs might depend on it. You inspired me to do that Jeff. I have made links with fans in Argentina/Brazil/Peru/Mexico/USA/Russia/Germany/France/Italy. I am talking to a person in our National Government. I am talking Jeff and organising.

Talk. That’s the keyword here Jeff. Talking is everything and you have an opportunity to engage with this group from the start. Perhaps. Who is on board? Youth, the future of the club. They will play a massive part in SCAS and I am gathering these angry beings into a cohesive unit. Older fans, now Magistrates, Politicians, Business men and women. We will reach out to every under represented group in Wolverhampton and we will give them a forum to discuss action and effort. Jeff, we are organising because you have made us do it and our backs are against the wall….but surely you know enough about Wolves fans to know that we love a scrap where we are outnumbered. Jeff, the map is not the territory. There is a lifeblood that throbs in these streets that you haven’t really got a clue about…another Fosun failing. Lot of them happening lately aren’t there?

Why Stan Cullis? Well Jeff you know he refused to perform a Nazi salute when England played Germany in 1938. They dropped him from the team. But not once did he regret his refusal. A single entity Jeff, this man Cullis is everything we hope to be. The Society will take on all the moral fortitude and strength that Stan showed that day 14th May 1938. It will be fitting that we will officially launch the Society on that date I think. Jeff it’s going to be good I hope. The people involved are brilliant people and they are resolute just like Stan was. It would be fantastic to have maybe 20k Wolves fans as members…a real force in Independent Football Supporters groups. I envisage membership to hit that in maybe two years after consultation with other groups. Will you speak to us then? I know you tend to brush off the concerns of the Oi Polloi like us, it’s obvious we aren’t important any more to you. But hold that thought Jeff. Maybe it would be positive to talk to us and hear our concerns. Maybe it would be good for you to find out the zeitgeist in those stands before you ham fistedly pronounce another PR cock up. At the moment the whole Fosun groove is a blunt ineffectual attempt to take the club to a bigger stage, more profit, more kudos on a global stage. You are failing Jeff. The Fosun algorithms are defunct. Culture especially English football culture is the honey pot for global football fans to get sticky in and Jeff, we are the people that make the honey. Not the team or the success but the fans, supporters, the lovers of the club.

Now you have a great opportunity to engage with us from the beginning. At the moment I am just a knobhead who is talking and organising but it wont be me you will be talking to. I will help set up and start the group but better women and men than me will be a part of it. It will be launched in the close season and hopefully fully up and running by the time we kick off. Forget Nuno and the team for the moment. Our concerns are not with them yet, it’s with you and Fosun. Will you speak to us when we are 20k strong? I hope so, we have much to say.