Wolves V Newcastle ‘The Return of Cabbage head’

Don’t worry Dear Readers. There aren’t going to be any words like ‘Evolution’ or ‘Transition’ or any of that shit today. I think we have gone over that ground so much it’s starting to look like a Council job. Most of my regular victims….I mean readers know the score pretty much. Anyone that lives in a Council house while the Council are ‘modernising’ their house … Continue reading Wolves V Newcastle ‘The Return of Cabbage head’

Old Gold Magic

I think we’ve all had enough now haven’t we? This Lockdown bollocks, not going out, not talking to people…if we do talk to people it’s all angsty and shitty. I’ve noticed that driving habits are becoming violent too. I’ve never seen so many errant tactics on the road, people getting out and shouting. Have you noticed those odd times in shops too? Arsey bollocks everywhere. … Continue reading Old Gold Magic

Leeds V Wolves ‘It’s the Raul Thing Baby’

You have to feel sorry for our Flakies. Poor bastards. I mean they’ve just spunked out 50 or 60 squid on their new PortuWolves third kit. They have probably spread their arses to Sky Sports to the tune of 15 squid so they can watch the match with their artisanal ales cooling in their fridge. They sit their fat arses down and try to understand … Continue reading Leeds V Wolves ‘It’s the Raul Thing Baby’


Well there you go. An empty canvas of a Virus Lockdown Wembley. The Taffs. Conor Coady being Conor Coady. That means all you hear is his voice rebounding off the rows of empty seats. Ordering, moving players around, but most of all enjoying the absolute shit out of the whole weird occasion. The dysfunctionality of the England player party scene which left three important players…somewhere … Continue reading EL CAPITAN