Is Vik there?

Viktor Gyökeres eh? Scored some goals, good link up play, young, hungry and overpriced. Of course Wolves would be interested in him. I mean for one reason he’s scored some Goals which is more than could be said for most of the Wolves team at the minute. But what’s the info? Well, he’s expensive for sure at 25 Millys. For sure we would have paid that a couple of years ago, probably. But then again when Coventry spent just over a Million squid on him that’s a bloody big price to put on a bloke after one decent season. But he’s strong, would make a good foil for Hwang, maybe let Hwang get unlocked a little. It’s all dream world stuff of course, for us great unwashed anyway…

For ‘Interested’ probably read ‘browsing’. Of course he’s on the Wolf Radar. There’s probably a file on Hobbys desk as I speak. He’s probably looking at the folder out of the corner of his eye but there’s a big yellow post-it note on the front saying 25 MILLIONS SQUIDS! Which makes Hobbsys hand shake a little bit and he moves his hand back. Now the current value of a player like him could be seen as an easy 7-15 Millys. Creative Forward, likes to spray the ball around and give him half a chance he will put his foot through the ball. He’s Old school 6 foot 2 and strong. He’s a right body. But 25 Million?

Viktor isn’t worth that of course. The figure probably represents Coventry anger and pain that they can’t keep him. Their eyes have got big thinking they can pump Jeffs wallet for some big dollars. But it’s not going to happen unless the price drops by at least half. He’s a 10 Milly player for sure. Coventry make 9 Millys and we try to shoehorn him into the system. Will that happen? Probably not. Who knows what Julen and Hobbsy think about him while they circle the great Golden information Void of Molineux? I know I don’t want to flow Coventry big money after the Robbie Keane thing back in the day. It’s a big risk that. I’m also thinking we are looking at 5-10 Milly players from the ‘Young and Hungry’ tropes.

My dudes tell me signings are ready to happen and again no one will expect the players that are coming in. Someone says ‘Nobody knows who they are’ and I can see that. Hobbs I suspect did more networking in South America than people realise. I think Big Fran going back to Spain was an admission that Hobbs doesn’t need his hand holding when it comes to throwing transfer shapes. I also think (based on what people have said to me since he first popped into our minds) that Hobbs is moving into circles and connecting very well indeed.

Just a few thoughts and lyrics for this weird day when it’s cool and dull.