Notes From The Frontline ‘Julens Cutting the Daisies’

I have to check my scalp for a moment. To see if I have hair there. I am having bald thoughts about Players. Bald in that I am feeling some love about Fabio Silva not being here next season. I think Julen Lopetegui is having the same baldness as me to tell you the truth. I think Julen and me are having a crisis of bald. But what does that mean? Many people think it’s the lack of hair that makes a bald Wolves fan. It’s not my thought. Baldness to me is a baldness of the Hemispheric globes of the brain surface. Here’s a simpler thought. Fabio Silva had a chance to come back here to fight for a place in the Project. In the Wolves dream (or nightmare) a project to live and die for on the pitch, a chance to cement himself into the Premier League. He could have been a Hero here. But what did he do? Fucked off to PSV mate. Oh. OK Then. Unloved ay we? He doesn’t want to play here for us I hear. I hear he doesn’t like the Town. The people. Anything about the Club at all.

Thing is I would love to wax some sweet left hand lyrics to his head. But there are many targets in our Wolves team that need a swift boot up the arse to leave the club. That’s why I think the message given out by Wolves that everyone has a price except five players is the right message. Julen is starting to get the long knives out like I said a few months ago. This Wolves team needs gutting out and I’m not even waving my Coady Mug around here. I am a Fanboy of Coady but mate, I would chop his head off in the middle of the Molineux pitch in front of everybody if it meant that we would have a team of people willing to work.

‘Willing to work’ eh? You know the type of bloke that doesn’t do his bit. Fucking about on his Phone while you’re grafting. He’s the first one in the Canteen and the last to leave. He’s the one standing by the Clocking out Machine five minutes before clocking out time, the one that cooks fish in the Microwave or a baked Potato that takes 20 minutes to fucking cook while you’re waiting to reheat a Greggs sausage roll you found in the fridge at home. Bastards mate. This team has some of those people in it. I’m not going to bandy names about but you will pretty much know them when they get shifted on in this transfer window. Part timers these prongs are. We’ve watched them for a few seasons and some for one season. These are the people that leave you exasperated, depressed, wondering why they haven’t got the fight we have. Technically, some of our players aren’t as good as we think they are. I would say 90% of them in fact. If you think Lopetegui and his staff haven’t noticed that then you need to wobble your head. Daisy players. Some Daisy does well, some Daisy doesn’t.

Lopetegui is perhaps the best Manager/Coach we have had perhaps since the 1960s. He has done it, been there. A wealth of experience and a dollop of madness too. Just what we want in a Coach. A bloke that will absolutely impress his Philosophy on this team and fucking woe betide people aren’t onboard with it. He’s looked at everybody since he came here, in depth too. He has seen them day to day at Compton. Watched them train, seen how they develop themselves personally and professionally. He knows. He probably has great folders of data, Xg bollocks and statistics but he will know them better by looking at them straight in the eye. Being a Fighter he knows who has it in them and who doesn’t.

We see Nathan Collins has been hustled about a bit. What energy do we have about that? I like him, would love him to stay, great player for the future etc etc. Until you look at him with Julens eyes. Have we got time to develop him? When we need to forge ahead now? Have we got the luxury to keep a player that has at least one major mistake in him per game? Does he move that ball well out of his own box? I think Julen knows the answer to that question and I can see him moving on and maybe he just hasn’t given Julen enough to say well we should keep him, see how he does. Don’t forget that Collins was a Nuno scouted player before he went to Burnley. There is some psychological baggage there if you ask me.

I don’t think Lopetegui is bothered about players that wander off the pitch lackadaisically flopping a few claps out at the fans. That goes for all of them of course. You see, signing up to play for Wolves is like signing up to play for Lopetegui really. Do you want to piss him off? Are you that sure that your hefty transfer fee protects you from criticism and the bench? I think a few players were last season if I’m honest. But the way Julen sets up and plays football requires more than a few fancy moves and a turn up. He wants blood this Lad. He wants Players to get out there and run through brick walls for him, he wants fighters, he needs Warriors who at the end of a game will have to be helped off the pitch. He wants them to be that tired they can’t clap and instead have that tunnel vision you get when you’ve exerted yourself to collapse. It’s Julens way but it’s also the Wolves way. We want Heroes not fucking Zeros. We want blood and bollocks, we want fight, intent, madness. Do that for a couple of seasons they you can piss off to AC Milan or Real Madrid for all I care as long as we have the next wonderkid to step up and have a pop at the first team.

So I’m not unduly worried about players leaving. Who am I to make decisions on who should stay or go? Even if we have stands full of day trippers, out of Towners and Wolves Larpers there’s still a hardcore of Working Class fans at Molineux and we know the players that don’t put a shift in and pull their weight. We also want players that want to be here and who love playing the Wolves way. I think Julen will be putting those players into positions in the next month. They may be under the radar kinds of players, but hungry ones, given a second chance maybe, fighting for their fledgling careers. But there’s a Project underfoot again I think. I have a funny feeling something good is going to happen next season. So Fabio can piss off for me. I want players who want to be here, who would die for the Old Gold and Black not fannying around Europe playing for anyone as long as it’s not Wolves. So yeah, I’m not suffering any pain about players who turn up late for training, I’m not interested in players who constantly moan about their job and I’m not interested in people hanging around the clocking out machine so they can be the first off the Car Park.

Watch our outgoings carefully over the next few weeks (apart from Ruben) they are the players that have given us a crap couple of seasons and a near relegation. Trust in Julen, he’s a Wizard that one. He knows.