Notes From The Front Line

How is everyone? A bit shell shocked over the past season I guess. It wasn’t part of the script was it? The struggle and the dysfunctionality of the team especially before Julen turned up. Then a quick scrape past the post and we are safe again. We all breathe a sigh of relief. Think about Summer, Bees, Flowers, Barbecues mass stabbings…..But mate. Don’t fucking relax too much me old Mucker. Things are not good at the moment. Things are negative and sad again.

I always tell my mucker down in Compton that I don’t want to hear about all of the stuff that goes on down there. I don’t want stories of debauchery and Louis Vitton wash bags. I don’t want to know who is shagging who. I don’t want to see Jeff Shi and his dirty underwear either. I don’t care about any of that. If you have read my blogs regularly you know I rarely talk about the little bits of information, I want to know about the big picture and the greater more Holistic movements down in sunny Compton.

What do I hear off my people? Not good things for sure. But that’s par for the course with Fosun. Their silence and the closed Executive circles they like to build for themselves have allowed a void of information to be filled with rumours, half rumours and bullshit of the greatest kind. We wallow in that bullshit on social media. We love it. It gives us time to formulate our own shite and liberally splash it around the socials. The Void of information eh?

Sitting on Waterloo road painting yesterday was fun, had lots of little chats with various Wolves people who stopped to say hello. What were the stories like? Mostly depressing to be honest. Nothing happening on the transfer front that they knew about (which could mean anything). Nothing about Ruben going only that everything is ready to be signed but Barcelona don’t have the money for him. Julen is being wined and dined in Saudi with tales of unlimited funds, fantastic players he could utilise, and his eyes are growing with the wonders that could be at his fingertips next season….but not with us. The general consensus from everyone I spoke to is that it’s a 2 to 1 bet that he will be here at the start of pre season. Fosun told him some tales before he came here for sure. I wonder what they were? Unlimited funds? Some funds? No funds? Everyone at Wolves is for sale apparently. Fosun will look at every single bid that comes in and if the offer is a good one then that player will be off on his travels for sure.

But you never know with Fosun do you? They’re like the fucking Freemasons. They probably all stand on one leg with their pants on their heads in Jeff Shi’s office singing praises to Satan or whatever while small children are being cooked and eaten. I dunno. Nobody knows! But I do know there is a dichotomy to this particular Fosun drama. Two ways it will play out. One, is that Fosun have everything in hand. Julen is happy and it’s all a ruse to get hold of players whose prices will not be off the scale. Jorge Mendes has been sidelined at last and he isn’t allowed to get his hands into the Chinese cash box again. When the players return there will bne some new unknown but talented players ready to slip into the new Lopetegui framework and we can begin to build and consolidate again. Or Two, Julen will be gone, off to Saudi to manage one of their new teams, unlimited funds, exciting new league, warm, beaches, nice things to look at. While at Compton we see a trickle of our best players depart off to new clubs and we have to start pre season with a new Coach.

That’s the dichotomy in a nutshell. It will play out over the next few weeks of course while we sit refreshing the Socials to see if anything is happening. We’re like Mushrooms us fans, and this allegorical description explains every Football club fan I suppose, keep them in the dark, feed them shit and they will keep turning up regardless. I’m pretty much used to this now. I lost my rag a thousand times during Moxey and Morgans tenure. I can’t be arsed to be emotional about it. I remember a tale about some Russian Princess with a passion for having sex with animals. She remarked that she had sex once with an Elephant. Someone asked how she actually ‘had’ sex with something so huge. She replied ‘You don’t have sex with an Elephant, you have sex AT it’. A story which pretty much explains our angst and Fosuns attitude towards the great unwashed of Molineux. Our angst is thrown at Fosun but nothing sticks mate. They couldn’t give a shit. One Pack eh?

This was the first time for about five years I thought we might have a chance to make some shapes in the Premier League. Thought that with a few useful additions in the squad and a decent footballing Philosophy we might move a little. We all know the importance of Pre seasons. We haven’t had a decent transfer window for a while. I mean a decent one. 7-8 good players ready to work hard with a Coach who has more than a few ideas, hit the ground running at the Seasons start blah blah blah. We live in a fucking fantasy world sometimes. I do especially. I always tend to look on the positive side of everything. Now of course, there’s no point in thinking anything. All roads (at the moment) lead out of Wolverhampton not into it. Everything has gone dark. So we can be assured that everything is quite normal at Fosun-Wolves in that it is extremely abnormal. Things are getting cocked up big time, people are in positions they have no real ability in, players don’t want to play for us any more, players don’t want to come here and the Season tickets have gone up again.

My advice is to get a comfy chair out in the garden and enjoy the weather a bit. Enjoy the meltdowns on social media when you have five minutes and enjoy just being alive in this crazy fucked up world. We really have no input in what happens at Wolves. The Fosuns don’t care a toss about your aggravations so why should you give a fuck about theirs? We will still be Wolves fans whatever happens. Enjoy those small delights of the odd goal, those precious seconds when our team puts more than three passes together or look semi threatening. Enjoy the players that will be replacing our Stars. I will give my opinions a few weeks to absorb more News out of Compton and Molineux before I start writing regularly again. I think next season will be an absolute nightmare or an absolute delight. No bloody middle ground, it’s the Wolves way. But I will say this, I wish Julen would make a decision so the Fosun/Borg can mangle another Coach in fast. We cannot afford to leave this shit late again or the Premier League is going to bite us fully on the arse next season instead of the few choice nibbles it gave us for the last one. I will even say if Fosun haven’t got the bollocks to fight for our place in the Premier League piss off and get us sold to someone who can. I’m bored of the Chinese now. Bored of Jeff. Bored of the drongos he has surrounding him. Prove me wrong Jeff. Make me look a tit again please.