Dear Mr Luís Jorge Pinto da Silva

Dear Sir,

Firstly as a Wolverhampton Wanderers fan may I apologise for the behaviour of Mr Sellars and Mr Lage former employees of Wolverhampton Wanderers. How they treated your son Fabio over the past two years has been reprehensible. A thousand apologies. Many of us in this fanbase knew that both of these people were operating well below what was expected of them. They were men with no real vision. Alas, personally I was prepared to ‘believe’ in Mr Lage but Sellars I knew was a mistake. Enough about them…Have you spoken to Fabio lately? What are his thoughts? What are his dreams for the future. Are we in them? Does he hate everything about this club and the way he has been treated? Do you remember your own ‘Loan seasons’? How did you develop, how did you respond?

Fosun (once they worked out what was going wrong) acted quite quickly. They delegated responsibility to people who were not well equipped to deal with the day to day running of a club like ours. This isn’t a failure of Fosun by any means. In many ways it showed that they had trust in certain members of staff and that trust was abused in many ways. I don’t hold Jeff Shi, the Board or Fosun responsible for any of our current difficulties at all. In fact the whole disaster of the past 12 months has made me look upon Fosun and Jeff Shi with kinder eyes than I have had for a good few years. We all learn through mistakes and I think Fosun and in particular Jeff Shi have also been on that steep learning curve that comes with running a Premier League club. Yes, much kinder eyes. With my kinder disposition I see Fosun have learned much over the last 12 months too. Mistakes made, yes. But the mistakes also made Fosun learn.

Now there is a new dawn, a new beginning. We have Lopetegui now. You obviously know of him and his work in Spain. He is a wonder. The teams he builds hold the ball. They are selfish with it. It becomes their ball. This Philosophy of Football is being built here now, in this semi desolate City. It is being enforced with an Iron hand I have heard. There will be no placidity now, there is a ‘Kill list’ of players that will be gone soon and not before time. But why do I write? It is a simple letter of course, from a simple Fan that will probably just evaporate in the plasma of information that flows around Clubs like ours. But I have to say it. I watch this team every time they play. I watch and then I rewatch matches trying to see a Holistic viewpoint that encompasses everything about that match. I watch and my brain says the same thing again and again. Fabio. Fabio. Fabio. Fabio would be there, Fabio would grab that. Fabio would shoot from there. Fabio would be making that defenders life a misery. Fabio. Fabio. Fabio. You see? That subconscious mind that ferments and discards thoughts about our team keeps repeating the same name again and again.

I want your son back here with us. This is now his time. Forget the past as much as you can, it is gone. There is a new thing, a beautiful thing being built here. My shallow ignorance of the vast majority of football politics shames me. Although. How you are navigating Fabio through this maze of insanity amazes me. I bow deeply to you. I ask you this; Is there a better team for Fabio to engage with in Europe? Here is Wolves, here is (at the moment) a place for him within a project and an idea. Something new and exciting is being built and I can sense it…metaphysically so far but more and more I see and hear the things Julen is doing at Compton with the Prelude of his team. There is idea and there is a plan….a plan at the moment with a Fabio sized hole within it. A pyramid of sorts with Fabio absolutely ready to slot right at the highest point.

Fabio is a holder of the ball, a believer in holding onto the ball and physically holding opposition players off him. A box player happy to engage in physicality. A player able to hold and lay the ball off to others, a player we need. I think Fabio is ready to have another crack at the whip, another term at Compton. He will learn here from Julen. When Fabio first came I imagined for a moment we would build a team around him…that seemed the easiest choice to make. I firmly believe that if Fabio was in this team now he would be struggling, that’s for sure. But this team is in flux. Many of the players we now know will be gone, players that have really failed to push the club to greater heights. Even many of the new additions we have made over the last year/season I can see being moved away. They are stop gap players brought in to do a job, but not the foundations of the new ideas that Julen has. I see many new addition coming here at the end of this season. I see work being done at Compton to drill them, shape them into something new, something we have lacked for a long time, a team.

I say this to you. Bring Fabio back to us. Let him see with his own eyes what will happen in the future. Let him talk with Julen and both of you listen to what he says. I am hammering my colours firmly to the mast here. We need Fabio to be in this team and he will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of his loan deals. I think these next few weeks will be pivotal for both Fabio and Wolves and decisions will be made both by you and the club that will affect the futures of both for years to come and I say the best thing for Fabio in my humble opinion is to come back and learn more things, develop more and become what we all know he is capable of. Have you seen our new additions? They are a step above what we have, they are developing as I speak into Premier League footballers, day by day hour by hour Julen is adding tenacity, intelligence and emotion to the team. Fabio will fit perfectly within this project, should become part of it, relish the challenge and immerse himself in the whole insanity of this club once again.

Sit down my friend and think about these things for me. Let these thoughts ferment in your mind. This is an ideal opportunity to forge something new and dynamic. For Fabio to rise that little bit more and become the fulcrum for the Wolves attack. There will be additions soon that will be able to ping the ball into the box with regularity. There will be additions that will drive themselves forwards under Julens tutelage to be in the box ready to receive those balls. Fabio will be one of them. I see him collecting the ball, keeping possession while others fight their ways forwards to join him. These are the things I see with my idiotic mind. Let Fabio come back to us please, let him grow some more here.