The Axeman Cometh

“Let us have little, but let us always have enough.” Basque Proverb

So Julen my friend…what do you think? Are we ‘a thing’, have we the strength to forge ahead? What are the dynamics in the squad? Who are the killers, the honest?, the Workers? The Artists? who are we? I think that you will agree that we are listless, rudderless, we were once a thing but when you first arrived we were nothing. We know that when you first arrived we lacked everything but had everything. On paper of course, we were a strong squad. We had a light squad of course but not a dynamic one. I know it’s easy to lay the blame on Fosun or Bruno Lage, It’s very easy to blame Scott Sellars and I am a person that will stand behind that particular flag and I will stand proud too. But the dearth of idea here can be laid at everyone’s door even mine possibly.

Bruno was a good Stoic of course, it was a Philosophy I myself have wallowed in over the past few years. When Nuno was here I also labelled him as a great Stoic Coach. I was mistaken of course. These Stoics can happily watch an idea burn and blow away with the wind and whistle happily as ‘It’s really nothing to do with them’ or ‘I have no power to change anything’ and let the process carry on. Of course we were all wrong. Even Fosun in all their glittery International Business shapes fell for the old Stoical ‘just let things carry on and at some point if we throw some money at it all will be good’.

Of course the main problem at Wolves was a lack of identity, a complete absence of why we are here playing, for who, and even where sometimes, when the new crowds of Fosunites, the people they want at the club sat despondent and silent as they watched us play at the start of the season, well….it just wasn’t Molineux was it? The madness of the past few years dissipated like fag smoke into the sky under the old floodlights. Yes, who the fuck were we? That’s the major problem we face at the moment. Players of course move out and move in, they are the blood of Molineux, and are there to be moulded and shaped, forged even into something that resembles a complete team. A team that can perform and attain, to entertain and to draw on the energy of their fans. We lost a major part of our team in Saiss and Coady. For all the propaganda about either of them they were major parts (for better or worse) of that initial identity. They were never really replaced. Constant rumours about Ruben going. Fosun debt troubles. The atmosphere at Home games. Fucking hell Julen. You have a right job here my mate.

For a start it was a good move showing Scott Sellers the door. What was he about? An Academy Coach basically telling Steve Davis how to play a team. How did Fosun cock that up? Listening too much to people who shouldn’t be allowed to speak? I’m not sure. Now of course you have pretty much annihilated the major flaw in the whole Wolverhampton Wanderers FC set up. Good move. I applauded loudly. It was a Masterstroke. I wish I could have been a Fly on the wall. I would have personally escorted him out of Compton with a good kick up the arse for good measure. Wolves should not be a vehicle for egos. I see an Idealism in you that supersedes the Stoicism of the last few Coaches. So this is a new journey for us and a new chance to really cement us into the top half of the Premier League where we really do need to be in the next few years. You are obviously going to need that Idealism to fuel our movement out of the relegation zone…I mean I don’t think we are going to be relegated because when I look at the other teams around us, I don’t see that they have any kind of impetus as we do. That impetus is your Philosophy about Football, your ideas. I see with my own poor blasted mind that you are imposing these ideas already. The players you and Mr Hobbs are bringing to the club are quality additions. Not only from a Footballing perspective but also a mental one. I have read much about these players and they all share the same characteristics. They fight, they have heart but they know they can adapt the world around them with their own mental strengths. They impose their football on the game. To paraphrase Nuno they ‘make their ideas greater than their opponents’. A phrase Nuno used but rarely enacted. Things are moving in the right direction. Cunha at Forest the other day. There was an energy in him. It was reciprocated by the away fanbase. This is what we need. Energy, mental energy, that ‘us and them’ mentality which gets Molineux shouting and loud.

Some of our current squad cannot do this. You will know the players by now, you have been close to them and have watched their football. You know they go blank emotionally when under pressure. We may say any fight they had has been dissipated and crushed under the passivity of Bruno Lage. I say passivity and I don’t hold Bruno totally to blame for our current misfortunes but he himself could have fought harder, put some noses out of joint higher up and fought for his own ideas even if they were like the smoke under the lights, scattered by the gentlest of breezes. In May of course many of these players will be shown the door and moved out of the warmth of Compton. I initially named four of them to my closest confidants as I hate naming players. I think I may have mentioned them on Social Media which is a big faux pas on my behalf but fucking hell if Wolves are making mistakes I can make one too. Yes, they will be gone. These are players that lack identity. They haven’t impressed themselves on our football at all. Instead they are passengers on the crazy train when they should be on the roof of the thing, screaming naked at the stars. No, we lack heart and we lack courage in certain areas of the side.

It’s a journey now for sure and one we should all take part in and supporting. I know there will be words said over the Summer as we see favourite players shuffled off to other clubs. I really don’t think there will be much interest in a couple of them which kind of tells you how far we have fallen from grace. Who will be left? Fighters, Idealists, players with foresight, creativity, strength (mental as well as physical). I see the names we are connected with and I tick all of these boxes. I see that you will not be taking any shit from either Fosun or the players so really you have the power to now finally make a team that you, with all your experience can turn into a force to be reckoned with. Rail at the FA about the standards of Refereeing, let everyone know what energy you have. Fight against VAR decisions. Encroach onto the field of play when you have something to say. Throw things, smash them, kick holes in doors to get us what we need. We will support you 100% if you do this. We fight, it is what we do in this unfair world. We fight to make our mark on it. That’s what Idealists do, that’s what our teams used to do.

That Basque proverb at the top of the page is very apt. “Let us have little, but let us always have enough”. Wolves fans never ask for too much. We are happy seeing our teams fight. If we win then great, if we lose but still have fought hard we are still happy. All we want is for the team to battle on the pitch and attain something. I knew this season was going to be a little insane and I was right. But we are doing OK so far. The margins are small, our losses mostly to do with abysmal Refereeing or strange quasi corrupt VAR decisions. In your short time here you have already made great strides at the club and I am sure you will make longer ones very soon. Give us something to sing about Julen. Give us our club back.