Papa’s Got A Brand New Brand

I think the diagnosis on the Fosun regime are pretty much done now aren’t they? We have picked apart the strands of disease, peered under the Microscope at the bacteria, the Viruses, the plague has raged hasn’t it? The sickness Fosun has incubated through their medieval and useless Tao is beginning to choke and rattle through its last days while we are gathered around the bed eating grapes and chatting to the Nurses that are popping in and out with cloths or whatever. Check out @_KKWWFC thread on Twitter for a fantastic run down on all the crazy, insane, mental, almost criminal negligence that has flowed around the brand for a good few years. It’s a shame really, I really did think all those years ago that they would be forward looking, intelligent, their business acumen unrivalled. I threw my all in with them, supported them, actually liked Jeff a bit even if it was glaringly obvious the first time I looked at him, that he was a Lizard. He always looked daft. Like a Chinese Harry Potter but without the magic skills. We shove all those suspicions to the back of our minds in our greed of course. It’s like ordering something from Wish, it looks great on the screen before the delivery of your shiny new acquisition, then the arms fall off quicker than one of Fingles Kappa Trackie tops.

I get the anger about it. The need to vent and be angry. Some will have a scatter gun approach to critique and many innocents are going to be targeted. This is the way of anger, in a scrap hit everybody regardless of their innocence. Wolves Trust have had some neck, no need. There are some good people there, let them do their meetings thing, support them. There are also people at Wolves who work there, work hard too. This is not their fault. These people are Club people not Brand people. Instead we should look forwards to a new madness. Fosun will sell Wolves, for a good price too. Then shuffle off to a work camp in the desert where they will live out the rest of their days chanting Holy Mantras to their Leader and sewing training shoes together or mining heavy metals for 15 hours a day. Swapping the Gucci suits for a Navy Blue Mao suit and that crumpled look all Chinese naughty boys have.

The Qataris are interesting. They will probably be our new owners next year (or this year). I’m pinning my hopes on QSi. Qatari Sports investments. They have been busy little Bees for the past few years dunking some good oil money around various Football teams in Europe. They have a sovereign wealth fund you see. QSi is the sports arm of the Qatari government and will be even more political than Chairman Shi and the Fosunz. But fucking hell dudes, the money these people have is insane, and they know how to use it too. PSG in France has become an almost abstract Club now with one aim really, domination. Domination of the French League. They have their own Marketing skill base too in NextStep Marketing, a company specialized in client representations, direct merchandising, and event management. These people have big technical people on board who I wont bore you with. They have Burrda, remember them? Sportswear company. It’s their own company. No more Castore shit flying into your inbox after every defeat. What other energies are the Qataris bringing in? They have the Qatar Tourism Authority “Visit Qatar,” Qatari mobile network provider Ooredoo, the Qatar National Bank, state airline Qatar Airways, Qatar-based sports medicine hospital Aspetar and Qatari sports broadcaster beIN Sports. Lovely avenues to funnel that Oil money into Wolves via ‘creative’ sponsorship details. I predict that in the next few years all the sports shirt buying knobheads will be advertising Burrda sportswear, Qatar airways on the tits, BEin sports on the sleeve.

Ya know, it seems like the Qataris are Fosun, but with more than half a brain. I said to Horace this week, don’t be surprised to see the same energy we had when Fosun first bought our club. An all singing and dancing Gucci clad Football Coach, a name, a good record, a personality, imagine a Nuno but good. Perhaps even a Coach who’s face actually fits his head. Then imagine an influx of insane players from Europe who will turn up in his wake. Bankrolled by our new Qatari brothers. Yes, I know about the Political aspects of the Qataris, the Human rights etc. I don’t really care about that, I mean no one ever listened to me when I discussed Uighars or the Silverlight projects in China. No, I couldn’t give a shit about Human rights any more, I’m more concerned about Wolves, my club. New money in, new ideas and new grooves. Europe ya know. Our new Chairman or Owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi is a ‘player’ he has entered the Lizards lair and has become one of them. He is close and inside every European and World Footballing Power Block in existence. He is there mate, right there. The New Super League that will be formed in the next few years will be constructed under his very hand. We need to be there, we need to be in this place. Jeff Shi said when he came here that we would ’emulate the Manchester City model’ and he was half right I suppose. Insomuch as it ain’t ‘we’ Jeff, it’s us and the Qataris mate.

What a great and crazy time to be alive. I’m looking forwards to a bit of Qatari head chopping when they arrive. Dragging certain personalities into the proverbial centre circle to be publicly executed for their crimes against the new brand. I hate some of them that much I would gladly grab a detached head from the basket and kick it around the North Bank car park like old times, I could take some photos, sell prints maybe. Maybe Wolves will sell tickets? I dunno…I might steal a few heads to put in the fridge so I can look at them every day like Jeff Dahmer did.

Anyway….with Ruben going and our results and vibe things don’t look too good but open your eyes a little. Things may be crazy on the pitch so far but things are going to get even more fucking mental as the next few years grind on. But I see the Qataris for what they are. They will want to compete against Manchester City and take many of their trophies off them. They have beef you see, the Qataris and the House of Saud. It’s kind of like a Wolves-West Brom thing. They hate each other. It may come to pass that we will see footballing warfare between these two clubs for dominance in the World Footballing sphere. Who know’s it’s all speculation on my part but watch closely my little cherubs, things are going to be fucking changing. Have a good look at Nasser Al-Khelaifi in the photo above, concentrate on him, and learn about him. All Qatari Wolfs ay we?