Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Fuck you Jeff Shi, fuck you Sellers, fuck you Vinnie and fuck all you hangers on, suit freaks, grifters, Xg sticky hand mofos, fuck foam hands, fuck expensive food in the ground, fuck the beer prices, fuck the season ticket prices, fuck Castore pedo leisure sports clothing, yeah fuck all that. Oh and fuck Gary Lineker too…

Ok that feels better but what’s the fucking point? We can wax lyrics until we are choking on the angst of the current climate at Wolves. We expect better, we expect some element of Wolf like fighting and scrapping for wins, we expect better because our love for our club makes us do that you know, makes us wear lucking clothing and have little conversations with God about our chances that match. God is not listening to us…I’m talking about the Football Gods of course. They have to be placated in some way with sacrifice of a kind, some pain given freely.

Darkness and angst. That didn’t take long did it? How long did we have in the heady atmosphere of Premier League football, where we looked beautiful and other teams would tremble a little bit at our tenacity and drive, our skills on the ball, our madness, Traore, Jota, Moutinho, Ruben Neves, Coady, Boly all insane and drunk with their football. Hangover time. This darkness was born a long time ago. I wrote a post about it and it was the most heavily read post I’ve done simply titled ‘Fuck You Jeff Shi’. It was about our lack of preparation, our lack of solidifying transfer business, the lack of ideas. Man. did they click on it. It was heavily linked of course, which brought in more darkness, more pain. These people were and still are in denial. This shit was going wrong about three years ago when the energy in the air around Molineux was turning darker as the season went on. Even recently when we saw Conor Coady walking into Molineux with the media team following him and we saw Scott Sellers in a full Wolves training kit with ‘SS’ on the tit. I thought that was well dodgy mate. Who was he? Was he part of the team? What was his role? Well after yesterday we fucking know mate. It’s all his fault. He is not liked by our team, not many people like him outside either. To be honest if Bruno Lage had a face bigger than his head Sellers has has a face smaller than his head and I never trusted either of them. They look weird.

Yesterday he was photographed at the match sending instructions to the bench, sitting there in the Billy Quiet with a flasher mac and brown fucking shoes, tactical board in full sight of every doughnut that sits in that stand. Was the grief palpable? Fuck yeah. I couldn’t add my own madness as I am suspended on Facetwat and Twitterbook. Scott fucking Sellers eh? Have I spelt his name right? I don’t care. Here is a man who is meddling in shark infested waters mate, when Lil Scotty is just a shitty little Mackerel. He got chewed up yesterday didn’t he? I got back from Wiltshire last night and read the reports and the madness. Good grief, I have nothing positive to say about any of this shit any more. Thousands of words I’ve puked out over the last five or six years and all of them discussed how we move forwards and how we progress, evolve. There hasn’t been any of that. We have dissolved into a political quagmire of motionless intent. Not looking forwards but looking at our feet, embarassed and ashamed of the Molineux Hierarchy.

They will not be here long I don’t think. This Fosun experiment has failed. Jeff Shi is a brand builder, he knows all the keywords and the buzz phrases his acolytes have crayoned on the whiteboard for him. That was when he used to talk to the fans of course, now he can’t even be arsed to do that. I reckon the team he has assembled to drive the brand forward are gaslighting him. I think ‘Jeff’ doesn’t really know what’s happening around him. Maybe he gets agitated when his Fascist Overlords in China send him a cryptic email or three then Scott or Vinnie rush in with hot towels and soothing drinks, tuck him back in and tell him to relax, everything is good….but it’s not is it?

It’s relegation form for sure, and there is a relegation zeitgeist as well. The virus of insincerity and bullshit is thriving in the corridors of Compton and Molineux. It’s because the players don’t care any more, it’s because our Molineux OverLords have taken their eye off the ball and have it firmly on the dollars they can make out of it. It’s about individuals at the club. Individuals who think only of their own journey. How will they rake money out of this idea and how they may advance their own worth in a sport awash with money both dirty and clean. How much do you want to read about how much I dislike what our club has become?

The Toxicity at Molineux is welcome, it’s energy and it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s dark and angry, it’s energy regardless. It will pull fans together with some sort of shared angst as we watch what happens over the next few weeks or months….and the Molineux hierarchy deserves it, every single bit of it.

I’m watching of course. I put the match on while I was being a Punk rocker in the depths of Trowbridge. The songs we have are angst filled angry pieces of art. One eye on rehearsal, one eye on the footy and I watched every single second of the whole debacle. At the end I was wasted, even a rare message off Horace failed to cheer me up. The darkness is coming my friends. I said at the start of this season things would be weird…but I only half expected this.

What are the solutions? Fosun have lost their way. The investments they have made in the players they have brought here are bad investments. When the team was crying out for meat and two veg quality additions we have flare players, beautiful young men, expensive players, great Portuguese players…but not very good English Premier League players. There has been debacle after debacle and I’m not going to list them all as I can’t be arsed. Fosun will of course sell up at some point. They don’t know what they are doing I’m afraid and this has been proved time and time again. Little fishes in a big pond. I think instead of bringing in these cut price executive doughnuts there should have been some academic searching, a Philosophy put into place. A framework of intent. Then perhaps an experienced Director of Football and a backroom staff that were hungry for success who had an idea of what Wolves were about. Wolves as a club, not a vehicle for bringing beautiful players into England to recycle them to other teams. Are we just a brand vehicle now? Are we just a transport system for laundering Gestifute money?

The Qataris will maybe buy Wolves quite soon and I don’t think they will see our executives as fit for purpose. Scotty will be jobless soon as will the rest of his mates. The Qataris will bring in hirsute and technical staff probably. Dudes who have ideas and hunger. A Coach that will be of a very high standard with impressive credentials and ideas. We will see this team fragmented and moved to other clubs for them to ply their trade. The playing staff has failed, the backroom teams have failed, the experiments with shape have failed. Our Ideas are comical and juvenile and have withered away in the heat of the Premier League. Wolves have given us nothing while again we have given them everything as we always do and will continue to do. My advice for the next few months is to support the Club. Not the brand and not the players. Support the Club we love. Things are going to get harder soon, and more angst filled. Luxuriate in this madness because the energy of it will force change at some point. China will, be watching Jeff Shi very closely and they also watch us very closely too. They don’t like to think things are going wrong with their dollars and locked away in their Ivory Towers in Shanghai they will not like to see us irate and angry. Angry fans don’t spend money. Angry fans make things toxic and horrible, people will not like visiting Molineux especially all these new ‘Sports watching as leisure activity’ pricks. We can force change with our own anger and passion and you know it’s the Wolves way. Once we start getting angry shit will happen. Do it creatively. Take the piss out of Sellers and Jeff at every opportunity, make memes and gifs, get on social media and vent your fucking spleen. Out of Darkness cometh light, we must be Fosuns darkness and we must squeeze it until that light comes flying out. Hold on my friends…and don’t use ya Moms best sheets, she won’t be happy.