What’s going On?

So Michael Beale has turned us down? What does this mean? Am I ready to wax some lyrics cussing the man? Am I to nail Jeff Shit to a metaphorical pallet? Sellars? Big Vinnie. Who do I point the fucking finger at then?

It can’t all be bad of course. Beale isn’t going to leave QPR for a club that has lost it’s way. Wolves are kind of in a position of sorts. I think I can safely say that for a bloke on the lower rungs of a very rickety management ladder, he’s hanging on tight and inching his way up slowly, taking care to place his feet in the right places, get a firm grip etc. Would he have had that here? I’m not sure. At QPR they have an idea of where they want to be and are building an impetus of sorts, early signs look good….but here? The Old Gold has become a little bit tarnished again I think. Number of reasons for that of course which I’ve examined a little through previous posts. But no one wants to come. So is there a Football grapevine or something? Do these people have their own little Whatsapp group chat where they talk? Was there talk about Wolves. Have we been given the ‘Black Spot’ of damnation? I don’t think so.

I think people aren’t comfortable with what’s going on here surely. Coachwise anyway. We haven’t been happy for ages man. Lets throw out some lyrics…

1. We have a massively dysfunctional squad

2. We have a very underperforming squad

3. We have a reasonably new squad who lack Premier League experience

4. We lack a system where our Footballing Philosophy can grow and nurture players

5. There is a growing gap between the Fans and Fosun which may blow up at any time

6. We have a real chance of relegation due to all of the above

What does that tell me? Mr Beale looked at the options above. He’s an academic coach, he gathers information, he knows these things are real things. Extrapolate those factors to the decision he had to make and his current position at the top of the Championship and there you have it. His fans love him at the moment. His Gaffers and Board love him. He probably has the England Job in his sights at some point. His career is obviously everything to him. So of course he has to turn us down. We are not a massive club. Big Global footprint like but not massive. I wonder who is in charge of sorting these appointments at Wolves…who is responsible? Is it Jeff? I bet he has the final say but who is responsible for sorting candidates?

What would have attracted a quality Coach? Maybe the ‘chat’ or the interview, the Zoom calls or phone chats didn’t put over the message Wolves wanted to. Maybe there wasn’t a message, the same way we don’t have any kind of direction any more. Maybe the chatter actually turned these prospective Coaches off. How much money is available to them? How will they impose their idea of football in a massive void of idea we have at the moment. What players are going, what will the squad look like by January. Would there have been money available? Would that money have been spent on quality cheap squad players who would have given the team some foundation or would the money have been recycled through the Gestifute maze?

The Nuno rumours amused me no end. I had a field day on the socials throwing shapes around. Big Nuno shapes. Of course he isn’t the answer, he wasn’t last week and he isn’t now. But I tell you what my little Wolfs, I have a feeling old Nuno is going to be rocking up soon. It’s the only way Fosun can get some energy out of this whole sorry mess. There might be Nuno bounce of course. A couple of wins here and there before it all turns a bit Nuno again and the ideas run out as well as the energy. Perhaps it will give Fosun and Jeff et al some breathing time to actually do some research and work on getting a quality young Coach into the Club.

All questions of course and all trying to ascertain the narrative. These are going to be some bloody interesting few weeks coming up you know. Do I see the bedsheets coming out? No not really, I don’t even think we will see a toxic Molineux either. We will just blather on this season. A win here and there probably. Maybe another two or three goals. More drama, more grief.

Am I thinking Fosun and the Brand Wolves are fucking stuff up? Yeah, it’s getting that way.