Happy Nunoday (Part 1)

It will be insane on Sunday. I’m not looking forward to it apart from the fact we are back in the Mol. Nuno eh? Us in the stands feeling unwanted and unloved. Not enough time for Bruno to love us or we him. Then onto the hallowed turf bounds Nuno. What do we do? How do we approach such an insane occasion? Us Wolves fans who have a spectrum of feelings about it, what do we do?

People that live in Wolves know there’s an undercurrent of nastiness in us. We have seen it in our travels up and down the country watching our football. We also love somewhat unconditionally the people that also profess to love us. Millwall thinks no one loves them but I can say without a doubt many people hate us with a passion. In football I welcome that hate and I am quite happy to dish that hate right back at them.

So we have a dichotomy of feelings when Nuno comes back, do we love him or do we hate him? I think the answer lies between the two extremes. We hate Spurs, they are the enemy along with every single other club in the Premier League. But I don’t particularly hate any of their players or I suppose a large amount of their fanbase. Spurs are good value for a laugh at their expense. I still love Nuno although he is now a Spurs man and he neatly slots into that space where we don’t hate him for being Nuno but we can hate him because it’s his team we are playing that day and to be honest fuck Nuno and fuck Spurs. It’s the Wolves way, it is our identity to cast our bants at the opposition, it’s our identity to be nasty in many ways. But we still love him and always will. There will never be another Coach like him and indeed even if we knew so little about him we still fought for him, watched his teams and tried to explain what he was thinking and doing. We supported him (for the most part) in everything he did. He had it good here there is no doubt about that. He had everyone behind him. Nunos dream was our dream too.

But Nuno was never one of us. If he was he would still be here fighting, biting and scratching to build something at Molineux. With the backing of Fosun and his supporters he could have ruled the world I am sure of it. But it was never to be due to whatever reasons. He left us in a way we could never leave and the magic, the dreams and the ideas became just buzzwords, empty hollow promises, bullshit. I waxed lyrics that were full of support when both Nuno and Fosun knew the time was up. Did I feel a prick? Well I always feel like one but this time I felt betrayed by it all and everything I loved about Nuno and his ideas became just a passing history, memories and most of the time joy mixed in with a good dollop of lies, propaganda and the advent of how football will be in the next few decades. I did think about shutting everything down, the blog, the book sales all of it. Nuno going made me delve deeply into what I thought about the club and my relationship to it. I delved deeply into nostalgia, the old stands, the old players, the stories and the memories. Gold tinted glasses. Most of those memories were shit ones. Tommy Docherty being announced as our new Coach. Sacking Sammy Chung. Doog retiring. Building the John Ireland stand when the team were crying out for investment. Good times, bad times to paraphrase Planty. But we threw bricks at Docherty the day he signed to manage us and several Wolves staff and Doc himself legged us down the Waterloo Road…but we kids knew, we knew very well what Docherty was about…

We can look at Nuno and remember the good times, whack on the Gold tints and relax as we talk about Middlesborough away, Cardiff, Bristol and for those lucky enough to get to Europe…watching the team play in a top competition and come away proud. But there are also bad times. Watford FA Cup semi final, Southampton. I suppose others can make numerous points, playing members of the squad that were injured, playing out of form players and we can go on.

But you know the real point of this post…Nuno is sucking the energy out of us. He’s not here and he is pulling us from pillar to post with his mind and the effect he had on our minds over the past few years has been crushing. Highs and bloody lows, and he’s still doing it. How about on Sunday we just don’t let that Nuno mind vibe start to effect us either in the stands or on the pitch. The players minds will be everywhere. But we have to focus big time as a fanbase and on behalf of our football team. Many of these players haven’t got a clue about how Wolves operate within Molineux. We can be insane and horrible. That Wolverhampton nastiness must come out on Sunday. We must denigrate this Spurs team and it’s Manager until they crawl back on to their Coach and fuck off back home. Nuno and his Philosophy is not ours any more. He is not a Wolves man, he has become Momo the Spurs Coach. Him and his mate Mendes I’m sure are intent on sucking the life out of Tottenham and they will do it too. Maybe our current transfer woes are part of this Nuno/Mendes commission scam. Mendes is busy wheeling and dealing trying to get players into Spuds, maybe Mendes is even touting Nuno to other clubs as I type. They are not our friends any more. They are the fucking enemy. That well dressed Nuno they have is not our Nuno. This means we can give him as much shit as we like regardless of the fannies that will clap and orgasm at his every move….I mean he’s the only Manager they have known at Wolves so you can excuse their exuberance for now. But this is a great opportunity to cement Brunology into the steps of the stands around us, a time to let the team know that we are perhaps the most important people inside the ground on Sunday. We must beat this NunoSpurs team and we must do that by being fucking horrible and it’s the thing we do best.

We will be ripped apart by emotions on Sunday that’s without a doubt, so channel that energy by getting behind our team and not having some nostalgic wankfest over a Coach that indeed lifted us into this hallowed division but finally deserted us. Be fucking horrible. Back the team 100%. Denigrate Spurs and Nuno at every opportunity. Win the game. After the whistle love Nuno again. Simple.


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