A Note From The Frontlines

When are we ever going to have a boring time supporting Wolves? It’s always insane, always mental, always something to moan about. What a brilliant thing. The Graham Hughes stand fiasco. Well, I say fiasco because there really wasn’t one. Apart from all these fan focus groups announcing that it was falling apart and wasn’t fit for purpose. Nice to see that Fosun cocked that one up too. But then again the focus groups were the ones that took the hit for it pretty much. That’s the price you pay for being the mouth of Sauron I suppose. Even I had a pop at Wolves Fancast. I feel sorry for Richard Hobbes who has to deal with the gimpery of his content providers on the Socials but I’m not apologising for calling them out as they threw a good many punches first. Whatever.

Graham Hughes stand. Nothing to do with the club really. Even if it is a scaffold disaster it doesn’t come under any real scrutinisation from authorities as apparently it’s not a ‘working platform’ so doesn’t get inspected every time it changes. You basically lump it up and piss off. So an Inspection dude is brought in to look at it and says it’s shagged a few weeks before the season kicks off. Not really a Fosun issue, more of a Management one. Who is the Facilities Manager at Wolves? Dude you missed a bit. Anger and energy in abundance. Any little mistake by the Fosun Machine and it gets amplified in the general Void of information we have between the club and it’s fans. Sticking these Focus groups in the mix and any issues people have with those and that information gets mangled and tangled in the Politics that swirl around Molineux lately like a bad beer fart. But it’s transfer time again and a new season is waiting for us…

Again the transfer issue is another void but one in which the club needs to do it’s business. I know things have been left late again but man, the complexity of these deals stagger the imagination and it’s not only the contracts and pay offs that have to be sorted out. The player needs to be tempted. I guess it was easier to bring in players when Nuno was about. They knew he was a decent Coach and his team hung around mid table a bit but there was money and some sort of policy in place. Now of course the team are an unknown quantity as is The Bruno. Nice to see Wolves dash out a video about his grooves and all the keywords were in there to make the listener feel like some plan is there, some tactical change, some dynamism. I like the idealistic aura Bruno has, I like the way he is involved on the training pitch, I like what he has to say. It sounds open and fresh after trying to work out what Nuno was saying and what he thought. Nuno perfectly reflected the Fosun stoic mindset and that was why I think they had a half decent working relationship. Before they didn’t. I wonder what the relationship is between Bruno and Fosun? One deffo for the future that one.

Signings are on the way for sure but the process as I said before is a complex one, a veritable minefield of complexity but that’s what these doughnuts are paid handsomely to do, bring players in. My whispers tell me Wolves are looking at South America. I did actually suggest this last year. Maybe the South American Leagues would be a great place to find talent. It would be relatively cheap to bring them in. They would be hungry and angry. Something our midfield needs at the moment. We lack that insane midfielder again. The one that charges around nicking the ball off people and splitting the opposition up. Someone to grab the ball and set off towards the oppos goal and make things happen. Four signings at most maybe…something intimated by the club and the players that have been let off the leash for a media moment or two. I’m confident Fosun have things in order in this respect and I have thrown a few names around of the Socials for debate.

The Celta Vigo game was weird. Everyone looked like they were having a good time of it. Back in the ground, having a beer, watching some footy. It was almost a surreal event in many ways. Some people were a bit shell shocked by having bodies bumping into them, some looked as if they haven’t missed a beat from the Brighton game which seems like a 100 years ago. I didn’t go, I’m all about Wars not friendlies and the money asked for it was a pisstake even if Fosun probably just covered Match Day expenses. Watching the game on a stream I was mightily impressed with the second half and it looks like Wolves will go into the season pretty much the same as the last two. Half asleep fondling their genitals watching a Netflix series in the first half then stripping naked and racing Wheelie bins down Molineux alley for the second. I might just start turning up for the second half like the team. Donk seemed to have some reason at last to put the odd foot in. He’s just been a player that’s brought much hilarity to me for the way he runs, which is comical. But there is a footballer in there somewhere, I hope Lage can drag it out of him. Adama made me laugh. There he was standing around day dreaming again when the ball was passed to him. It hits him and bounces off him. He jumps like he’s been shot. Traore eh? What are we going to do with him? How long has he been here? Three years? Yet to see his best work for me. Still have him in the team. He attracts defenders like flies around shit. Gives other players space. Has moments where he seems like some footballing God and others when he looks like a comedy sketch. Not cussin’ just discussin’.

Trepidation though my friends. Leicester are a bloody good side. A friend sent me some training videos they had released to their fanbase. They looked very good. Full of intent, pinging the ball around like it was a lot of fun. Laughing but moving, pressing, fast, agile. Everything that our first halves are not. I’m not fearful of the Leicester game but I am concerned. We looked two weeks away from a finished article. Change of Coach, maybe the impending visit of new players, the Social media zeitgeist looking pale and angry, who knows?

Whatever happens at the Leicester game remember it’s early days. This squad is going to have to grow and develop and their are going to be times when things are not going our way. When things seem so shit that it really will garner some social media bullshit and angst. But a footballing season is a war not a battle. It’s a long trek to next May and loads of things could change in that time except one thing. How we support our players. It will be backs against the wall time and nobody fights better when our backs are against the wall than Wolves. I will say this. Try not to single out players for blame. Discuss the merits of each player by all means but lay off smashing into them on the medias. I suspect that it causes more harm than good. I know we get upset when something goes wrong but bite ya tongues. Support and make noise. Same thing for Fosun. I know they are a bit thick and I know they have cocked a lot of things up but they are a big machine and like all big machines their turning circle can be wide and take a long time to complete. Support them as best you can, criticise but make that criticism constructive….I mean I can point a big finger at myself here as I tend to be a bit emotional but then again I’m learning every day about how you write about something as insane as football.

But the days are coming my friends. The season is nearly upon us. It’s been a long time coming. There will be people missing for one reason or another and their will be new people sitting where others have been for years. It’s important that these people understand what it means to be a Wolves fan, to support this club. Things will also be changing very fast within the club and it will affect us most of all. It doesn’t mean we have to accept every policy change the club implements but it is important we discuss it and react to it in positive ways.

I’ve got a few posts to do between now and the game but lets put those crisp shagging bastards to the torch and walk away with three points eh?