Taking the Knee

Good to see Wolves will be taking the knee for the upcoming season. I have a lot of thoughts about it and let me share them. Black dudes have a whole different level of experiences with the Police than us lot. I’ve seen it myself over the years. I watched the life leak out of Clinton McCurbin while a Cop knelt on his neck in the Town centre. I’ve been a victim of a good few kickings by the Police too. I’ve watched that zeitgeist in too many places for it to be comfortable so yes, I have views on it.

I don’t even want to cuss Cops too much here. You see I always look at Cops as a potential recruit. What would I be like? How would I police a community and to be honest I would be a horrible Copper and be quite fond of bopping people over the head with an extendable truncheon. Man, I would have so much fun being a Cop it would be stupid. The Police are pretty much like a crowd at a Football match. There is a spectrum that bleeds from the quite chilled out Cop to the rabid violent one. You see you can’t judge them as a whole so this isn’t a Cop hating post. They do what they do under the pressures each individual mind can deal with. Some of them are Psychopaths it’s true, but some of them are nice people I’m sure….I dunno. Cops are what they are.

Personally there is one way to sort this whole Racism in sport thing out for good. Go on strike. Don’t play football for a month or so. That way the problem of racism on Social Media sites will get sorted out pronto trust me. Take away these big tech companies revenue streams and they will soon come bleating and waggling their algorithms. Taking the knee won’t do anything to affect the big companies that have the power to do something positive and right. Taking the knee won’t make people non racist, taking the knee won’t stop Cops from killing people either. But taking the knee shows your mates, particularly your black mates and team mates that you kind of understand their grief and if you don’t understand it, by taking the knee you are showing them that you are acting in solidarity with them and you have an open mind about it that is willing to be changed.

Now I know a few people, especially Wolves fans will be a bit upset by this decision by Fosun. I mean as Chinese dudes they aren’t really ones to stand up and throw anti racism shapes when their own Government are ethnically cleansing Tibet and the Uighur regions of China. Re-Education camps, Hong Kong, Tibet the list goes on. So it’s probably just a knee jerk response by Fosun, protecting the brand, one eye on the African Dollar and the Indian Dollar. That’s cool too as what the Fosun machine does best is look after the Brand.

Taking the Knee should be seen as a chance for us to share experiences between different ethnicities. A chance to spark debate and talk about our experiences with the Police and in a larger context discuss how we would like to be Policed and in what way. After all they are our servants apparently. Let the Police share their experiences too. A chance to talk, communicate with each other and to find common issues that we can all discuss and act upon. Wolves have had to stop comments on there Social Media posts concerning this issue. What a terrible state of affairs that is but unfortunately that’s the way things are on the Socials at the moment. Is it a bad move? I’m not sure. There are some deluded people on the socials and there are some people that are just crying out to be informed by other peoples opinions however extreme they might be. But how can you come to a decision on this matter when you are stopped from debating it and gathering all the extremes of opinions before you form your own?

If you don’t agree with players taking a knee then discuss why your thoughts are that way. Your point of view is just as important as someone else’s just as valuable. But don’t castigate others who wish to show solidarity with people they work and live with, love and respect but happen to have a different colour skin or religion to you. It’s small acts that change big issues for the better. Taking the knee has allowed us to debate the wider issues of race and how we fight to live together against a backdrop of fighting to survive in an absolutely crazy world. Instead of crying about ‘Marxists’ and ‘Lefties’ why not just talk to a black dude about their experiences with the Cops. Listen and take that information in. Then tell a few of your experiences with them. All the times you have a truncheon across the back for fuck all while waiting to get in a ground. Tell them about all the times you have had bad experiences with officialdom. That way we share experiences and find common ground. We communicate and we talk. Let me tell you that is exactly what ‘They’ don’t want. Us talking.

So if you don’t agree with it then that’s a decision you have made utilising all the memories and experiences you have had and nobody can argue with that but all I ask is that you reach out a little and find out what other peoples experiences are and maybe, just maybe you will find something to agree on and something positive to take out of it.