So how was the atmosphere at Coventry and Stoke? OK? Mad times at the moment at Molineux towers. Of course the great unwashed….us, are having Kittens, Puppies and fucking wheelie bins at the moment over the lack of transfer action. We watch other teams getting their hard ons with many players of which we look upon and go…HEY he would fit lovely here. So off they fuck into Villa, Arsenal or some other doughnut side. I’d love to talk about the Grealish saga and Villas meltdown over it, which has been very amusing from my standpoint. Nice to see those dickheads from Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth getting their dirty knickers in a twist. Transfer windows man, like getting fingerbanged by Captain Hook. I will be glad when it’s all over again.

Of course it would be nice to see what’s happening with the old Wolfers ay it? What they up to? Well Jeff has pulled himself away from throwing darts at a photo of me to cast an eye around the old transfer market and I’m very pleased to say that he is not idle in his castings. No one has phoned him about Ruben Neves for weeks now. The great red telephone on Jeffs desk hasn’t rung. Of course Wolves were expecting a few fatheads to ring for sure but nothing, zilch,nada. What does this mean? Ruben staying? So far yes…without any interest he might as well pop down Jones skips and start asking where his stuff is that he bunged in it a few months ago. As of this writing he is here and he is staying. But Jeff is waiting for that phone to start ringing once all those clubs interested in Ruben start whacking ten pence pieces in the phone slot and asking for Jeffrey Shi.

What’s the Adama news? Well the great Gold phone that Jeff uses for Adama business has been tinkling away quite happily over the past week. There is much interest especially from the Red half of LiverScouse but no concrete bids yet. All gamesmanship at the moment. Everybody waiting for everybody else to start throwing money and contracts around. Klopp wants Adama badly and is willing to splosh some serious money to get his man. Keep your eyes peeled for Liverpool propaganda over the next week. Of course when Adama does go that means we get some money to spend. More wingers probably and we have two of them in our sights although I don’t know who they are at the moment. Fast players apparently, runners, can whack a cross in too, great hair and teeth, young, hungry and already know some of our squad so that means someone who has grown up in Portugal and played with Trinky, Neto or one of those beautiful men. Adama of course has looked at the absolute oodles of cash in a new contract but is still reticent about putting his name on it. Of course he doesn’t know what this rebuilt Lage team are all about yet. Are they going to press for honours and glory or smash around in mid table again not really catching fire. Adama waits to see what is happening, waiting for the Scousers to throw some shapes at Jeff.

Who are we looking at though? What’s the zeitgeist on players Wolves are interested in? Nuno Mendes. Young Left back. Cheap, fucking brilliant. We are looking at him from the medium of video and sending a few bodies to check him out. We have Ayit there at the minute kind of deputising for Jonny…bring Nuno in and what happens then? Move Ayit to a midfield role? Switch him over to the right? I don’t really know. Maybe have more squad depth and choice for the coming campaign? Not a clue, could be all of those things.

I’m quite happy to let Fosun deal with all this crap to be honest as I hardly know what I’m talking about half the time. But the fume on the Socials has been good. Villa fans are getting hard nipples seeing all the Fosun Out hashtags on Twitter and Instagram but they should really tuck their dongs back in. Fosun will not be going anywhere for a long while and Fosun are being Chinese again in regards to not telling anyone anything at all. All this information has come from bodies at Fosun and at the club. I don’t share most of it because this isn’t a site for clicks and numbers. I don’t really care if anyone reads it or not, I enjoy it and that’s that.

That season is coming up fast now. It will be here before we know it. I am hoping Coady will stay in spite of Mumu wanting him to go to Spuds apparently and that’s that with all the news I have today.