Wolves V Mike Deans United

You know what? I’m fucking shell shocked. All I can do now after a game against one of the ‘top six’ is just shudder and wander around the wasteland of Wolverhampton town centre gibbering about referees and VAR and ‘Them’ and well….them. I’m sure that’s not part of the ‘fan experience’ or I suppose the brand experience either. But on the football field all is hyper fucking well to be honest. There is movement and there seems to be some sort of intent too. Semedo cutting in the width, shifting his man around, looking up, seeing danger and snuffing it out. Saiss having a resurgence of form, making runs, intelligent runs too. He shuts out players, nicking the ball shutting down. He nearly fucking scored if it wasn’t for that stuffy prick De Gea or whatever. A 0-1 defeat. Was it cruel? Not really, we battered them into a frazzle. United looked jaded and sad. Nothing was moving for them at all. Not the team I have watched in the past. But they are waiting for just a single opportunity. One shot on goal. It’s all they need. Not 100 chances or 200 just the one chance.

But I stand and I expected the beautiful football from us carrying off where the Tottenham game ended. It was beautiful ‘Porn Hub’ football. Why Porn Hub? Well it’s very much a case of yeah it was beautiful and sexy but inherently vacuous and empty and you are left alone again with ejaculate everywhere looking for wet wipes before you stare out of the window or go and look in the fridge for something to eat. Masturbation football where everything feels good at the time but at the end it’s lonely and sad and sticky.

Well we have had 6,928 shots on goal without scoring and man we came so close but I cant remember a time like this unless I look back to when Glen Hoddle was here. That’s unfair maybe but Hoddle was in my mind walking out of the South Bank with my head down and a miserable look…miserabler look on my face than normal. Of course there is no justice in football at all we know that. Things that should be ‘right’ are often not and things that are ‘wrong’ are always right. When it comes to BIGSIX teams anyway. Chatting to Albion Phil Ashmore Parks best Butcher last week we discussed everything about the Premier League and our experiences. They were the same pretty much, and he reeled off a list of grievances that would have doxxed the Mollymix site to a stand still. Referees, Managers, Coaches, players, decisions that were plain wrong, awful refereeing, prices of tickets. All aspects of yesterdays game laid bare among the pork chops, steaks, pork pies, sausages and home made faggots in onion gravy. Are we not entertained? How many United fans in the South Bank yesterday? I counted three in our section. Very quiet bodies they were as well. But they were there and unhassled. Everyone knew, nobody said anything. When Mason Greenwood scored I saw one clench his fist very slowly but he stayed still. Fair play. United in the South Bank, Wolves fans gonking over Pogbas shirt at the end of the match. Shovel fulls of horrible new football shit thrown in your face.

It’s pure football of course, all this angst. People mentioned that Mike Dean had a great game too. Man, I shut my mouth about that one. Adama Traore has the ball though and he flicks it on the outside of his foot and around a United players, Traore bounces past he’s ploughing the Adama furrow towards the United box, He jinks again, he is unfucking playable! There are shouts and expectation, it’s crazy! I look around me and most people have a quick look up from their phones. One dude is talking to his girlfriend, one dude, no two checking accas, others deep in conversation about something but not Traore. Who tumbles to the ground again. Not many noticed. Death by a thousand shots. The expectation that we will score during an attack is low at the moment. We don’t have any Kwan. The Kwan is gone leaving good football, relentless pressure, beautiful movement, pressing, anger sometimes, a feeling of something about to happen…but not yet. Patience? or Apathy? Return to Football being built up as a thing of positivity and advancement but ultimately disappointing. Bouncing up and down in the away end is a cardboard cut out of United favourite Rapist being passed around. There is a dude with his top off who only seems to be sunburned on the lower half of his body. What a weird bunch these Londoners are. It’s good that we hate them with much anger. We know them well. Pogba is rolling around the floor again. Minutes later Bruno Fernandes. Who minutes later is doing it again. There’s nothing wrong with him of course, we were attacking, getting a rhythm going. Great way to disrupt the game. Mike Dean is Mike Deaning now and play is stopped. We gather our thoughts about Fernandes being a wanker and ‘letting him die’ while he rolls around in agony only to throw himself around like a crackhead after a kebab seconds later. Conor Coady is getting angry now. Shows you how the game is going. Someone leans over to chat to me and they have a big wodge of cocaine up their nose. ‘Would you sell him Mikey? Would ya sell him? Would ya let him go?’ I don’t know who he is on about then think maybe it’s Traore. But I haven’t got a mind for Traore at the moment. I don’t understand him at all. Would I sell him? Maybe I would say “Yeah fucking sell him, snap their hand off! I’ll drive him where he wants to go then at the final moment say Nah, he’s fucking great” and that explains Traore to me quite well. I don’t do cocaine but at this moment watching the birds flying over the New stand I could do a bump. Anything to blot out Mike Dean and another united player rolling around like he’s been fucking shot.

Hwang was there. Our new dude from South Korea. We are desperate for him to be honest. We need a new key to unlock defences, to put away chances. He is a new dynamic, a new variable which our attacking frontline will absorb and utilise and find new ways to score, new ways to attack. Because in spite of all the fantastic football we play, something is wrong up front, Is it the style of play? Are we moving too fast? Not giving us time to deploy bodies in the box. How many times did an attack down the channels falter because there wasn’t anyone in the box? Raul deep and nowhere near the area he should have been to receive the ball. This happened many times. The zeist wasn’t fucking geisting in any constructive way. But again it was lovely play. Neves is an absolute God. Joao dicing up United attacks with aplomb. On the walk back to the car I am thinking as I plod up past Saint Peters, past the Lych Gate, up Dudley street, Old Hall street with it’s shit first year student Banksys making a beautiful old building look ugly with shit graffiti. Yes, I am thinking and my feet slapping on the slabs is like a metronome.

Bruno Lage has galvanised our side. Made it beautiful and mad. Todays match will cememnt in our minds how much we have advanced since Nuno left. How weird is it that only now I can look back at last season and wonder how I could write such beautiful things about football that was inherently sad and dull. You never know how much a Coach gets in your head until he has gone. We have advanced and we have got a new vibe in the team. That is a positive. But I think they are stressed these players of ours. I think they are too uptight about how they are playing, like this high press game has to have an integral high stress to go with the high press. We over think things on the pitch. It is almost scientific the way we play. This means that our players are coming on the pitch in a state of mind that doesn’t preclude that front of goal intent. We saw it with Bully years ago. Give him the ball on the edge of the box and we will score probably. Now it’s all about pressing straight into the box and not just putting your foot through it. There was the difference between us and the Mancs. Mason Greenwood was calm and collected when he shot past Sa and there was the goal they wanted. Only one real chance and taken forensically. That is all you need to do. Throw in some showboating, passive refereeing and time wasting and there you have it. How many times have we seen that in the past? A lot. Are we used to it yet? Not really, still pains and still hurts but at least we have something to look forwards to. We have started late I suspect, in bringing in players. We need different dynamics, probably a different set up, new players. I can safely write off some of the upcoming games until the international break. I suspect this period will be the time when Wolves gather some sort of group identity, some sort of collective idea when they play. Pre season until now has been an absolute carnival in terms of setting up a team. There has been no time for Bruno to really impress his ideas onto the team but still we have progressed and moved forwards and there is more movement to come.

But hey. Mike Dean. You sorry little bald headed man. You Jasper Carrot looking freak. I hate it when you officiate our games because I always expect your pantomimes to provoke some emotion from me and they did yesterday. I don’t know what your ego expects from these games but it obviously feeds well. You have swapped adherence to rules and the Philosophy of fair play in sport for abject unfairness and a bastardisation of the act of refereeing. I was disgusted again like I always am. Even channelling passive observation, as I do sometimes, I could not miss the glaring ineptitude of your decisions. You should have stamped down hard on the time wasting and histrionics of this visiting team. As a Referee you should have enforced the rules of the game while allowing it to flow and instead all we recieved was another episode of the Mike Dean show. The story of a Little Bald man making what could have been a good game of football into a stop start shit show of Mike Deans Football Philosophy where BIGSIX teams get all the decisions and all the love. We know what Manchester United are and so should you but you allowed them to ‘Yanited’ all over the pitch again. You bald headed little twat. I was half tempted to walk around the South Bank and give you a few fucks when you walked out of the guts of the Billy. But I would have been nicked so you get off Scot free again.

Shake off the negativity though. We have a fucking long way to go. Watford will be weird again. Do I expect anything from that game. Nah not yet probably. Too bloody early to say. I have my head pointed towards the break and I suspect that is when we will see our side start to get horrible. This game would have effected them I think. I hope there will be some anger happening but also some relaxed minds too. I don’t think you will see Ruben moving to United now. Even if the finacial gains will be stratospheric I suspect Ruben Neves has a beautiful soul and he knows that it would shrivel at ‘Mold Trafford’ that rust bucket of angst.

Fuck it. Onwards.

Captain My Captain

“A good captain is not made from calm seas.” —Proverb

You know thinking back over the years I have been muddling around my peanut brain for memories of Wolves players being called up for the England Team. I remember John Richards being in an England team. I remember running to School to harangue all those Manchester United knobheads and Liverpool fools about MY team and MY player. Everyone was proud. Today after all those years I am proud again that my club Captain has been called up to the England team. How happy? Ecstatic. For Conor and for his fans. I’m watching bits of the North bank swirling in my paper making machine. Next doors unit is full of Somalis arguing again. Yes, Conor Coady.

There are voices of course that denigrate my Captain. I listen to them and read what they have to say. I am of course open to all opinions on all players in our team. How can I make an honest appraisal of this man unless I hear everything everyone has to say? So I listen and I take it all in. That way I can formulate words to describe him. You see these words sit in my head where they are processed by a Football section of my head. The one that has watched Wolves since 1972 and my first match in the Northbank. I watched and I took it all in. The reading about football, the conversations with those much more skilled at analysing football than me. I take it in and it brews in my head until one day. Pop! An opinion forms. But I don’t spout my own opinion unless it sits well within me. I cannot tell lies. This is not a Hagiography of Conor Coady

My opinion of Coady is that we are very lucky to have him, as a Player and as a Captain. I am proud of him. Not because of his affability and his social skills….they are mighty. It’s because he has done exactly what his Coaching staff have required of him. His movement from Midfield to defence was a shocker to me. I expected some Coady breakthrough in midfield, a game where it would all click into place but I don’t know the ins and outs of his moving. But there he is the next season pinging balls out of the box like he grew there. Now he isn’t a glamour player but who wants one in defence? There is a stoical mindset in this man, a man that will follow instruction to the letter. Thus should we denigrate a man who follows orders and instructions to the letter? That implements his Coaches will instantly? There are times when he looks out of place a little and other times when he seems to control everything that happens in the final third. Of course when it does go tits up like the Vardy goal the other week at Leicester the other week. Someone hassled my mind about Conor being to blame. How so? Vardy is a world class striker. He nicks balls of the feet of absolutely world class defenders every week, because he’s a fucking world class striker. Add in the fact that a Leicester player was allowed to run unimpeded through our box to put a ball in. Add in a dash of a knee high ball that Conor was trying to position himself to clear and a splodge of Vardyness and there ya go. How many times did he make interceptions at crucial moments. Three. How many times did he put off Vardy when in a shooting position? Four. All through the games this season I have seen Conor constantly moving across the box to cover holes left by his team mates. He is knackered when he comes off the pitch. Because he is basically our defence. Yes we probably do need centre backs, quality centre backs too because at the moment the only bloke in our defence that does any running is him. OK thats unfair I know. Kilmanjaro is a player in the ascent. Saiss does a job of sorts. Boly is getting vigorously rubbed down Compton. Conor is the only man I see in our defence at the moment. And he’s a midfielder.

Now Bruno will go for a back four and no one sees Conor in that system but why? He has shown he can adapt and that adaptability is a massive asset. Adaptability is a keyword Bruno should get used to as his high press, fast paced game starts to wear down his stars over the season. He will need a player able to shuffle and move positions, take on new ideas fast, implement those ideas to the best of his ability for his team. How would Conor do in a back four? Probably brilliantly to be honest. Especially as he wont have to cover ALL the fucking box for a while. If I was Bruno I would put Conor right in front of a back four. His accurate pings are sex. I see him collecting the ball off two slab head centre backs, looking up, seeing Ruben, pinging a 30 yard ball to Rubens feet and Ruben dashing off a ball to Fabio or Raul up front. I mean that’s me coaching Wolves but I would want that International experience and Professionalism of a Conor Coady right there in that hole. Conor isn’t the nascent centre back we require but then again Ringo Starr wasn’t the greatest drummer in possibly the greatest band. But Ringo pinned the beat everything else hung off. I suspect that Coady is the same kind of groove. He may not have the glamour pass and the Portuguese hair but he has exactly what we need. Progression and the ability to progress his game, a stable mindset, and a metronomal style of defending. No Maldini this bloke but he is a Coady. In the shadows chugging gently away.

I have loyalty me and I support my players. I may have a moan about them (Traore) but I can never denigrate them while they are here. I just find it hard to do. So Conor has hardly had a week off this year with his Euro call up and the Wolves Pre Season. He must be mentally shattered and physically too. Yet he still turns up to play to the absolute best of his ability to play in a position that he has been asked to and still does it with a smile on his face! I really don’t think we have seen the best of Conor Coady yet ya know. I don’t think we have seen Coady unleashed as a player, I think there is much more he has to offer to this Wolves team. Will Bruno see this? I think he already has to be honest. I think we may see little glimmers of what Coady has to offer us over the next couple of years. More background chugging or will he blossom in the new Brunoball that Lage has planned? I personally want to see Conor explode into the player I think he can be. Forget about being an integral part of a machine but expand his play, make those passes, get forward and lets really see what Conor has in his mind once the shackles are off.

But yes, I am proud of him and there isn’t another player I love to see in Gold and Black than him. He will be playing against a resurgent Manchester United attack this Sunday. It will probably be him covering the ground again as always. Team players have everyones backs. Before the Tottenham game me and Big Andy were discussing Roger Johnson, trainee alcoholic, bad vibe merchant, not a team player. Remember him? Remember he was an integral part of our team. Now look at Conor Coady and you have dark thoughts? My gut tells me good things about Coady and makes me feel good watching him and thinking we are lucky to have him and I keep saying it. God Bless you Mr Coady, thank you for playing football for us and loving us, thank you for adapting, thank you for defending our goal, thank you for being our Captain. I am very proud indeed.


Another fucking loss, another person taken away by that fucking illness. Depression. I hate it with a passion I can’t describe. I see myself and other buckling often under it’s blows. This isn’t going to be a long diatribe about it or it’s effects on me. Just look at yourself and the way it affects you and dudes, that’s me and it’s them. It’s not weak to admit to suffering, many of the them and women I speak to are tough people, hard as nails. Many of them are reticent to speak and to share and that hurts me. We must open up to each other about it, talk and communicate, discuss this thing without any of the normal piss taking that goes on. I made a Toolkit ya know. About three or four years ago I sat down and worked everything out on how to best destroy this thing or to quiet it down a little at least and that’s the point where I am now. Dealing with it as best I can and ya know what? It’s good and positive, not perfect, not 100% but it works. I’ve written here about what I do and put it in bullet points

  1. Admit to it. The fucking hardest step you will ever take and this one is between you and yourself. You don’t have to talk to anyone about it, this is all you. Admit that you have a problem with depression and how it affects your day to day life. Sit down with a cup of tea and go through all the times our depression has stopped us going out to see friends, go for a meal, enjoy a book, enjoy anything at all. I did this, it was the first time I had admitted to myself that I had a problem, so now that problem is there. I visualised it sitting on the rug and it looked like a Virus, it was as large as a football and it stunk…it was breathing and it was looking at me with hate and violence with it’s bloodshot eyes. This thing was in me and part of me and it always will be. I looked at it and I started to hate it back. Step one done. Once you admit to it you can visualise it as a physical presence. If you are sitting down now gather all those depressive episodes you have had, every bad experience when you have held your head in your hands and wept. Gather them all up and put them in front of you. Mix them all up like you are making a cake on your lap. If you want to close your eyes and pretend you are moulding it in your hands like dough or something. Put everything into it. Ingredients of angst. Pour it all in and don’t leave any emotion out. Then throw it on the floor in front of you. Open your eyes. Look at it.
  2. Know your enemy. There it is sitting on the rug. It has tentacles now because it knows I am looking at it and I have pulled it from the recesses of my mind into the daylight. It looks disgusting. Like dog sick and hairballs, all slimey and gross. It’s eyes are bloodshot. One is cloudy and dim and that’s the one that looks at me now. It fucking hates me. What is it? Why is it affecting me this way? Everyones Monster will be different trust me. The monster is unique to you. You own it. Now you can show the Monster to anyone and they wont recognise it because it’s not theirs. The Monster is yours remember. Get on the internet and research it. Find out what your Monster is. When does it turn up, how it makes you feel, why it turns up. We learn about it because the only way to destroy the enemy is intelligence, research and knowledge. We find out that depression is a physical illness like Cancer and Covid. It is a Mind Virus.
  3. Destroy the Enemy. Now that we know it is some kind of Virus we look at the Monster in front of us. It might have shrunk a little and you have only been looking at it for ten minutes or so. Ten minutes and already the little fucker is scared. It’s shivering a bit because it’s not in those warm dark spaces in your mind where you feed it and look after it. It’s out in the daylight where it can’t hide any more. You may want to laugh at it at this point because it’s out of your head. Go on, laugh at it. Point at it. What a little wanker it is. A little ball of fucking wank. Now ask yourself why it controls you. This thing that looks like a cabbage. You may want to stand up now so you are taller than the Depression cabbage. Stare at it, make it uncomfortable. Call it a Little Wanker. It’s not going to do anything because its a wanker and it’s outside your head now and in the open. Take a good lungfull of air now. Really fucking breathe like you haven’t for a long time. Get that good air into your lungs. Straighten your back as you look at it. Pull your shoulders back, push your chest out. Time to fuck it up Ladies and Gentlemen.
  4. Punch it in the eye. Now you are up straight whack the fucking thing right in the eye. Visualise yourself whacking it. A good hard right hook. You see you are more than worth it. You are fucking brilliant. People love you deeply and that fucking thing on the floor is stopping you realise this. It tries to escape by pulling itself along by a tentacle, it’s trying to get under the chair. Tread on the tentacle. Don’t let it get away. Yes, you are beautiful and you never knew it. You are a good friend when the monster is asleep. You are entertaining and funny when the monster is asleep. You love and you are loved… when the monster is asleep. You are good at your job, you are valuable, you are an asset, you are a good person…when the monster is asleep. You notice it’s eye is leaking where you whacked it. Don’t have any feelings of compassion with it. It is part of you but it is not you. Its making strange sounds now, little squeaks and mewls. It’s shapeless mouth trying to make sounds…but it can’t because it’s not in you at the moment. It’s outside you. This is the little bastard that when you are looking in the mirror ready to go out says shitty horrible things. You are ugly, your hair looks shit, you are fat/thin, you are a waste of space, no one likes you. It makes you eat shit food because you are shit. It makes you fucking horrible because it tells you that you are horrible. You start drinking a lot because when you drink the voice gets quieter and you feel free from it for a bit. But the alcohol makes you feel more shit and that’s why the Monster goes quiet. You are doing it’s job for it.
  5. Kick it in the balls. It’s balls are dangling out of it. They are like a pair of Walnuts. Draw your leg back and boot it in the bollocks. This is where we reach out. Who are your friends? What are they like? Who has spoken to you today? Who has sent you a text? Who do you always go to the football with? Who visits you? These people are your strength. These people are your medicine. Spend more time with these people. Not the cool people you want to be friends with, who you think should be your friends but the people who really look after your interests. The ones that always get a spare ticket and you are the first to be offered it. The dudes who ask you where you are and always have a pint ready for you when you walk into the pub. The ones that want your opinion on things. Take this time as an opportunity to sort your mates out. Make a list of them. Good on one side and bad on the other. Now concentrate on the good ones. These are the people you should be talking to. Forget the others. They feed the virus. You don’t need them.
  6. Smash it in the teeth. Left hook. It shrieks. Who are you today? Who were you yesterday? Positive things only. Have you made someones day today? Have you been a good friend? Through life we are like a team of Football players and the players should be excellent in what they do so we formulate a team made up of all the things we are today and not the negative team we were yesterday. We build the team like Bruno is doing with Wolves. So we want players who can play, players who are technically brilliant. For players read acts that make us better people. Make sure everything or almost everything you do is a positive thing. Have some empathy with others, start to make yourself a better person through acts of kindness. Start to listen to people and learn about them, utilise all the aspects of what makes them great to make yourself great. Treat these little aspects of what makes these people great as applications you can download to your own mind to make the life experience scroll through our lives as seamlessly as we possibly can.
  7. Poke it in the eye. Our mind Virus isn’t doing too well. It’s leaking a bit and is totally blind now. Time to sort your shit out. This means a number of things and it’s all you. Forget about all the wrongs in the world and all the negative shit. This is the mind virus affecting how you see the world. A good way to deal with this is to halt negative shit from entering your mind. Social Media is a good place to start this process. Block people and accounts that make you feel crap. It’s simple. Just block, remove and mute. Get rid of them. Turn off the TV News. Stop reading about Politics and World events. Start following positive people, people who create things, people who laugh often. Start thinking of the information you absorb as bad fast food crawling in maggots. You wouldn’t eat it so stop chewing over it. Your body and mind is really a beautiful place. Clean it out. Extrapolate that to your personal space. Tidy your house as you would your mind. Sort your crap out. Put it back in it’s place. Get a duster and some polish and go on a mad cleaning spree. Don’t leave anything untouched or uncleaned. Your mind is affected by environment. The Mind Virus thrives on mental and physical disorder. Do not give it an environment in which it will be strong.
  8. Rip it’s tentacle off. It’s a little hard and slimy you can’t quite get a grip. But hold tight and pull. Then ‘pop’ it comes off. Chuck it away. Now the little fucker can’t escape. Honesty. It’s a fucking hard road. The mind virus thrives on your personal fictions, your bullshit. It gives the virus a fertile bed to grow. People should love you for being just yourself. You may not have a glamour job, you may be broke most the time, your car is a bit shit, you don’t have the latest Wolves shirt. No one fucking cares. Really, honestly, no one gives a shit. If they judge you by what you own and do for a living them they are people you shouldn’t be throwing your energy at. True positive people will love you for what you are not what you have or have planned for your life. So stop the lies and bollocks you spout. It’s time for being honest. The mind virus thrives in the darkness of your bullshit. Deprive it of this energy.
  9. Boot it up the wall. Drag your leg back and fucking Ruben Neves that thing off the wall. You hit it, it’s a sweet shot, toe bunter. It shrieks as it flies through the air and squidges up the wall. It’s fucking wailing now this mind virus. Have a laugh at it. You see you are fucking brilliant really. That little depressing voice is something we all have. We all have a mind virus inside us and it is part of us whether we like it or not. Some peoples Virus is a quiet timid thing with a voice that weedy it sounds like the Ultras section at Palace away. The way we deal with that voice depends on the tools we have to deal with it. But we all have it. As it is part of us we can also utilise the mind virus for good positive things. You see it always lies. It can never tell the truth. So you can look in the mirror and when that Tshirt you bought looks a bit tight and your tits are sticking out it will call you a fat useless bastard. Perhaps you are a bit overweight, but that can be sorted out by eating a bit healthier. It can be sorted out by going for a short jog around the park. Perhaps you are a scruffy bastard but that’s ok too. Put a shirt on, wear some shoes instead of trainers, comb your hair. Be nice to people and you will be shocked how nice people are back. It doesn’t matter if they are ignorant back because they are on their own journey and that journey isn’t yours. Don’t let peoples negativity affect you. They are Vampires, they use your energy for their own nefarious purposes. Don’t give them your energy. Pass them by, be the water not the rock. Rocks get worn away by the fact they are immobile and in one place. Be the water instead and flow around problems by being flexible and honest in the way you deal with the world.

That’s my toolkit for my depression. That is how I get on in the world. This mad insane world. Some of you might find something useful in this blog. I hope so. It breaks my heart when people struggle, I don’t like it. You all have something to give in this world. I want to find out what it is. I want to know your world so I can make mine a better place and one less person to talk with and share experiences is a loss I don’t want. The Mind Virus is shivering in fear so I pick it up and put it back inside my head. There will be times when it is strong and it starts to peck away at my mind again because it is part of me and part of all of us. But when we know what it is that voice it has that wheezes at you in the early mornings will be quieter and not as loud. Share your fucking experiences, talk to people, if they don’t listen then find someone who will. Talk to me, I promise I will drop everything to help you and in turn for you to help me. We need each other to get through this mad life and no one gets through it without help. Be as strong as you can but when you can’t be strong then someone, somewhere will stretch out a hand I promise.


For Raul

Raul my friend. It has been a long time hasn’t it? Since we were able to see you properly. You seem to have got back to full fitness after your sickening injury. You never stopped smiling. You always smile. Some times it seems like you are the only one smiling in Molineux. We have missed you more than you will realise and on Sunday we will see you and say hello again.

Your goals and your football are everything to us. We have missed that for sure but when you were injured I know for a fact nobody I knew was bothered about how long you would be away from the team or how the team would fare without you. All we were bothered about was you and how you were. Let’s not dwell on the ‘act’ of the injury but how you have pulled yourself back into the team after a life changing injury. What an ascent that was. Injury as I can attest sucks the life from you sometimes. But you seemed to have used it as fuel to push yourself back into the team. A team I may add made up of extremely talented and able Premier League and indeed World class players. A team of excellence. You have basically started again at step one and forced your way through all the negativity, all the bullshit your own mind throws at you to get right back into the mix.

Strength. And yet you seem so quiet, so reserved and chilled out. How does that work? You obviously have a strength we rarely see in the way you interact and communicate with others. An amazing feat in the fact not only have you forced your way back into the team but have neatly assumed your former self and position in the team as a valued player and a friend.

Sunday will be very strange for you. You are back at the Molineux and you are playing against your former Boss and a decent Spurs side. Your thoughts about that will remain yours and I will not comment on what is going through your head as the day gets closer. But remember it’s not about Nuno or Spurs on Sunday. It’s about Us and You. It’s about our relationship. You are our number Nine and Wolves always have a good relationship with our number Nines. We love a battle and a tussle and we see you doing that every second you are on the pitch. We see what you are and we love it. The match will flow this way and that no doubt. There will be anger and emotion, love and hate flowing around Molineux. These emotions will trap us somewhat, it will not be a normal day, a normal game. Players around you, our players, will be looking at you to steady the ship somewhat. Steady it by being who you are. I sense that if there is any justice in this world you will score on Sunday. If you do I suspect everything that has happened over the last 18 months will be forgotten and you will never see an outpouring of joy from Molineux like that again. Catharsis Raul. All those long hours spent staring at a Hospital ceilings, all those worried conversations with those you love. All those wonderings about whether or not you will play football again will not be forgotten, for sure. But they will be shuffled off to a dark not often used part of your memory where they can stay for a while.

But you don’t have to score Raul. We don’t even have to win the match. We have already won haven’t we? The fact you are running onto the pitch will be every victory we have ever wanted. Bro, it’s going to be weird as fuck but there should not be any pressure on you at all. This is a game that you should enjoy 100%. Suck it all in dude. Suck up all the emotions flowing from the stands and hold it in your heart to give you energy. Take our energy too, use our madness to let your football flow around the ground. Let Brunos tactical nous be the framework you hang these emotions on as you play. 50/50 ball in the air? Go for it, throw yourself in there. Don’t worry about the injury or the thought of being injured again. That darkness should be castigated and nullified by our madness.

As you suffered so did we. The Lockdowns, the Lockdown life, the abnormality of it all. Being kept away from Molineux was a trial for us. Watching our team play on the TV was torture. We play together you know. The Wolves team at Molineux is nearly 30k strong and every kick, every header, every pass is performed by these 30k nutters in the stands. Your fear is our fear but this fear can be killed. We kill it by believing in ourselves and 30k fans on Sunday will be giving you the energies. This is the most important thing for me on Sunday. You.

Enjoy the game Raul, use our energy to play the football you know best. I see you in the box right now. Moving and waiting, the ball flies into the box, it’s a header, you rise like a Phoenix, the ball skims off your head into the Tottenham net. This is what we want for you, not for us, for you. Every scream and exhortation from the stands will be yours alone. I’ve missed you Jimmy. Welcome back.

Happy Nunoday (Part 1)

It will be insane on Sunday. I’m not looking forward to it apart from the fact we are back in the Mol. Nuno eh? Us in the stands feeling unwanted and unloved. Not enough time for Bruno to love us or we him. Then onto the hallowed turf bounds Nuno. What do we do? How do we approach such an insane occasion? Us Wolves fans who have a spectrum of feelings about it, what do we do?

People that live in Wolves know there’s an undercurrent of nastiness in us. We have seen it in our travels up and down the country watching our football. We also love somewhat unconditionally the people that also profess to love us. Millwall thinks no one loves them but I can say without a doubt many people hate us with a passion. In football I welcome that hate and I am quite happy to dish that hate right back at them.

So we have a dichotomy of feelings when Nuno comes back, do we love him or do we hate him? I think the answer lies between the two extremes. We hate Spurs, they are the enemy along with every single other club in the Premier League. But I don’t particularly hate any of their players or I suppose a large amount of their fanbase. Spurs are good value for a laugh at their expense. I still love Nuno although he is now a Spurs man and he neatly slots into that space where we don’t hate him for being Nuno but we can hate him because it’s his team we are playing that day and to be honest fuck Nuno and fuck Spurs. It’s the Wolves way, it is our identity to cast our bants at the opposition, it’s our identity to be nasty in many ways. But we still love him and always will. There will never be another Coach like him and indeed even if we knew so little about him we still fought for him, watched his teams and tried to explain what he was thinking and doing. We supported him (for the most part) in everything he did. He had it good here there is no doubt about that. He had everyone behind him. Nunos dream was our dream too.

But Nuno was never one of us. If he was he would still be here fighting, biting and scratching to build something at Molineux. With the backing of Fosun and his supporters he could have ruled the world I am sure of it. But it was never to be due to whatever reasons. He left us in a way we could never leave and the magic, the dreams and the ideas became just buzzwords, empty hollow promises, bullshit. I waxed lyrics that were full of support when both Nuno and Fosun knew the time was up. Did I feel a prick? Well I always feel like one but this time I felt betrayed by it all and everything I loved about Nuno and his ideas became just a passing history, memories and most of the time joy mixed in with a good dollop of lies, propaganda and the advent of how football will be in the next few decades. I did think about shutting everything down, the blog, the book sales all of it. Nuno going made me delve deeply into what I thought about the club and my relationship to it. I delved deeply into nostalgia, the old stands, the old players, the stories and the memories. Gold tinted glasses. Most of those memories were shit ones. Tommy Docherty being announced as our new Coach. Sacking Sammy Chung. Doog retiring. Building the John Ireland stand when the team were crying out for investment. Good times, bad times to paraphrase Planty. But we threw bricks at Docherty the day he signed to manage us and several Wolves staff and Doc himself legged us down the Waterloo Road…but we kids knew, we knew very well what Docherty was about…

We can look at Nuno and remember the good times, whack on the Gold tints and relax as we talk about Middlesborough away, Cardiff, Bristol and for those lucky enough to get to Europe…watching the team play in a top competition and come away proud. But there are also bad times. Watford FA Cup semi final, Southampton. I suppose others can make numerous points, playing members of the squad that were injured, playing out of form players and we can go on.

But you know the real point of this post…Nuno is sucking the energy out of us. He’s not here and he is pulling us from pillar to post with his mind and the effect he had on our minds over the past few years has been crushing. Highs and bloody lows, and he’s still doing it. How about on Sunday we just don’t let that Nuno mind vibe start to effect us either in the stands or on the pitch. The players minds will be everywhere. But we have to focus big time as a fanbase and on behalf of our football team. Many of these players haven’t got a clue about how Wolves operate within Molineux. We can be insane and horrible. That Wolverhampton nastiness must come out on Sunday. We must denigrate this Spurs team and it’s Manager until they crawl back on to their Coach and fuck off back home. Nuno and his Philosophy is not ours any more. He is not a Wolves man, he has become Momo the Spurs Coach. Him and his mate Mendes I’m sure are intent on sucking the life out of Tottenham and they will do it too. Maybe our current transfer woes are part of this Nuno/Mendes commission scam. Mendes is busy wheeling and dealing trying to get players into Spuds, maybe Mendes is even touting Nuno to other clubs as I type. They are not our friends any more. They are the fucking enemy. That well dressed Nuno they have is not our Nuno. This means we can give him as much shit as we like regardless of the fannies that will clap and orgasm at his every move….I mean he’s the only Manager they have known at Wolves so you can excuse their exuberance for now. But this is a great opportunity to cement Brunology into the steps of the stands around us, a time to let the team know that we are perhaps the most important people inside the ground on Sunday. We must beat this NunoSpurs team and we must do that by being fucking horrible and it’s the thing we do best.

We will be ripped apart by emotions on Sunday that’s without a doubt, so channel that energy by getting behind our team and not having some nostalgic wankfest over a Coach that indeed lifted us into this hallowed division but finally deserted us. Be fucking horrible. Back the team 100%. Denigrate Spurs and Nuno at every opportunity. Win the game. After the whistle love Nuno again. Simple.

Brunology. Leicester V Wolves

So it begins. The time for slick videos, weird lighting effects in those videos, players grabbing the badge, roar for the cameras. Wolf Pack jiving….has finished. We can even forget about Fan Focus groups, Yu Shi and the brand boys, season ticket prices. It’s the War now isn’t it? The slog towards May that sometimes makes Napoleons march to Moscow seem like a stroll around the Mander Centre. It begins in Leicester, again and again we win the match by losing it. What a shit hole Leicester is. I mean I’m waxing about it but I’m not there which is weird. The last time I was at their ground I was having an argument with one of their fans in the ground and the dudes willy fell out of his shorts and his son buried his head in his hands at embarrassment. Team Lineker. Team Crispshaggers. East Midland weirdness. Our fans look beautiful in the sun, they are loud and totally Wolves. I am proud.

In the post match interview Bruno says more about his team than Nuno did over all his years here. He communicates. He shows his displeasure. He has things he needs to say and do. A man of action but measured action. He knows we lack something here and this time it’s not about players and new additions. He knows it’s something else. I think he knows the players don’t have anything to fight for yet. It is still an abstract project. Nobody really knows each other again. No battles, nothing to believe in yet. But still there is something there. Something buried deep in this squad that needs to come out.

As per usual the Leicester fans are quiet and reserved again. That’s what happens when you encourage the new football fans into seats they should not be sat in. Alas. This is a good picture of how Molineux will sound in a few years time. A bit quiet. Munching on a hot dog, waving your limp foam hand wondering what you are doing there. Poor Leicester. Wolves are happy to watch what Leicester are doing for the first bits of the half. So dodgy balls slung into our box are meat and potato for Saiss and Hoever who are wanging clearances out of the box. All balls looking for Vardy who is hard on Coady looking for the errant slip, the split second of day dreaming that he needs to latch onto a ball and shoot. Top class Striker Vardy is even if his Missus is a grass and he looks like a documentary on weird genetic problems. But I’m not seeing anything scary, anything to be alarmed about and yet in the days before this game I was still looking at the footage of the Crisp Shaggers training and popping steezy balls around like it was fun and joyful. Fast balls too, movement. And of course I take it all in and worry. Will Wolves be up to it? Will they know how to deal with it? Well yes. Marcal is my new Spirit animal. He’s nibbling everything. He laughs and chats to a Leicester player he has stud raked across the neck. He laughs as the Ref calls him over to ask him not to kill people today. Marcal laughs. The Laughing Assassin. He scares me and I am glad he is on our side. I hope he doesn’t break soon and we see more of him. I think he will have much to say about this fixture when we play them again. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go through Vardy for sure. Marcal kept looking at him. Smiling. But never got the opportunity to get close and slip the knife between his ribs. But it will come.

Dodgy as fuck trying to extrapolate any real ideas about how this team will fare from the first half. There are chances of course. Jimmy still has the ‘Clutch’ when it comes to getting in there and killing it. There is still some residual injury griefs apart from what he and the staff say about his recovery. But this game will really cement his mind into that groove he had before his injury. It will happen but it’s very early for him still. But we defend stoically and hard despite that Leicester movement. We defend and we fight and there is something Wolvish there for sure, glimmers of Wolverhampton and our team. Digging in, getting a foot in, shutting them down fast, breaking play up as best they can. Moutinho still moving a lot of players out of position, getting in the right places and making the crisp shaggers move into wrong places. Mountinho doesn’t really need legs to be truthful. It’s not about yards it’s about seeing in your minds eye where the ball will be in a second. Telepathic experience, knowledge from all those other games he played throughout his career. Mountinho is moving and many can’t see what he is doing. Alas. He threads a ball through the defence and Traore is onto it. It’s a goal it has to be. A one on one chance. He must surely score but…..no. Past the post the shot goes. The ball is recycled and yes the Crisp Shaggers score. Vardy fools Coady into errant movement and a split second to deflect the ball into the back of the net. Vardy is very good. World class. I don’t think Coady or Sa would have done much to stop that thing. I hang my head simply because it seems like the past few seasons events are happening again. A dysfunctional first half. Coady will get hella shit on the Socials now but he doesn’t read them. I don’t blame him but Coady can’t defend by himself and he tends to try and do that. He covers everyone and is too much of a nice bloke to explain to his fellow defenders that THEY HAVE TO DO A BIT AS WELL! On your feet shouting at the Traore chance and slump back for the Vardy goal and it’s half time and it can fuck off. But Marcal has made me happy and I enjoy it all despite the fact Leicester make me want to run outside and vandalise something. Fuck off.

But hey! I like the way Bruno throws shapes in the technical area. I watch him when I can and it makes me feel better. He looks like he understands the game. He is shuffling the team on the pitch. It’s no longer a case of making your ideas stronger than theirs it’s about making your ideas more adaptable, more flexible. He demands his players to be multi skilled which is why you wont see Coady removed from the side and you will see Kilman and Hoever cememnting their roles within the squad as they gain experience. And this was all about experience. Such a young Wolves side but still having it, still dishing it out. Second half and Trincao is establishing space and his own rythym after a quiet first half. Now he and Moutinho have something moving some element of understanding and slick passing, pressure and intent is moving Leicester back into their own half and they start to make little mistakes allowing Wolves to consolidate their movement and tactics. Gaps open up, players are being ragged around by Marcal. They are avoiding him. But we are prevalent and chances start to fall at our feet. But that’s it, chances and golden chances. Events transpire to complicate every simple chance. We cry for players to make the pass but they shoot. We see everything wrong. They see nothing. They are playing fast football which requires fast reflexes, faster movement, faster decision making and throwing off the yoke of Nunoism for a new Brunoism. But that Brunology will take time to acquiesce to solidify in the players minds. It’s ‘twirly’ to make decisions on anything but the Philosophy of Bruno Lage and to my eyes the Philosophy is sound. To keep the ball, to demand movement from players to attack and to score.

How many chances we had was mad. None converted some close, some screaming moments. Adama to Raul the one in my mind. Perhaps Adama is playing for a move. Less an assist and more scoring a goal. I see Jota passing that ball to Raul and a goal but hey. Adama is an enigma. Even I don’t understand what he is and why. You will never see a player at the Wolves that makes you grip the edge of your seat when he has the ball, when he jinks and moves and finally flails around on the floor when he trips up. You want to know my opinion? As poor as it is? I think Traore pulls this team out of balance and I think he has been doing it for a few years. I suspect that with him removed and another attacker put in position you would see more goals. I dunno. I’m not a fan of players who don’t want to play for us. Sign your contract Adama, I bet it is a good juicy one and you won’t find a better club than this to placate your fragility. Stop teasing and start producing.

But Brunology is an exacting science. It has adaptabilty where Nunoism was stolid and unmoving. It has dynamism where Nuno tended to be academic and stoic. It will take time before everything has clicked into place but watching the team yesterday I was generally happy with the way we played and fought. We instigated Rodgers into changes, into moving his own squad around in response to our movement and Brendan will be glad this game is over and his side scraped a win.

It will bode us well this 90 odd minutes of football against a good side. Players will have learned much about Brunology and Bruno will have learned something about his team too which is slowly shaking off the shackles of Nunos lack of imagination and loyalty to players and starting to realise that positions are there for the taking and players must start grabbing the opportunities presented to them. But it looks OK to me, it looks exciting and real. There is a Kwan here but at the moment we just can’t get our hands around it or our heads but it will come. Nuno is coming home next week. Before the whistle we must show him our love and what he did for us. He will always be a brick in the foundations of this new Wolves thing and an important brick. But when that whistle goes he is a bald headed bastard. He is the enemy. Do not forget this. We may not know Bruno yet but we will, as soon as a few more of these battles are fought. See you next week. Molineux. Make it a cauldron of madness. Let Nuno remember who we are and what we are. Let Yu Shi and the brand boys know who we are too and delay the Leicesterfication of our home as long as we can.

A Note From The Frontlines

When are we ever going to have a boring time supporting Wolves? It’s always insane, always mental, always something to moan about. What a brilliant thing. The Graham Hughes stand fiasco. Well, I say fiasco because there really wasn’t one. Apart from all these fan focus groups announcing that it was falling apart and wasn’t fit for purpose. Nice to see that Fosun cocked that one up too. But then again the focus groups were the ones that took the hit for it pretty much. That’s the price you pay for being the mouth of Sauron I suppose. Even I had a pop at Wolves Fancast. I feel sorry for Richard Hobbes who has to deal with the gimpery of his content providers on the Socials but I’m not apologising for calling them out as they threw a good many punches first. Whatever.

Graham Hughes stand. Nothing to do with the club really. Even if it is a scaffold disaster it doesn’t come under any real scrutinisation from authorities as apparently it’s not a ‘working platform’ so doesn’t get inspected every time it changes. You basically lump it up and piss off. So an Inspection dude is brought in to look at it and says it’s shagged a few weeks before the season kicks off. Not really a Fosun issue, more of a Management one. Who is the Facilities Manager at Wolves? Dude you missed a bit. Anger and energy in abundance. Any little mistake by the Fosun Machine and it gets amplified in the general Void of information we have between the club and it’s fans. Sticking these Focus groups in the mix and any issues people have with those and that information gets mangled and tangled in the Politics that swirl around Molineux lately like a bad beer fart. But it’s transfer time again and a new season is waiting for us…

Again the transfer issue is another void but one in which the club needs to do it’s business. I know things have been left late again but man, the complexity of these deals stagger the imagination and it’s not only the contracts and pay offs that have to be sorted out. The player needs to be tempted. I guess it was easier to bring in players when Nuno was about. They knew he was a decent Coach and his team hung around mid table a bit but there was money and some sort of policy in place. Now of course the team are an unknown quantity as is The Bruno. Nice to see Wolves dash out a video about his grooves and all the keywords were in there to make the listener feel like some plan is there, some tactical change, some dynamism. I like the idealistic aura Bruno has, I like the way he is involved on the training pitch, I like what he has to say. It sounds open and fresh after trying to work out what Nuno was saying and what he thought. Nuno perfectly reflected the Fosun stoic mindset and that was why I think they had a half decent working relationship. Before they didn’t. I wonder what the relationship is between Bruno and Fosun? One deffo for the future that one.

Signings are on the way for sure but the process as I said before is a complex one, a veritable minefield of complexity but that’s what these doughnuts are paid handsomely to do, bring players in. My whispers tell me Wolves are looking at South America. I did actually suggest this last year. Maybe the South American Leagues would be a great place to find talent. It would be relatively cheap to bring them in. They would be hungry and angry. Something our midfield needs at the moment. We lack that insane midfielder again. The one that charges around nicking the ball off people and splitting the opposition up. Someone to grab the ball and set off towards the oppos goal and make things happen. Four signings at most maybe…something intimated by the club and the players that have been let off the leash for a media moment or two. I’m confident Fosun have things in order in this respect and I have thrown a few names around of the Socials for debate.

The Celta Vigo game was weird. Everyone looked like they were having a good time of it. Back in the ground, having a beer, watching some footy. It was almost a surreal event in many ways. Some people were a bit shell shocked by having bodies bumping into them, some looked as if they haven’t missed a beat from the Brighton game which seems like a 100 years ago. I didn’t go, I’m all about Wars not friendlies and the money asked for it was a pisstake even if Fosun probably just covered Match Day expenses. Watching the game on a stream I was mightily impressed with the second half and it looks like Wolves will go into the season pretty much the same as the last two. Half asleep fondling their genitals watching a Netflix series in the first half then stripping naked and racing Wheelie bins down Molineux alley for the second. I might just start turning up for the second half like the team. Donk seemed to have some reason at last to put the odd foot in. He’s just been a player that’s brought much hilarity to me for the way he runs, which is comical. But there is a footballer in there somewhere, I hope Lage can drag it out of him. Adama made me laugh. There he was standing around day dreaming again when the ball was passed to him. It hits him and bounces off him. He jumps like he’s been shot. Traore eh? What are we going to do with him? How long has he been here? Three years? Yet to see his best work for me. Still have him in the team. He attracts defenders like flies around shit. Gives other players space. Has moments where he seems like some footballing God and others when he looks like a comedy sketch. Not cussin’ just discussin’.

Trepidation though my friends. Leicester are a bloody good side. A friend sent me some training videos they had released to their fanbase. They looked very good. Full of intent, pinging the ball around like it was a lot of fun. Laughing but moving, pressing, fast, agile. Everything that our first halves are not. I’m not fearful of the Leicester game but I am concerned. We looked two weeks away from a finished article. Change of Coach, maybe the impending visit of new players, the Social media zeitgeist looking pale and angry, who knows?

Whatever happens at the Leicester game remember it’s early days. This squad is going to have to grow and develop and their are going to be times when things are not going our way. When things seem so shit that it really will garner some social media bullshit and angst. But a footballing season is a war not a battle. It’s a long trek to next May and loads of things could change in that time except one thing. How we support our players. It will be backs against the wall time and nobody fights better when our backs are against the wall than Wolves. I will say this. Try not to single out players for blame. Discuss the merits of each player by all means but lay off smashing into them on the medias. I suspect that it causes more harm than good. I know we get upset when something goes wrong but bite ya tongues. Support and make noise. Same thing for Fosun. I know they are a bit thick and I know they have cocked a lot of things up but they are a big machine and like all big machines their turning circle can be wide and take a long time to complete. Support them as best you can, criticise but make that criticism constructive….I mean I can point a big finger at myself here as I tend to be a bit emotional but then again I’m learning every day about how you write about something as insane as football.

But the days are coming my friends. The season is nearly upon us. It’s been a long time coming. There will be people missing for one reason or another and their will be new people sitting where others have been for years. It’s important that these people understand what it means to be a Wolves fan, to support this club. Things will also be changing very fast within the club and it will affect us most of all. It doesn’t mean we have to accept every policy change the club implements but it is important we discuss it and react to it in positive ways.

I’ve got a few posts to do between now and the game but lets put those crisp shagging bastards to the torch and walk away with three points eh?

Taking the Knee

Good to see Wolves will be taking the knee for the upcoming season. I have a lot of thoughts about it and let me share them. Black dudes have a whole different level of experiences with the Police than us lot. I’ve seen it myself over the years. I watched the life leak out of Clinton McCurbin while a Cop knelt on his neck in the Town centre. I’ve been a victim of a good few kickings by the Police too. I’ve watched that zeitgeist in too many places for it to be comfortable so yes, I have views on it.

I don’t even want to cuss Cops too much here. You see I always look at Cops as a potential recruit. What would I be like? How would I police a community and to be honest I would be a horrible Copper and be quite fond of bopping people over the head with an extendable truncheon. Man, I would have so much fun being a Cop it would be stupid. The Police are pretty much like a crowd at a Football match. There is a spectrum that bleeds from the quite chilled out Cop to the rabid violent one. You see you can’t judge them as a whole so this isn’t a Cop hating post. They do what they do under the pressures each individual mind can deal with. Some of them are Psychopaths it’s true, but some of them are nice people I’m sure….I dunno. Cops are what they are.

Personally there is one way to sort this whole Racism in sport thing out for good. Go on strike. Don’t play football for a month or so. That way the problem of racism on Social Media sites will get sorted out pronto trust me. Take away these big tech companies revenue streams and they will soon come bleating and waggling their algorithms. Taking the knee won’t do anything to affect the big companies that have the power to do something positive and right. Taking the knee won’t make people non racist, taking the knee won’t stop Cops from killing people either. But taking the knee shows your mates, particularly your black mates and team mates that you kind of understand their grief and if you don’t understand it, by taking the knee you are showing them that you are acting in solidarity with them and you have an open mind about it that is willing to be changed.

Now I know a few people, especially Wolves fans will be a bit upset by this decision by Fosun. I mean as Chinese dudes they aren’t really ones to stand up and throw anti racism shapes when their own Government are ethnically cleansing Tibet and the Uighur regions of China. Re-Education camps, Hong Kong, Tibet the list goes on. So it’s probably just a knee jerk response by Fosun, protecting the brand, one eye on the African Dollar and the Indian Dollar. That’s cool too as what the Fosun machine does best is look after the Brand.

Taking the Knee should be seen as a chance for us to share experiences between different ethnicities. A chance to spark debate and talk about our experiences with the Police and in a larger context discuss how we would like to be Policed and in what way. After all they are our servants apparently. Let the Police share their experiences too. A chance to talk, communicate with each other and to find common issues that we can all discuss and act upon. Wolves have had to stop comments on there Social Media posts concerning this issue. What a terrible state of affairs that is but unfortunately that’s the way things are on the Socials at the moment. Is it a bad move? I’m not sure. There are some deluded people on the socials and there are some people that are just crying out to be informed by other peoples opinions however extreme they might be. But how can you come to a decision on this matter when you are stopped from debating it and gathering all the extremes of opinions before you form your own?

If you don’t agree with players taking a knee then discuss why your thoughts are that way. Your point of view is just as important as someone else’s just as valuable. But don’t castigate others who wish to show solidarity with people they work and live with, love and respect but happen to have a different colour skin or religion to you. It’s small acts that change big issues for the better. Taking the knee has allowed us to debate the wider issues of race and how we fight to live together against a backdrop of fighting to survive in an absolutely crazy world. Instead of crying about ‘Marxists’ and ‘Lefties’ why not just talk to a black dude about their experiences with the Cops. Listen and take that information in. Then tell a few of your experiences with them. All the times you have a truncheon across the back for fuck all while waiting to get in a ground. Tell them about all the times you have had bad experiences with officialdom. That way we share experiences and find common ground. We communicate and we talk. Let me tell you that is exactly what ‘They’ don’t want. Us talking.

So if you don’t agree with it then that’s a decision you have made utilising all the memories and experiences you have had and nobody can argue with that but all I ask is that you reach out a little and find out what other peoples experiences are and maybe, just maybe you will find something to agree on and something positive to take out of it.


So how was the atmosphere at Coventry and Stoke? OK? Mad times at the moment at Molineux towers. Of course the great unwashed….us, are having Kittens, Puppies and fucking wheelie bins at the moment over the lack of transfer action. We watch other teams getting their hard ons with many players of which we look upon and go…HEY he would fit lovely here. So off they fuck into Villa, Arsenal or some other doughnut side. I’d love to talk about the Grealish saga and Villas meltdown over it, which has been very amusing from my standpoint. Nice to see those dickheads from Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth getting their dirty knickers in a twist. Transfer windows man, like getting fingerbanged by Captain Hook. I will be glad when it’s all over again.

Of course it would be nice to see what’s happening with the old Wolfers ay it? What they up to? Well Jeff has pulled himself away from throwing darts at a photo of me to cast an eye around the old transfer market and I’m very pleased to say that he is not idle in his castings. No one has phoned him about Ruben Neves for weeks now. The great red telephone on Jeffs desk hasn’t rung. Of course Wolves were expecting a few fatheads to ring for sure but nothing, zilch,nada. What does this mean? Ruben staying? So far yes…without any interest he might as well pop down Jones skips and start asking where his stuff is that he bunged in it a few months ago. As of this writing he is here and he is staying. But Jeff is waiting for that phone to start ringing once all those clubs interested in Ruben start whacking ten pence pieces in the phone slot and asking for Jeffrey Shi.

What’s the Adama news? Well the great Gold phone that Jeff uses for Adama business has been tinkling away quite happily over the past week. There is much interest especially from the Red half of LiverScouse but no concrete bids yet. All gamesmanship at the moment. Everybody waiting for everybody else to start throwing money and contracts around. Klopp wants Adama badly and is willing to splosh some serious money to get his man. Keep your eyes peeled for Liverpool propaganda over the next week. Of course when Adama does go that means we get some money to spend. More wingers probably and we have two of them in our sights although I don’t know who they are at the moment. Fast players apparently, runners, can whack a cross in too, great hair and teeth, young, hungry and already know some of our squad so that means someone who has grown up in Portugal and played with Trinky, Neto or one of those beautiful men. Adama of course has looked at the absolute oodles of cash in a new contract but is still reticent about putting his name on it. Of course he doesn’t know what this rebuilt Lage team are all about yet. Are they going to press for honours and glory or smash around in mid table again not really catching fire. Adama waits to see what is happening, waiting for the Scousers to throw some shapes at Jeff.

Who are we looking at though? What’s the zeitgeist on players Wolves are interested in? Nuno Mendes. Young Left back. Cheap, fucking brilliant. We are looking at him from the medium of video and sending a few bodies to check him out. We have Ayit there at the minute kind of deputising for Jonny…bring Nuno in and what happens then? Move Ayit to a midfield role? Switch him over to the right? I don’t really know. Maybe have more squad depth and choice for the coming campaign? Not a clue, could be all of those things.

I’m quite happy to let Fosun deal with all this crap to be honest as I hardly know what I’m talking about half the time. But the fume on the Socials has been good. Villa fans are getting hard nipples seeing all the Fosun Out hashtags on Twitter and Instagram but they should really tuck their dongs back in. Fosun will not be going anywhere for a long while and Fosun are being Chinese again in regards to not telling anyone anything at all. All this information has come from bodies at Fosun and at the club. I don’t share most of it because this isn’t a site for clicks and numbers. I don’t really care if anyone reads it or not, I enjoy it and that’s that.

That season is coming up fast now. It will be here before we know it. I am hoping Coady will stay in spite of Mumu wanting him to go to Spuds apparently and that’s that with all the news I have today.