Fuck You Jeff Shi

Well Nuno has gone off into the wilds of whatever for the rest of his existence. I was sad to see him go as even though he was as easy as 10D chess to work out he was a lubricant between us and the club…as itchy as that lubricant was any way. So what goes on now? A load of videos from Molineux Towers about Fosuns plan for the future. I think it was (on paper) a great idea but was it really? We have been deep into the Fosun Matrix and have been hoodwinked into believing that this was the way forward, that this was real and existing when it really was just a series of pantomimes (Jeff in the Hogshead etc) and illusions (Southampton away and Wembley).

No one believes a word of what Fosun says any more…well some do, but we know those people so there’s no danger there at all. But nah we don’t believe a fucking word of it. Video number 3 was funny. Poor old Johnny Phillips looks like he’s been kidnapped by dudes who are planning to invite him into their man only sex orgy later on. He doesn’t look happy at all. Slightly flushed, a bit tense, a bit beta…all those things. Must have been some gun men just off camera staring very closely at him. There’s a round table set up so it looks all circular as if the debate and conversation that goes on there will be some sort of free flow of information and concepts. But it’s nothing like that. Instead it looks one way. Jeffs way. He has unleashed some backroom gonks into our knowledge. Lovely. Who are these knobheads? The shirts look a bit tight. Body language is tense and guarded. There are many allusions to being from a working class background, always a giveaway that you are going to get shafted. They DO look tense. They look like they are engaged in a great conspiracy…who am ya?

Vinny Clark is an odd’un. Bit of a sweaty, big lad, eyes hidden in a big plump face. Anger there definitely underneath the placid fat boy happy face is an angry driven dude. He will be in charge of ‘growing the brand’ while he grows his waist line as well I suppose. Now I know we shouldn’t really pick on peoples appearances and issues but hey this is a global business this Blog and I’m pushing it into areas like South America and China, growtyh areas where humour about fat people is seen as a ‘Growth strategy’ in more ways than one. So yeah Lizard No1 is fatman Clark.

Scott Sellars we know. A technical football Gonk at Compton. Interesting he is here. I suppose it was to chat about other matters like football. I don’t know I just wanted to look at him and see why he was there. He looked stressed out like Clark. Eyes flicking to Phillips then to Jeff and back again. I don’t think Scott looks very happy. I think he knows that there is a load of bullshit flying around and in one way he doesn’t want it but he’s thinking about the dollar aspect and his future career so he ay saying much. Little nods, weird beard, vocalising is often sub vocal which means fear. Interesting.

Russel Jones is pretty easy to suss out. Lizard. Brand marketing and brand narratives. All the fucking keywords are there and they fall out of his gob like the Tories have just knocked your door and they want to give you their ‘New Speak’. Much talk of ‘Pack mentality’ and other ‘Pack’ related bollocks. So it’s him that drives the ‘WONPOK’ Narrative which we all know doesn’t exist. Very good in his replies. Says much without saying anything at all. I suspect he is the important one here. He knows Wolves being ‘a fan’ all his life. So he’s the one Fosun have chosen to be the ‘Splitter’ or the Enforcer. He’s the Gonk playing the Goebbels role. I don’t like the look of him. Too political, too deep into the Fosun system because he’s used to operating in them. I bet he hates being outed into the big wide world. Now we know who he is we can look at him more deeply.

Few more Gonks for sure. That Matt Wild for one. He’s important he is. I was watching him during some moments where Jeff Shi is waxing about Wolves fans and Matt raises his eyebrows. Now I know it’s a wide shot but fucking hell. Watch it yourself. If Wild is rasising his eyebrows at the narrative that game out of Jeffs gob then I’m sure we can.

What does it all mean? Well the club of course is following models. It’s what the Chinese do best especially Fosun. They take something that seems to work. Pick a successful club in the Premier League. Any club and that’s the model they will follow come what may. It means the fanbase will die of course. Anything you remember fondly about Wolves will be gone. It’s all about global growth and growing the fucking ‘brand’. The brand that people like you and me followed across the country for years. A brand for fucks sake. This is what we are now. Something like Aldi or Sport Direct, Sainsbury, Marmite, Land Rover. You are not a supporter any more you are a loyal brand follower. I mean we know the brand followers, you see them at the early round FA cup games when the people who usually have the seat in front of you are replaced by non football people. What do I mean by that? Limbs. You can always tell when we score a goal and they cower down like they are riding the Splash Canyon or some other mad shit like that. Poor Little Tarquin crying because all these nasty uncouth, foul mouthed AND EVIDENTLY THEY HAD BEEN DRINKING dudes that were enjoying their teams football. Brands man. Fucking hell. It’s going to be very quiet at Wolves in the next few years.

‘Jeff’ Shi. Wonder what his real name is, not the Anglicised Jeffrey but his real name. I want to know, so if we are talking truthfully here I would like to know who is talking to me. It was very slick the whole thing. I don’t of course believe a fucking word of it. They are lying. In my opinion, they are telling spun dogma from the Lizards at Fosun. As a disclaimer all these opinions are mine only and I am throwing them out there for the record. There isn’t going to be any Independent Supporters group and no real chance of getting in there and asking important questions so I do it here. If you or your mates don’t agree with what I’m saying then fuck off and don’t read it. If you disagree with anything on here then tough shit. It’s the Totalitarian Peoples Republic of YamYam land and I’m the Gaffer. Off you fuck.

It’s all bullshit. One Pack? Yeah if you have the dosh to join in with it of course. If not then your pack will be at home with the dog watching Wolves on the TV. You are not important any more. You are not wanted at Molineux. Your excess drinking and rowdy behaviour will not be tolerated in the new bright Wolves experience. Look at the state of you. How can Wolves grow as a brand when the camera alights on some vociferous angry face in the stands bellowing on their team instead of a sitting family of four enjoying their Noodles and cookies along with their watery beers. Throw a few foam hands in and fucking hell there you go. Molineux should be a welcoming experience to all fans of football. People should see Wolves as a way to dispose of cash in exchange for an ‘experience’. What that experience will be is a dull load of bollocks. Just throwing it out there like.

It’s a model we hear a lot about but you know it’s quite an old model, a bit shoddy really…and it doesn’t fucking work either. It’s post modernist in it’s ideas. A deeply cynical model that perhaps had it’s day five years ago but now it’s a twitching corpse of a thing. Fosun have made a big fucking booboo picking it. It’s idle businessing. It’s the Chinese doing what the Chinese always do. Adapt a lucrative product and re-sell it cheaper and bigger. Don’t for a minute think about your own ideas, just nick someone elses. It will look like it’s working of course. You will see more videos and more slickness. You may even see the Wolves team compete in Europe and perhaps win something. But it won’t be Wolves like me and you know it. It will be a different, much different groove altogether. What the people of Wolverhampton are to these people are minor hindrances, problems and aggravations to FosunWolves. You don’t matter any more. And I think we are in for a long wait for them to fuck off…which they will eventually.

Now I know I have parroted long waxings about how Fosun are great and a ‘good thing’ and I have defended them much over the past few years. That was cool and needed at the time because me, in my beautiful dysfunctional existence tend to believe things that people tell me. Which is probably why I am an unsuccessful knobhead at life. But I don’t believe any of this shit I’m afraid. We are being lied to and that’s the fucking zeitgeist I am getting off this ‘Forum’ for fan questions. They look dishonest and they feel dishonest to me. Looking at Shi I can tell those lies and bullshit come from above and are totally mantra to Fosun. The honeymoon period where we believed them is over. Now we look more closely and we don’t enjoy what we are seeing. Perhaps it’s a Wolverhampton thing. We really, deep down want people to like who we are and when people are nice and want to be involved in Yamyam things we are open and trusting. But there always comes a time when the lightbulb comes on and we realise…we are being shafted up the arse again. It’s pretty much over then. Wolves as a club we remembered is dead and buried and it’s all brand Wolves now. Are you ready for it?

Already we have lost opportunities. The Manchester United ‘dead rubber’ game was a sell out. We should have all stayed away in solidarity but nah. It was a scramble for tiers and for tickets and for the experience. A grasping I’m alright Jack load of bollocks from fellow Brandfanz. Fuck you mate, I’ve got a ticket. Take a photo and put it on Social Media. Look. At. Me. £45 for a game of fucking football against a reserve team and a Wolves team that really couldn’t give a fuck. We had a chance there and it has gone. Not for us the fan led madness that got the United Liverpool game off and forcing the Glazers to the negotiating table. None of that at Wolves. Just a placid acceptance that for the foreseeable future the modus operandi will be ‘Jeff’ sliding his Fosun engorged dick in and out of our arses. At first I was pissed off and angry but now I’ve thought about it I am quite content. There is nothing more boring than writing about nothing at all. That’s why you don’t get regular match reports on here. Now of course there is going to be much to write about. I’ve got people in Fosun and one in the club that I am talking to. They say much. Now I haven’t passed on much of it because well….I used to be connected with FosunWolves and what they wanted was what I wanted. A successful club competing with the worlds best. I wanted to be there with them and join in with that joy and madness. The old Crazy Train in those days 3-4 years ago was an all inclusive One Pack thing. Now it’s not. It’s a FosunWolves thing and we aren’t invited any more. That’s cool as well because slowly but surely since FosunWolves took over it hasn’t really been a joyful experience not the football…the experience.

What the rest of you are going to do I haven’t really got a clue. Maybe you will find the extra money to watch Wolves. Maybe you will enjoy the new experience of FosunWolves over the Wolves one. I don’t know. What I do see is Fosun making mistake after mistake and suddenly realising they aren’t the machine I thought they were. They can still crush and destroy but they cant construct dynamics. We have caught them telling lies and nobody likes a liar. As this age of Post Modernism draws to a painful end the world is growing into a new dynamic politically and commercially. It’s the dawning of the Age of Sincerity. I am a firm believer that the future can be predicted through the analysis of what and how people say things. FosunWolves through their heavily managed video question and answer series have made a major cock up in that their words solidify narratives we have whispered to each other in the past. When are they going to get really nasty? When are they really going to take the gloves off? At the moment ‘The Pack’ are telling themselves lies to nudge away that feeling that they are about to be shafted and that is exactly what is going to happen. There could have been other ways to grow Wolves into a global ‘brand’ but they have been shoved away for the familiar corporate strategies we know so well. Divide the fanbase. Drive a wedge between them. Fracture their narrative and impose your own through vigorous propaganda. When they are in that frenzied dance to chase a ticket or an experience turn them against one another and give FosunWolves a clear road to impinge their fanbase destroying policies. I am still going to write about it of course. It will be very interesting from an academic viewpoint and from a personal one too. I will try to get a ticket to as many matches as I can. Probably more away matches than home ones. I will try to build this blog into something that tells it how it is, not how FosunWolves want the world to see it.

Three years ago I rallied against the Lizards at other clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Spurs, Man City. I championed Fosun to be different to bring something unique and Wolverhamptony onto the stage. It hasn’t turned out that way. The Lizards are here and are very close to us. Jeff Shi isn’t what you think he is. Fosun aren’t what we thought they are. It will make brilliant blogging material. More lies will be unveiled as the months of Summer draw on and we can make more valuable/useful decisions about Fosun as this is the way this new age of sincerity will uncover the redundant shapes Fosun present to us. You see at some point in the future Fosun will have to come back to us because there is only so many slick media footage and memes they can present to their growing fanbase before that fanbase demands more. They will want to know about history and the culture of being a Wolves fan and FosunWolves will not be able to give them it because the meat of any club is formed by it’s local fanbase and it’s working class roots. The Codsallisation of Wolves will die on it’s arse because their new fanbase will not be bonded with the club through blood. Teams are dropped and picked up on a whim by these people even now people are moving through the club that have been known to wear the shirt of other clubs and rivals. These people are lauded and paraded…but we know they will be gone when the atmosphere isn’t shiny and new, isn’t something they can brag to their neighbours and workmates about. It will fail…but will there be anyone to turn to when it goes tits up?

Jeff what is your real name? Whatever. I’m going to be a fucking thorn in your side in the future. I will be talking to some fairly important people connected with my club over the next year. Anything I can find to beat you over the head with I will use. You started this scrap mate and I will (to the best of my ability) finish it. You and the rest of the nodders around that table are going to get some serious neck from me at every turn in the journey. All those new global fans are going to end up here at some point and I will make it my business to let them know how the fanbase really feel about you. I’ve watched knobheads like you and your mates come and go over the years. Some we hated and some we didn’t like, some we loved very much. But they have all gone now Jeff. But we are still here, and Jeff? We ay gewin anywhere.

We Will Always Love You

Well it happened didn’t it? How do we feel? Numb? Upset? Happy? Loads of emotions I bet. I don’t think I remember a Manager of Wolves having such love. Kenny Jacket maybe. Not as much love as Nuno for sure. So Nuno is off to other pastures. I was quite Stoical about it you know. Of course there are times when new forms and ideas have to be presented. Wolves were in some sort of a football rut. We just aren’t firing on all cylinders. We could tell last season that things weren’t quite moving the way they should. What the reasons are…well they are beyond me. What do I know? Yes, everything was dead cool. The way I deal with this type of pain is to laugh it off, pretend that nothing is wrong, laugh about it even. Nuno eh? Who gives a fuck about Nuno, Wolves are what is important. Then of course all that pent up grief at this news will get triggered at some point. So when Conor Coady was talking about Nuno yesterday for the cameras…well that was it. A twitch started in my cheek and everything went out of focus and I blubbed good and hard. Cried and cried myself into a massive snotty mess. But why? It was partly Nuno going. I loved him and still do. I would have thrown myself under a Bus if he had asked…well I wouldn’t but you know what I mean. For a bloke as private and as hidden as him…well how did he get in our hearts? We never knew him. Coady was upset and I love Conor, I wanted to put an arm around him and protect him out there in front of those cameras. I know why Conor was emotional, he understood Nuno. He is a Nuno man and I am a Nuno man. Now we have to try and work out the territory of the Post Nuno Wolves. What was Nuno?

We shared something for sure. His emotive energy went into the Fosun project which rapidly became his project too. The project being the success of our club. As much as it seemed abstract that we were in the grip of victories against opponent after opponent there was still amazement at it, a lack of belief that we were at last among the bigguns. Plus we were taking the piss out of them. We had a Nuno…nobody else had a Nuno, but we did. We trusted him, loved him. What is this madness? His departure? Why? We still don’t really know and that void is deep and filled with all manner of rubbish. We pick through it on Social media trying to find a reason, a method to this madness. This is Nunos team, how will they react? What will be the zeitgeist in the new season?

Nuno was a Stoic. That branch of Philosophy attractive to those that are damaged by the world. Nuno was this Stoical personality. There was no leeway in his method. It was his way or no way. A story I heard early on was his rant on the fields at Compton when he asked that a few trees be chopped down to let more light onto the pitch or something. You can’t Nuno, they are protected trees. “I can get get 20 Gypsies to cut the trees down!” he ranted. I laughed at the time but now that rant seems like a precursor I missed. That was where the adaptability of the idea floundered. There was no adapting, no tactility, no flexibility in Nunos idea. Everything was black or white. That Stoical mindset also permeated team selection. It wasn’t loyalty to players I don’t think but pure Nuno. The trouble is, you need players who will stand tall and work to whatever conditions or philosophy the Coach wants and to be honest I don’t think that was there….but who knows really? It’s a mystery and a conundrum as much as Nuno is.

Now there has to be some sort of rebuilding of mindsets. Especially among Wolves fans. The next Coach will be an Idealist not a Stoic. A polar opposite of what Nuno was. Now I suspect the new Coach will bring personality into the role and expect the same within his squad. I expect that attack will be the new byword for future Wolves ideas. But as much as I can wind up the words to make us look to the future I keep looking back to the past. Nostalgia is a comfort blanket for us when the present seems to painful. We regress into the days that have gone and we make our own soundtrack to those days and they seem loud and happy even if some of the days under Nuno were dark. Wembley, Southampton and later on the Burnley match. The soundtrack we listen to though is Torino, Manchester City, Spurs away, Cardiff etc. I have stories about Nuno even if I never met him myself. The way he made me feel and rejoice, cry and wail in pain. What a fucking experience he was. A totem if ever there was one for us. An outsider who came into the fold and was welcomed. An enigma, a riddle.

I will miss you Nuno. I think all of us will…the next few months are going to be crazy as fuck for us as Nuno gathers himself for maybe another crack at Management. We are still on the frontline and it’s Wolves and Wolverhampton that are the most important thing here. Now without Nuno here there is no interface between Fosun and us, just a big gap. We eye each other warily of course not quite sure who to trust or why. I think and suspect that this will be the bigger issue unearthed by Nuno going. There are still wary voices whispering about the solidity of Fosuns intent regarding Wolves. That matter is for others to ascertain of course not for me. My activism shuddered under the onslaught of our ‘One Pack’ mentality which is of course not inclusive of everybody. One Pack but thirty thousand Lone Wolfs each one with their own agenda. Perhaps the chaos of the last few months provoked it but I have my doubts. What do I see in the future? I suspect Fosun will bring in an attacking coach, a young one, an idealist like I said and a personality. Someone with a mind that isn’t afraid to cast caution to the wind and let some chaos into his team selection. I can see a Coach who isn’t afraid to blood young players and encourage them to be on the offensive throughout a game. I see more time for Morgan Gibbs White and Otasowie and throw any yungz name in there. Because the onus will be on entertainment and on the brand. What is a Wolf? Wolves attack, always. There is a chance now to build that style of football and branding on the foundations that Nuno has given us. Instead of Stoical team selection and tactics, that unmovable Nunoist mindset we shall have adaptability again, freedom, that space for players to determine their own stories entwined with the football played and the club they represent.

Evolution I suppose. Yesterday we had a fan removed from the stadium for allegedly making monkey gestures at Rio Ferdinand. How fucking stupid are you? Ferdinand offered to educate said fan on his actions. A pretty good response to be fair but one which doesn’t really answer any questions about why it happened in the first place. I know people are a bit thick…I know people are fucking nasty, but why do this on the day we say goodbye to our much loved Coach? Why do this in front of TV cameras and the world watching? Haven’t we learned anything from the past few years? Booing players taking the knee? Why? I would happily put a knee down. Not for BLM or any kind of political point scoring but because I watched a bloke killed in my town by a Cop kneeling on his neck. I’ve been choked unconscious by a Cop kneeling on my neck as have one of my mates. I kneel for everyone that either gets a knee or a baton across the head. I kneel for everyone that struggles at some point in their lives and I kneel in solidarity with them wherever they are in the world. Don’t let Molineux become a toxic place please. If you disagree with an issue then that’s your right to not partake in any physical response to it but don’t disrespect others who wish to show solidarity with it.

We need to do some serious thinking about some of the issues that have gone on within the club over the past few months and start to have a good look at ourselves if we are to move forward in any meaningful way. Evolve and fucking grow up in many respects. But I am hopeful. We are a good hearted City in the broader sense. Inclusive and welcoming…this is an errant variable in what we are as a fanbase.

Nuno…dude. Fair thee well Boss. We will always see how you are doing even if you will be far away from us. Whatever team you choose to lead next will be our second team I’m sure (if it isn’t a UK team of course). You will always have my support. You have mad me cry and laugh, and I have met some of the best people as we followed you around England. I will miss you terribly and I never wanted you to go. Everything I have written and waxed about has been about you. You inspired me every day to become better as a person because as you gave Wolverhampton some pride back it also rubbed off on us, the great unwashed. It is us who will miss you the most of course. It was us that didn’t criticise or denigrate results and the team. We always hoped that at some point things would start to gel and become good again but Fosun had other ideas and of course that is their right. Whether or not it was the correct decision we will see but it was not ours to make. But personally I give you my love and total respect always and I will hope that one day you will return and we can finally say hello to each other.

Now we have to look forwards again and try to reforge a relationship with a new Coach and probably a new team. There will be many players we love moving off to new pastures. There will be a scorched earth policy I’m sure. It is how the Chinese do things. There will be more tears and more angst, more threats, more disparaging internet bollocks. Southbank Resistance will also be changing. There will be more articles and more art, podcasts, creative stuff. As Fosun and Wolves change we have to keep up with it, we must be more tactile as a fanbase, we must be more creative as creating things is the only weapon we have against a great monolithic and abstract entity like Fosun. Nuno started the learning experience now we have to carry on where he has left us. Are you ready for this shit?

I got a bit drunk last night. I don’t drink as a rule but had a few single malts to get to sleep. I was drunk and emotional and I stood in the garden while the dogs had a slash drunkenly having a moment where I felt sorry for myself, then angry…so I started to sing Nuno had a dream, choking on the words nearly, pissed, sobbing then in the distance someone joined in. Someone in their garden, standing in the rain like me. Mad times. Made me happier.

Jeff, I don’t Love You Like I Did Yesterday.

Stan Cullis, Wolves

Well Jeff, how are things? Just throwing a quick few notes out to let you know how things are going. It seems like everything is going well at Molineux towers apart from the fact you don’t talk to us any more. That’s a real crying shame. I don’t know who has given you that advice, that perhaps the best thing would be to drive away Wolves fans from the club with some extremely dodgy communications and policies over the past few months. Now I’m not going to go over the small print about how you have put our noses out of joint, it’s pointless and negative. But Jeff…really? What have we done to deserve this? Haven’t we done everything that was expected of us? Haven’t we welcomed you with open arms? We expected partnership but got a mouth full of ashes in return. We expected to get on the Crazy Train with you but turned up at the station and found you had already left.

What have we done wrong? We have supported you 100% throughout these short years you have been involved with the club and now we find that we really are the most disgusting thing you can have at a football club like ours. A customer. A knobhead who just hands money over with no real interest in how our club is being run. Here’s a little description of what a ‘club’ means. A club is an association of people united by a common interest or goal. But I don’t think we are united in any way. You have tried in fact to sew division within the fan base. I mean fucking hell Jeff we are always divided, that’s Wolves. One Pack? Bollocks Jeff, many packs now and it’s getting worse. You are destroying what makes history, what made Wolves a ‘brand’ if you like. It’s not even anger I feel but inspiration really. I’m not crying over Fosun Jeff, I’m really not. This last game ticket lottery. Why? Either you are stupid and just rushed out this incredibly brain dead idea (which I doubt) or you are doing it on purpose to divide and shatter the heart of the club. But we don’t know either way because no one speaks to us any more and to be fair to Moxey and Morgan at least we had the odd mumbling bullshit press release or idea off them. I know your minions read Social media so what have they said? All going to plan or fucking hell another cock up?

But yes inspired. Fosun inspired me to be honest. I actually took on every little message Fosun farted out into cyberspace and made it mine. I looked at what my club had become and I didn’t like it but I shut up and carried on waving your fucking flag. There wont be any more flag waving for sure. You don’t like people using the ‘Wolverhampton Wanderers’ name? Tough shit, it’s not yours. I mean you may hold a bit of paper saying it’s a trade mark and ‘yours’ but it’s not really and you know it. You can try and grab everything you can but you are grasping at air Jeff. It really isn’t yours. Wolverhampton Wanderers is our club not yours…is it sinking in yet? Do you really want a battle? We are a small group but we are very adaptable, we evolve very quickly, we move a lot faster than you can Jeff. The blows we will land may be few but they will be hard and they will hurt you.

Fosun have made a massive cock up. Yes, this global brand with investments and cash and political might and this and that but Jeff you have made a massive mistake in trying to have a pop at the fan base. Because 12 months ago you could have made massive PR gains in just engaging with us instead of some hand picked fucking Gonk you parade around at events. I’m inspired Jeff, because now I know you and Fosun are not infallible…you make mistakes. So this big mistake sits there on Social Media and in the streets like a stinking turd. We don’t trust you any more. You have thrown away that right. All across the world things are changing Jeff. That focus group model you and Fosun have adopted is old hat, it’s yesterdays groove. Are you going to continue to sail that particular ship come what may? I don’t advise it. You will fall, you will be called back to China and you will have to face the music….talk to us Jeff, throw caution to the wind and talk. Don’t send out the Communications suits, they haven’t got a clue. Jeff they are not fit for purpose.

Inspired Jeff. That inspired that you have forced me and a few other concerned supporters to form an independent supporters association. We are going to call it ‘The Stan Cullis Appreciation Society’ and we are going to build it up as far as we can, as big as we can make it. I have been talking to supporters around the World to find out how we would form something, make something real and concrete. A balance if you like to the fallible abstract entity you represent in Fosun. We will have some clout too. I’ve been talking to local Councillors and have been getting extremely good feedback. You see we vote these doughnuts back into their jobs every few years, often their nice Council positions are defined by maybe a 100 votes here and there. Votes that are made by fans of Wolves. There are a lot of us you know. Now they will listen to our concerns because at some point their jobs might depend on it. You inspired me to do that Jeff. I have made links with fans in Argentina/Brazil/Peru/Mexico/USA/Russia/Germany/France/Italy. I am talking to a person in our National Government. I am talking Jeff and organising.

Talk. That’s the keyword here Jeff. Talking is everything and you have an opportunity to engage with this group from the start. Perhaps. Who is on board? Youth, the future of the club. They will play a massive part in SCAS and I am gathering these angry beings into a cohesive unit. Older fans, now Magistrates, Politicians, Business men and women. We will reach out to every under represented group in Wolverhampton and we will give them a forum to discuss action and effort. Jeff, we are organising because you have made us do it and our backs are against the wall….but surely you know enough about Wolves fans to know that we love a scrap where we are outnumbered. Jeff, the map is not the territory. There is a lifeblood that throbs in these streets that you haven’t really got a clue about…another Fosun failing. Lot of them happening lately aren’t there?

Why Stan Cullis? Well Jeff you know he refused to perform a Nazi salute when England played Germany in 1938. They dropped him from the team. But not once did he regret his refusal. A single entity Jeff, this man Cullis is everything we hope to be. The Society will take on all the moral fortitude and strength that Stan showed that day 14th May 1938. It will be fitting that we will officially launch the Society on that date I think. Jeff it’s going to be good I hope. The people involved are brilliant people and they are resolute just like Stan was. It would be fantastic to have maybe 20k Wolves fans as members…a real force in Independent Football Supporters groups. I envisage membership to hit that in maybe two years after consultation with other groups. Will you speak to us then? I know you tend to brush off the concerns of the Oi Polloi like us, it’s obvious we aren’t important any more to you. But hold that thought Jeff. Maybe it would be positive to talk to us and hear our concerns. Maybe it would be good for you to find out the zeitgeist in those stands before you ham fistedly pronounce another PR cock up. At the moment the whole Fosun groove is a blunt ineffectual attempt to take the club to a bigger stage, more profit, more kudos on a global stage. You are failing Jeff. The Fosun algorithms are defunct. Culture especially English football culture is the honey pot for global football fans to get sticky in and Jeff, we are the people that make the honey. Not the team or the success but the fans, supporters, the lovers of the club.

Now you have a great opportunity to engage with us from the beginning. At the moment I am just a knobhead who is talking and organising but it wont be me you will be talking to. I will help set up and start the group but better women and men than me will be a part of it. It will be launched in the close season and hopefully fully up and running by the time we kick off. Forget Nuno and the team for the moment. Our concerns are not with them yet, it’s with you and Fosun. Will you speak to us when we are 20k strong? I hope so, we have much to say.

The Holy Golden Shin

There is a darkness in West Birmingham Albion. It’s not been put there by us or anyone else. It has been put there by themselves. The darkness is in their souls for sure. There is no joy in West Birmingham. Yesterday the rain swirled around the Hawthorns. Those swirling black sheets of cold rain were a shroud wrapped tightly around the body of WBA. Tight shrouds, loose Coaching from Allardyce. A man we should not trust. His team are defunct but the twitching of that particular corpse will still have things to say today. It will still claw for the 9mm in the belt even as the life ebbs from their fingers. Big Sams thick head is bobbling away at something. You bent git. A lot of Wolves fans like you, I don’t know why. I know what you are though Allardyce. You only really manage one side. Allardyce United. You don’t have any love for Albion. I don’t think you have love for anything. You are turning into a Lizard.

Our Little Sunny Delights from warm Europe were suffering. You could tell. But through the injury wracked Wolves squad Nuno has picked some able bodies. Young Mr Owen, Young Mr Vitinha, Young Mr Ayit….and bloody hell, fresh from Instagram is Morgan Gibbs White. Young men…and what a canvas to show Nuno what they are made of, what they are about. The fucking Hawthorns. What inspiration can you grab there? Against an Albion side that forge their football in the red hot kebab breath of Allardyce. I mean they are fully neck this Albion side. Subtle bits of quality but their descent back into the Championship is well deserved. They lack everything but Big Sams insanity. The fact that I’m looking at ‘their’ ground on the screen is weirdly annoying. I criticise everything. The seats, the pitch, the staff, all of it, picking up things to hate and despise just because it’s ‘them’.

But casting a mind back to this week it’s been fucking tough. This was a game that us Wolves fans would have been champing at the bit to attend. The kind of game where old heads would be looking for tickets. Where tempers fray on trams and punches are thrown, words exchanged, pubs are wrecked. The Albion for fucks sake. That angst was powerful. People have short tempers because this game was everything to us. You see we have to work with these bastards. I know that a lot of you newer football fans wont quite get the feeling. I mean you have some sense of the hate but it’s purely that, just a sense. Inside, we seethe with stories about the past. The punch ups on the Factory floors, the scrapping on the scaffolding on a building site. When bants become pure violence. Pure insanity. I intimated that Nuno and the team would lose much love if things would have gone bad. We wanted a response, a fight, a proper derby. Was it that? Kind of. We scored a goal at least. Fabios Holy Shin taking a leaf out of Rob Hindemarch’s golden leg. Totally shithoused lucky goal. But we take it. Fabio, the Golden child oozes quality. His hair stuck to his head, the wind blowing those chunks of locks whipping into his eyes. Still he moved and ran, he jinked and smoothly oozed his way around the Albion half. Yes young Fabio what a delight you were. You go into a sort of football ecstasy when you play. You look like you are on another planet. You scored against the Shit. The Holy Shin! When the ball went in the laptop went up, the dogs ran off, I’m nearly sobbing because I’m an emotional prick. The hair. The Golden Holy Shin!

We should have been there. How many points are we worth to our team. We would have been climbing the walls in that godforsaken place for sure. Smash it up. Screaming madness. All the stress of the previous week unleashed in a few short hours. Climbing. The. Fucking. Walls. Lose and I would have fucking hated them after last week. I would have thrown in the towel with them. Not Wolves, the players. They would have been unclean to my mind. They only have to give us one thing. A victory. Albion are lively and they see that there are gaps in our defence and our ideas. Gaps or injury eaten holes? Players shoehorned into positions. Nuno has nearly killed them this season. Nuno driving this small squad into performances that seemed lack lustre and poor. But to a squad half destroyed they were all Pyric victories in a sense. It wasn’t the fault of Nuno and his back room team that our squad has suffered so many weird defeats and seemed so dysfunctional. It was the fault of the idea. We cannot battle through a campaign with a wafer thin squad. You can not have a longevity of intent, a consistent campaign when the departure of another long term injured player departs the field. Nuno works everyone to death, he expects effort and strength to be as his own is. Insurmountable, stoic, unstoppable, if you chopped Nunos legs off during a match he would be running around on the stumps, demanding fight, action, shape, strength. These Golden children we have brought to our Town…how they throw themselves around for Nuno, they of course break down under the whip of Nuno perhaps. Maybe even the fact we have such a condensed group of players allows no quick insertion of quality to change a game. The idea becomes greater than the need to evolve and change during a game. The idea can not be changed. Stoic Nuno. Perhaps we will see a settling down of his madness. He will see that as well as organising for the next game, the next battle and maybe instead of making our ideas stronger and greater than the oppositions we could perhaps have instead of one great idea and shape…we could have lots of strong ideas and we can pick from that palette of ideas during a game to smother threat, to treat the game like a Chess game maybe.

The team certainly showed something, some fight, some effort. Semedo is growing into a brilliant player and his darting movements upfield were a joy at times. I would like to see more accurate crosses, maybe more darting runs into the angle of the box. But his growth is upwards and possibly even exponential. We haven’t met him yet. We haven’t met any of the players. They don’t know us, how can they fight for a cause they know nothing about? How can they see our insanity during such games. What fuel do they use if they don’t have us?Morgan Gibbs White is on. Now of course here is a lad that understands. He is right in there. A few runs, he nibbles away at the Albion midfield. There is physicality in him. He knows about the derby thing of course so a few Albions are reminded by him. He has done well. We have been unkind to him perhaps purely because we don’t understand him. Things have changed in the world, now it’s all about social media footprints and clicks. We don’t understand that. I remember my Grandad calling George Best a ‘long haired poof’ yes, I remember that. But Gibbs White may be our Saviour in that Midfield. Give MGW some space and he might just fill it. That studdy play, that intelligence, the rough and tumble. He’s not scared. I wish to see more of Morgan in the next few years.

Vitinha is lush. Fat runs, darting and moving. The ball is greasy, the ball skitters and runs on the slick grey grass of the West Birmingham pitch. But Vitinha is there. Is he a revelation? Not really, we kind of expect these Golden Children to explode and make the position their own. Neves, Jota, Costa. But to see it on this hellish night in the slums of Birmingham was a kind of revelation in a sense. How the fuck the team managed to pull any inspiration from this environment I don’t know. But I see Vitinha and I see Ki-Jana Hoever, Corbeanu, Cundle and Marques on the bench and I am seeing the depth of this squad slowly but surely being put into place. I see that Nuno wants that little bit of leg room when it come to tactical switching. Depth mate. Young players. Gently being eased into this madness. Gently does it. Young Mr Otasowie moving into spaces was beautiful to see as well. Good solid performance if not pretty at times but you can see the team slowly coming into shape, you can see a little bit of light. Next season is going to be intense and crazy…West Birmingham Albion will descend into the Championship redundant again despite their confused garglings about turning us over. You can win every game against us but the one thing you will never have. Hope.

It’s been insane this past few weeks. Even I at times doubted Nuno even if I could kind of hide my own pain at the results and the play it came out a few times. I doubted but I never stopped believing he could pull something together from this decimated squad. All we see in FanLand is a barely discernible tip of a bloody big ice berg of shit that goes on at Wolves. We don’t know anything really. Who knows what trials Nuno has in forging a football team out of the walking wounded at Compton. I am still a Nuno man and I will always be a Nuno man. I see the struggles, I see the pain. But when I nail my colours to a mast I don’t take them off at the sight of a storm. I cling on and I go down with the ship or weather it and greet a new dawn.

This new dawn will come next season I think. I see something in this team now. I see that they have had a few battles, a few bad days. Poor Boly still suffering from Covid, I send big Love to him. Neto, I haven’t forgotten you, Jonny, all the wounded. But things do look a lot better now after the Burnley game. Hope restored, maybe we even look forwards to the season to come. It’s going to be back up to full speed this Nuno crazy train….maybe we wont play West Birmingham for a few years now. I don’t mind that. I hate these games, they are more than football. What does the draw mean? It means we can go to work and hold our head up a bit, not grab the Albionite around the throat and duff him with whatever tool you have in your hand. Nothing explodes and no one gets sacked. A draw. My eyes are on August now. Raul and Fabio. Neto and Vitinha. Otasowie and Gibbs White. Semedo and Ayit…young men and old clubs eh.