Tarquins V Wolves

Well, apologies to everybody for my rant about the West Ham game. We all have to lose it at some point and to be honest it’s only maybe the second or third time I have lost my nut since we started. What can I say? I was annoyed. More chilled out now. Looking forwards to the match against the Tarquins. What great days out they are but it wont be a shame to watch them plummet away into the Championship. Three points. Three dirty points absolutely levered out of Craven Cottages dank depressing pitch, three points levered from the sticky fingers of the dome headed criminals at Stockley park, prised from the fat pudgy crooked fingers of the FA, pulled from the pantomime actors we call officials. Scott Parker wearing a jumper a Russian in 1982 would think twice about putting on.

So Gibbs White has a trundle out and gets an errant foot to just tickle him off his centre of balance. He goes flat but the ball is away to Fabio who inserts it right at Traore who absolutely darts the ball near post right into the net at the death. We win. Dirty win, graspy and weird, but a win. I mean it’s never drab watching Wolves, there are times when of course you tend to watch the lone sea gull flying around the flags on the New Stand and you slurp and dribble a bit but on the whole Wolves do have a propensity to startle you with a goal or some play that’s worth watching. I mean Jose scored. Fucking hell. I actually laughed it was so weird. Header as well. Of course the poor bastard had it disallowed. VAR eh? Absolutely destroying football. The most important part of football, the goal, has been rendered down into an absolutely shit arse empirical circle jerk for geeky fucking paedophiles at Stockley Park. Don’t tell me for one minute that these decisions are in any way part of a process to make the game fairer. But you can tell me about suspicious companies based in Holland with a shareholder list that’s protected better than the Crown Jewels. Bent as fuck and you can’t tell me any different. It’s crooked, it stinks and it’s going to lose fans. There should be at least a Government level enquiry but then again we know how bent government enquiries are don’t we? What’s to do? I’m not sure.

David Coote had a riot didn’t he? The standards in officiating these games is very poor. Normally I’m quite reserved when it comes to Refs…apart from Witton Atwell. But Coote? Mate? Why? You only work one day a week you prick, at least get some of the decisions correct and if not correct ignored purely to keep the flow of the game moving. Exasperated I am. At the point when you’ve argued that much the only recourse is to start throwing punches around. But there’s no one here.

Ait-Nouri had another good game. He’s starting to get an idea of the rhythm here, the way of the Wong. Many times last night I watched his positioning and his comms with other players. What I saw was good and wholesome. You see I have a faint suspicion that Semedo and Ait-Nouri are the actual pinch point of the whole shape and movement of the side. If there is intent from them, then things start to move and the dysfunction of the team at the moment is trying to get both Semedo and Ait-Nouri moving in shape and getting the team to respond also and the other way round too. But let me wash this around my mind a little and watch more of them before I state it as a matter of fact. I liked Gibbs Whites appearance. Now his Social Media shenanigans apart I think he does have a place in this team. I think he might be exactly what we need in midfield. A bit of mad shit, a bit of crazy, still shapey but quite happy to make a move here and there, take people on. To be honest it’s nice to see a face play for us that understands a little about what it means to be a Wolf. I felt quite warm when he trotted on in place of a still healing DanPod who himself had a reserved but solid game up front. Fair play Gibbo I want to see more of this madness.

But ya know I’m glad Traore got a flea up his arse for once. Cracking goal but these last two games has reminded me about the bloke at work who does fuck all all week then when the Gaffer graces us with his presence on the shop floor said dude starts working like a fucking dervish. Who is this Traore? Galloping around into space looking like he knows what he’s doing. I mean I wax about him a lot, slag him off a lot since someone said he didn’t want to play for us any more. But this looks like a player that does want to be here…then he doesn’t…then he does…then he doesn’t again. Your heart gets ripped this way and that and to be honest I think Traore is Gas lighting us so you can’t trust any of your mental decisions you have made about his ability and drive. So Traore is just Traore. Great goal. Like a bullet. Cheers mate.

That through ball by Fabio tho. Ay. It was beyond describing. Now that is a ball. Of course we can’t have heroes in the team now we know they are just here to increase their value before they get sold but I hope we see more of his madness next season before he gets packed off to a big six club or Spain. But really there will be no Hero worship, no car park photos of Fabio, no Tshirts, no books. He will be here like a fling with a beautiful blonde several pay grades above you. We will fawn and suck our bellies in a bit but she will be gone like a brief spell of sunshine before the cold North winds start to buzz through your coat. Watching Wolves will be like sipping a coffee on some Barcelona street and watching beautiful people walk past and we nod and say Good Morning and they will be off up the street disappearing into the crowd never to be seen again. But like they say it’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all but I would love a Hero and for all his frailties we had a Steve Bull for a while…the last hero? Apart from Dave Edwards….?

Thought Semedo had a good game here. He’s had some stick lately but Coady is being a Captain here and constantly cajoling and ordering Semedo into and out of position so Coady has one eye on the shape and one eye on Semedo as well as marshalling Mitrovic the organ thief into areas of neutral play where he can’t move. In all the defence here has kind of consolidated itself a little better and there is a kind of response to changes of shape dictated by the play further up the field. What was the formation at the start 4-3-2-1? Something like that? Then Neto limping off forced Donk to drop back but at least it forced some sort of player response. Willian scores…I had to say it again so I believe it. Of course we can’t be unfair with him but we can moan a bit for sure. Loved that he scored then the poor bastard gets it disallowed. Oh My Days. Who knows if he will be here next season. Again I am unmoved by any move for him. He hasn’t lit me on fire to be honest. But he reflects perfectly the ‘shitegeist’ of the season as a whole.

We weren’t Wolves for sure. There is nothing dynamic about any of our play at the moment but I think it’s there lurking just under the mist of oil that flies off Adamas arms as he runs. The thing is…is it just us looking for those glints of light through not exactly black clouds but certainly dull insipid ones. This team seems like it could really explode into something exciting, something insane, all the signs are there. We have nearly finished another season in the Premier League. We have survived this Plague season reasonably intact where others have floundered and died so it’s not all bad news. At the moment we are estranged from the team and the team are estranged from playing the football we know they are capable of. I will be glad when this is over and we can go back in. I think as unimportant that great global entity FosunWolves thinks we are, the team have missed us and I think maybe even Nuno too. Around all the blather about the Plague and VAR and Professional football I suspect the most important thing, us, is missing. We need to know about our team, we have to share the same battleground as them, feel the same joy and anger that our Manager and Coach has. Take that away and yes, football is an abstract thing that was once beautiful and lively and insane but now is like watching a tremendously glitchy football game. But Jesus Christ Scott Parkers jumper. Fucking hell.

So what have we got to look forwards to in the next few weeks. The team has responded to the West Ham defeat ok. Things could be moving into Kwan territory in August…We could see the shit relegated…who has done the math here? Can we relegate them? When we play them? Here’s a chance for our season to end in some positivity and a great chance for whoever seals their relegation to be treated as at least some sort of hero by us, a chance for a player to be lifted to some sort of cult status. I will be up Molineux for that game mate…

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