Time to start smashing shit up

Well, we knew it would happen one day didn’t we? The fucking Lizards want their own environment, their own trough to stick their snouts in and nobody else is allowed, no, just them bastards. Super League? How many times have you bought ‘Super Glue’ or ‘Super’ anything and expected it to be nothing but aContinue reading “Time to start smashing shit up”

Wolves V Sheffield United

So often those hustling for the win mustclamp down grim mindings in their coffer,just as I ought fetter my inborn conceit,often wounded, wanting where I know,kindred pulled away, how many winters now?I shrouded my giver in dark earthand wended away worrisome,weather-watching the wrapful waves,hall-wretched, seeking a center,far or near, where they might be found,in someContinue reading “Wolves V Sheffield United”