Wolves V Newcastle ‘The Return of Cabbage head’

Don’t worry Dear Readers. There aren’t going to be any words like ‘Evolution’ or ‘Transition’ or any of that shit today. I think we have gone over that ground so much it’s starting to look like a Council job. Most of my regular victims….I mean readers know the score pretty much. Anyone that lives in a Council house while the Council are ‘modernising’ their house knows what an absolute nightmare it is. Chunks of plaster missing, carpets ruined, stuff goes missing, new holes everywhere, plaster dust, Crackhead subbies wandering around your bedroom. New light switches in places where you never look so you end up stumbling around in the dark for six months trying to find the switch. It’s a nightmare. Yesterday was like that. Newcastle are always a nightmare any way. Especially Steve Bruce. I can’t watch him any more. His head is like the bits of Elephant Man they cut off. His head is like a Chernobyl allotment Cauliflower. When he talks it’s akin to trying to lick your own groin while singing Fog on the Tyne. Cabbage head ay he?

Horace says we aren’t going to see any real destruction of these teams until after Xmas so you have a good couple of months of this madness to come. Half chances and fluffed communications, glimpses of intent and speed of attack. This is the grindstone gently revolving as the knife gets an edge…slowly, and patiently. That’s how you get a good razor sharp edge. Of course if you get a little impatient and press down a little too hard on the blade you will ruin the bevel and you have to start again. Gentle is the word of the day. Softly easing the team into a coherent razor sharp blade that will cut opposition teams into pieces. Have we confidence in the Team, the Coaching staff et al? Of course we do. It’s what we do best…at least some of us. We have watched enough dross at Molineux to understand what we see here, even in this beautiful slightly dysfunctional young team, the shoots of something different. Something a little scary too. Under the Microscope of Papa Nuno we see the elements of ‘a team’ being forged and nurtured. Forged perhaps for the rigours to come in this new Post-Covid football world. What those new variables are going to be…well I have my suspicions but they are too ethereal to actually bang them out on me keyboard. I will keep that madness to myself for a while. But I can see Fosun and Nuno having a firm grip on these strange times and are actively planning to take advantage of these variables. That’s the nature of ‘driven’ men and women in Football. They have to know everything, have to plan and build. They also have to be adaptable to changing environments, matches, VAR, transfer rules, contracts, forecasts, injuries etc etc.

How did we look? What’s the progress? I imagine this season so far as a run of friendlies or pre-season games. We are still in a flux of possibilities when I look at the team. Wolves are gently and surely tempering the activity on the team on the pitch so that they can glean all the data they need to position themselves in the best possible place for the future. Data collection mate. Watching and recording things. It’s not Tony Daley at Compton seeing how much you can Bench Press. It’s data, pure data on which to base policy. We have changed everything. This is not the team of last season or the year before. As much as our exploits in Europe and the Premier League was at times brilliant and uplifting there were moments when Nuno must have seen what we lacked and planned for it too. He knows what players have to be moved on and who should be developed. If you think that these new additions to the squad are just names and attractions we are sadly mistaken. We have brought the very best of emerging European talent and settled them within a place where their nurture and ability will be forensically examined and developed. We see this with young Max Kilman. He has taken his chance, worked hard, developed, embraced this Philosophy of hard work and constant progression. I watched him mostly. So young yet so ‘on the ball’ it’s daft. Progression again, moving forwards if not on the pitch then definitely in his ability. Here in this lad is what you would get if you looked into the future. Playing out from the back creatively and with confidence, feeding the midfield with accurate balls from danger situations with an opposition trapped in their own intent as they move forwards leaving space and chances. The movement at times from Wolves was slick and assured for sure. Rhythm was there in short splashes and the speed was breath taking until some errant familiarity between our players made the movement splutter out as they hit the stripey wall of Newcastle and the stolid lumpy tactical nous of Steve Bruce. But it was there wasn’t it. A progression of sorts from the Leeds game. Much more assured and to say Nuno is halfway through his investigations of the squads strength and ability in competitive games. It’s not too bad at all mate to be honest.

The team of course would have done much better and would probably have won it with a crowd in there. The Southbank would have been feet on seats, an incessant roar to inspire the team to attack and to destroy. I said on Social Media that Wolves are the people and the People are Wolves. We miss you terribly and I think they miss us to be honest. If you are a regular traveller to away games or to Molineux you know the scenario, the madness we provide. Nuno isn’t trying to smash the lock off opposition defences any more, he is trying to pick the lock like a Craftsman and sometimes the lock will be hard to get off. Do we want the madness of Pulis or Warnockian Moshball? Nah thanks. Lump it up to Raul is not the policy here. I see Neto and Danpod moving out wider. Semedo is learning very fast. I am very impressed with him so far. Semedo and Neto look like they have already got some sort of communication going with some slick interchanges. Solid that Semedo is mate. He’s got a great footballing head on him. Now all he needs is to fling himself around a bit and start dictating rhythms and movement instead of reacting to it, which I think will come the more games he has under his belt. Of course Newcastle are already clinging to the life belts early doors. Eleven men defending is boring but they don’t care. Every point is a Bramleys Apple pie to a Smackhead waiting in a Dr’s surgery waiting for their Methadone prescription. God they are boring as fuck. But what do you expect from Bruce. I’m sick of watching his teams to be honest. Even when they play an ‘A’ game, which they can do because they have some effective players on their team…Bruce looks surprised in the post match Interview and waxes some sweet untruths as he lathers himself in plaudits he doesn’t deserve. Boring bastard.

Raul did the Raul thing again. He’s working fucking hard that bloke. I am growing to like him more and more as I watch him. People who know me know that I’m not given to isolating one player for praise or my precious love. But man, Raul is growing on me and it’s moved from a respectful nod of appreciation for plans to tattoo his face on my face. Beautiful creamy strike bang on the money. It would have been deserved this victory for sure. We did look the better side, we did work harder, we did have more ideas that Newcastle but it wasn’t to be. Now as you know I don’t single out people as Saints or Sinners and I’m not going to do it now. Fair enough there may have been some errant positioning of the ball for the Newcastle equaliser. Maybe Rui could have done better. Who knows. But I tell you what mate. We don’t talk about Rui much do we? That is a glowing statement for our Goalkeeper. Was it a mistake? Did Rui see something nobody else did? Did the free kick do what Rui expected? Stick all these variables into the mix and then stick them into the match in those precious few seconds Rui had to assemble that wall. Who knows? Rui isn’t God, he can’t see everything, sometimes things just go unexpectedly. Mistakes are fantastic and useful things because it gives us the opportunity to learn from them. We go into the future with a Goalkeeper who will learn and will see what went wrong and then make sure it never happens again. Good that it happened in an empty Molineux in an early season game rather than an important end of season match where it could be a European spot up for grabs. How painful would that have been? Rui is a fantastic Goalkeeper. I don’t want to hear negative things about him. He will learn and be stronger as a Goalkeeper after tonight. Southbank Resistance Loves Rui, he never says a lot, does his job, learns, thank God we have him.

It’s a killer those last minute equalisers I ay going to lie. But when I look at these two teams and remove any amount of blinkered viewpoints that I spout on here I still see Wolves as a better more rounded team. Albeit one that at the moment is feeling it’s way carefully into the season. No way is Nuno going to lose his grip and allow the team to impose their own ideas on how they should play and in what manner. In this game we see the Iron hand of Nuno firmly guiding the abilities of the team into what he and the staff see as ‘The Future’. But I can also see that some of our players are not quite gelling into what Nuno has expected of them. I also suspect we will see some players moving on to pastures new as the transfer window reopens. It may be some players that we have loved over the past few years and the uproar when that happens will be absolutely cataclysmic on Social Media. I am looking forwards to that to be honest. Already there are cracks appearing in fans minds as they struggle to understand what the fuck is going on and when ‘that’ player moves on. Well….

But listen…chill out, try to vent your angst on Social media which is great for getting rid of those horrible thoughts and anger you have swirling around your heads. Times are mad as fuck. We see things much differently when we are angry and pissed off and often that anger can deform proper rigorous intuition into a garbled babbling of half thought through comments on what the fuck we are doing. Don’t take things too seriously when you read them on Twitter or Facebook. Much of it is ‘Virtue Wolves Fanning’. These people don’t really care about Wolves or football in general. They are just spouting off for the benefit of others so they are seen as ‘a massive fan’ rather than just a fan. Seeing perhaps who gets the most annoyed and the most vociferous about any of the points above you could mention. Ah well. It’s a point. Isn’t it warm for Autumn?


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  1. Hi Mikey,
    Excellent summary mate, which, as one of your “regular victims”, helped bring a bit of reasoned calmness to the disappointment of that soft free kick that dashed the cup from our lips last night. At the time I was sat on my settee and trying to console myself with the fact that, at least for the umpteenth time after a midweek game I didn’t have to face driving 135 miles back down the M40 and M4 in the rain to get home at 1.30am seriously questioning why I bother to do it (we know why, though, don’t we?).
    Well we didn’t lose and there were definite signs of improvement, which after a few more sessions with Nuno at Compton will hopefully bear fruit sooner rather than later.
    Please God let us get back to the Mol this season, because it’s like an open wound at the moment without my Southbank fix.
    As you so beautifully put it – Wolves are the people and the People are Wolves.

  2. After reading some of the “We’re Doomed I tell you” comments on the Wolves sites I was desperately looking for a measured, constructive view and think God I’ve found it!
    Nuno must be fed up repeating his in transition speech, and can’t these idiots get their heads around the fact we had no pre-season?
    Brilliant blog as usual and I’m not going to go on as much as the other Geoff!
    FWAW and looking forward to returning to the Golden Palace, tapping the Bill Wright plaque, and losing it when we score (not a pretty site at 73), and celebrating with the other 29,999 mates I meet every week or so!

  3. A really good assessment of the game and thanks for sticking up for Rui it’s great to know that all the stick he, s took on other sites you have evened it up a bit

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