Well that didn’t take long did it? What an excellent time for the erosion of everything we hold dear, going to the Pub, Match, insert whatever here. Now this Plague is in full swing again what a great opportunity for the Lizards to get their snouts further in the trough. £3 Billion quid has already gone missing and into the pockets of those abstract PFI entities already. Our money…well yours, I only earned 3k last year so I don’t pay tax. They will love this shit, these Lizards. Now they can buy the latest Jag or Strange Rover, they will look dead cool as they drive a few miles down the road before it blows a tube or something. Maybe a holiday home in Tuscany or the South of France, maybe one of those blonde big tit sideys for business trips. Who fucking knows?

But hey. We may have a bigger problem. Those wankers who own Liverpool and Manchester United respectively are making those Super League noises again. Now we know they are Lizard wankers, it comes with the territory of owning BIG clubs. As an aside I think it’s interesting that the two clubs involved in this bullshit have the crappest home stadium atmospheres over the past 10 or so years…I’ll explain

As much as I can delve into the legal and other aspects of this move by Rick Parry, Chairman of the EFL to formulate a ‘Project Big Picture’ where the “EFL clubs will receive an immediate £250m rescue package and a 25 per cent future annual share of Premier League revenue.” in return for giving the “Big Six” increased leverage and voting rights on a plethora of issues that will eventually (I see) that it will affect us dickheads.

Now the awful thing here is that the narrative is firmly being led by Parry and the two clubs mentioned above. I think the others (as yet) have not commented purely because they waiting to see how that narrative gets accepted. If it’s accepted without a whimper from us oi polloi then you can expect to see football as we know it change beyond all recognition. We will be fucked my friends. Fucked good and proper. Tickets for games will be akin to getting a Wimbledon ticket. There will be waiting lists and you will pay for the luxury of getting on that waiting list too. You will pay ‘memberships’ and be part of an ‘Official Club’ where you pay £50 a year and get a poster, a leaflet and perhaps a membership card. But you are on the waiting lists at least. You can go on Social Media then and brag that you are on one, waiting for the ticket allocation for normal fans who will be able to afford the £350 for the ticket to get you in the game. But if you get a ticket you wont be allowed to sit where you want. The corporate seats and junkies will have first dibs on those seats. The whole thing will be branded an ‘experience’ and you can go and sit in the famous Kop or Stretford end with the rest of the dickheads who have paid money to experience what football matches ‘used’ to be like. You can buy a foam hand and maybe a flag too…wave it when Liverpool score a touchdow….er a goal. The money will flow into their coffers mate. More TV rights money, more branding, more fleecing the punter out of his local club. Glitter mortars, fireworks, cheerleaders, laser shows, a big pair of flakey pale bollocks flapping around on your forehead as they tea bag you again and again and we fucking love it because we are here and you are not. You saw that last season with Wolves in Europe. Could we afford it? Nah not really so we didn’t go. But others did. Other ‘Wolves fans’ we have never seen before. You know who they are as you’ve seen the photos on Social Media. Resplendent in their new Wolves shirts, grinning at the camera, hashtagging like a cunt because they want everybody to see how big a Wolves fan you are. I listened to one Flakey regale me with stories about away games they had gone to. I had to laugh at one point because the story they were telling was my story and mate you weren’t there.

Now you cant afford to take your kids to the footie. They would rather go skateboarding any way. It’s cheaper and all their friends do it. Mountain biking, choir practice or just sit in front of your massive telly waiting for the match you just spent £50 to watch. Now that link between a Father/Mother and their kids enjoying something together as a family is broken. You don’t have anything to say to them any more. They are bored with your stories of ‘how it used to be’ there will be resentment everywhere, even at school where ‘but so and so’s Dad has got a season ticket and they go every week” when the season ticket is the same as what you earn in a year.

But what about ‘evolving’ and growing with the sport? Something I have talked about much regarding FOSUN and their plans. Us growing with them, opening our own minds to growth and possibilities. It still stands mate. It’s there and I still agree with growth. But this isn’t growth. It’s racketeering. It’s control and it’s fucking disgusting.

But what will happen? Well evolution is a great word and I love using it. Creation is another. This madness of English football that we love, the rivalries, the songs, the banners and flags, the podcasts, the memes, the history etc etc are ours….not theirs. They ‘own’ these clubs but all they own is an abstract idea of the club that exists only on pieces of legal paperwork. They own the map but not the territory. The territory of course is ours and always will be, because the territory is an emotional thing, metaphysical even. The territory has been fought over many times and it has running thickly through it among the blood and the snot a link between us and the club we have chosen to support. That territory is a creative hot bed of madness. We produce history, we produce the stories, we are the creators of this commodity called English Football. Because the nature of the territory is naturally chaotic ie relegations, falls from grace and trophies too, Championships etc our emotional ties to the club produce history in its purest forms. History is in itself a commodity. FOSUN looked at tens of clubs before they bought Wolves and what attracted them was total control of a club with a History that was rich with success and a fanbase that is almost fanatical in it’s love. What they actually bought was a club practically on it’s knees crying out for development and investment. That was the map and they thought they got the territory for free.

Without us English football is dead. Dead as Old Trafford and Anfield. Molineux (if FOSUN decide to throw their weight in with the Lizards) will go the same way. Forget about pre match drinks and having a laugh with your mates. It will be FOSUN WORLD ‘The Wolverhampton Wanderers Experience’ and like at Wembley last year (ugh) you will get Flakeys walking around in Mexican Sombreros with stupid fucking moustaches or wrestling masks for fucks sake but ya know insert any National dress into this equation, it’s whoever is scoring goals and is ‘memeable’. It will be fucking horrible mate. We of course will be in an Estate pub or ‘sport bar’ somewhere either watching it in a practically empty room or doing something else entirely. But they will not have us. Our chaos and strength is joining together in adversity. Whether it be at a dodgy away day or when the team isn’t doing as well as we expected. We join together and we make history ourselves and it’s our history not theirs, not the teams (most of the time) and not Rick fucking Parrys. Without us it will die, everything we love about football is slowly being eroded away by these cunts in suits. Nothing is safe from them any more. If there is money to be made they will be there flicking their Lizard tongues out in greed. But they will not have us. We are more important than they think. Hauntology is a good word. Go and Google it and read about it. Read too about the end of History. Look at the wider context of Parrys narrative and extrapolate it to your club whichever it is. There will be no more songs on the terraces, no more rivalry, no more humour, no laughing, no shouting, no fucking emotion. Because the matchday experience will be as dull as Harry Potter world or Blobby Land full of dickheads with no clue about why they are there only some vapid strange idea deep within their thick heads that they are there and not you, and that makes them feel good and for once real even if the experience has nothing to do with what going to the match is really like.

I see as I was writing this that FOSUN voted for the PPV debacle we have had foisted upon us. Our Fans parliament have said some good positive things but ultimately a Parliament without power is just a public relations entity. They make noises, get a few PR points and some grudging retreats on a few issues off FOSUN that to be honest the club doesn’t really give a fuck about. What we require of course as fans is FOSUN to evolve a little bit themselves and look at the wider picture here. We need a Fans rep on the board, we need representation at Board level at the very least. We need to be part of the club not some anonymous lump of income they can fuck about with as much as they like. This blog is called Southbank Resistance for a reason. We resist because simply put football clubs are not the pretty sparkly little investments these Corporate hedge funds think they are. Do you want us to start making some noise when we are shut out of our grounds? We can for sure, we have fought bigger battles, harder ones. You want us to get angry? We can very much. We are not going to walk away from our clubs because we are our clubs and you ay.

6 thoughts on “R E S I S T

  1. First class, Mikey.

    I love – “They own the map but not the territory”, so true.

    Feeling incredibly depressed now mate, after reading your eloquent words.

    Let’s hope that your prophecy that “we are not going to walk away from our clubs because we are our clubs and they ay”, turns out to be true, otherwise we are all up the Swanny.


  2. Absoforkinlutely ahk….I was looking back at a Facebook rant of mine when we were last relegated (I seldom ‘do’ fb but my rants of old still occasionally mek me loff) it went something like….WE are Wolves, not the poncy owners,not the here today gone tomorrow so called fans who won’t be there in League Wan (still div 3 in my book) not even the shithouse players who don’t really give a flyer about us, WE are Wolves. Now we can perhaps wax lyrical that hasn’t really changed….inverted snobbery when we still go in League Wan !? Maybe…misplaced loyalty at still supporting the same old ‘little’ Wolves !?….perhaps….BUT….WE are still Wolves come what may and lo n behold any jumped up shitforbrains telling us otherwise…my exodus to our Welsh retreat limited my attendance, it med no difference though,especially when our Manc neighbour gave it the biggun over the fence one morning when we’d lost to Hartlepool or whoever it was. The only time I have risen to the bait on Twitter was recently when I was accused of being an armchair fan because I don’t go week in week out anymore (we’d just beaten Citeh) the little shit said I’d probably never been to a game unlike him who used to support Chelsea but was Wolves through and through now !!! I could give up Mikey but I won’t…Nige