Wolves V Newcastle ‘The Return of Cabbage head’

Don’t worry Dear Readers. There aren’t going to be any words like ‘Evolution’ or ‘Transition’ or any of that shit today. I think we have gone over that ground so much it’s starting to look like a Council job. Most of my regular victims….I mean readers know the score pretty much. Anyone that lives inContinue reading “Wolves V Newcastle ‘The Return of Cabbage head’”

Leeds V Wolves ‘It’s the Raul Thing Baby’

You have to feel sorry for our Flakies. Poor bastards. I mean they’ve just spunked out 50 or 60 squid on their new PortuWolves third kit. They have probably spread their arses to Sky Sports to the tune of 15 squid so they can watch the match with their artisanal ales cooling in their fridge.Continue reading “Leeds V Wolves ‘It’s the Raul Thing Baby’”