I’ll be honest. I was well tempted to go last night and stand on the top of the subway with maybe a few cans, some whisky in my Billy Wright flask, a couple of chaise an nunion cobs. The old bill would have come for sure and I wasn’t sure which Mikey would turn up. The horrible one that would be throwing Coppers off the top or the nice academic one. The academic Wolves turned up for sure and it ended up a 3-1 loss. I stayed at home, there’s no way I can get my head around not going to the footy any more. I look at the Cocaine addled Government and can’t see them getting their act together at all I’m afraid. Football (if they don’t sort their crap out) will soon become a TV based series like ‘Strictly’ or Great British Bake off and you will end up not with Punditry but like fat bald head from ‘Little Britain’ and that woman with no neck off ‘Bake off’ waxing lyrics about how nice Pep was in the interview and “Oooh I hope he’s not hurt” when some doughnut gets a midfield two footer.

It’s not a mystery football you know. It’s about simple things done elegantly and with a little bit of rage. Academic Wolves. You could tell they were probably thinking too hard about this game against Manchester City. Pep is oozing around in the odd pop up interview saying all the right things. No way was this game going to be one of last seasons fights. In the recent past our meetings have been eloquent and physical games with both teams flashing character and insanity across the pitch. This game was not painful, and not upsetting despite Sterling throwing himself around the pitch like a fat bird on a picnic table at a dogging sesh. Sterling come on man, why? You’re a great footballer. No need mate, you have some of the greatest football players around you to put sexy accurate balls at your feet and you still act like a wet wipe. Stop it, it’s very sad to watch.

But less about Manchester. It was a typical Wolves first half so that means nothing is going right and everything goes wrong and we ride our luck against a City team with full hard ons and Nuno is analysing again seeing what the fuck is going on. I mean there’s a possibility that in my own stupidity I can’t draw conclusion out of why our first half was crap apart from to say well, City are an expensive bunch of knobheads. They are probably still excited about the chat they just had with the Lizards at the Eatyahead stadium about the bitcoin bonuses they will get at the end of the season when they are Champions. They still don’t quite know how to deal with Wolves and Nuno at all. Despite the way they impressed themselves on us in the first half. They ‘ooze’ for sure. Our defence seemed a little shell shocked by it. First week of school lads and already those Bullys from Manchester are booting your new school bag up and down the school corridor and all your new felt tips have fell out, your protractor you will never use is flung into the playing fields glistening never to be seen again. They looked like that kid running up and down trying to get his bag back. All red faced and angry…a bit embarrassed. Boly looked like that kid at times. Even Coady had trouble instilling some sense of responsibility in them. This madness culminated in de Bruyne tempting Saiss with a dangly pale leg to breath on, which Saissy did of course leading to de Bruyne depositing himself flat on the floor. Is this what it is then City? Is this how you are going to win the league this year? Fair enough. Not long afterwards Foden has farted one into the back of the net as well so this 2-0 thing is well and truly going on. By this time of course the ground would be heaving. People would be standing on seats in the Southbank exhorting passion and madness from our team. I daresay a few Stewards might be in there too tussling a few pissheads out for chucking stuff. Songs, shouting, swear words. You know how it goes. We are worth some goals us lot mate. The crowd. We would have been going mental. Members of our team would have half an eye on the Southbank of course watching the chaos. Knowing that mentally we were driving them on, inspiring them in their efforts and instead they have an empty stadium. Echoes of ministrations bouncing around the seats. Nothing but ghosts in there and the Lizards from the Press.

Donk was left out for Neves who seemed a bit subdued. This seemed to rub off on Moutinho too and it all smacked a little to much of waiting for pieces to be put into place for me. The imminent arrival of Semedo from Barcelona will come none to soon for me. Traore down that end isn’t an option for sure. We need him terrorising people up the other end. It’s pulling the team out of shape, especially that first half and there seems to be half a notion that once that position at RWB is fulfilled then things will lapse back into the shape and action that Nuno and the team have designed for this seasons actions. As soon as Marcal went off it gave City an opening for sure and they stuck their noses in the trough immediately so lets say his injury kind of put us on the back foot and that impetus from the starting whistle slowly came to a grinding halt as we tried to remember all the shapes and moves without him there and with the team pulled out of shape.

I hope his injury isn’t serious. We need soldiers like him this year. I don’t think any of the Wolves team were ball watching at any point but I suspect that even if Man City were in the early flushes of their season, the experience they have kind of made their football a very flowing and beautiful thing to watch at times. They haven’t really forgotten their rhythm from last season where as we seemed to be confused about what cadence was and how that cadence can make the us somewhat hypnotised by the effortless City groove. Again, a crowd at Molineux would have disrupted that endless click clack of an almost metronomic City strategy to press and move off the ball as effectively as they were on it. I sincerely believe that with us there we would possibly have drawn or even won this game. City don’t look a million miles away from us in footballing terms it’s just that we haven’t quite got our heads around the new footballing covenant Nuno and the team have prepared. But man, it’s there just underneath the surface waiting to burst out and start putting noses out of joint again. Was it four chances that went begging? When you believe of course, those goals go in. Belief not improvement probably.

Biglove for DanPod here. I enjoy his movement much. Megging deBruyne was hilarious and funny. We live for that madness. Neto is growing too. Raul is an absolute gift. Punking his head on the ball for a consolation goal was lovely. Let his keep his touch and his mindset. Don’t worry too much about the rest of the team getting their heads around these new shapes and moves. Keep your own mind sharp Raul. Wait for those balls to start pinging in. Neto and DanPod have to work out the telepathy between each other and the rest of the team. Confidence with playing with each other has to grow and be nurtured with delicate conclusions after each match. Indeed the whole team has to try and remember what this whole pantomime is really about. That is, destroying the opposition on a football pitch, destroying them that completely they walk off heads hanging wondering what has just gone on. We can do it. Was it 55 minutes on the clock and things started to gel and solidify in our team? All of a sudden spaces and passes were working out. We moved a lot easier and pressure all of a sudden was Wolves flavoured and even Pep started to get a bit of a sweat on. He must have Post Traumatic stress from last season when we demolished City.

Let me wrap this up. I’m not upset by that loss last night. It’s still early days and it’s a bloody hard game against these lot. They were lucky they played us early doors of the season because…and I will be honest, I didn’t think there was a lot between both sides. Maybe City edged it in the experience stakes, maybe perhaps it was like home game for them…playing in a silent stadium. But Wolves are missing us so I’d like to say this to the team because I know a few of them read this awful blog.

“Wolves, we love you and I’m sorry we can’t be there to shout you on and the stadium seems a bit strange without us there. But rest assured that our love for you has not diminished one bit in fact our love has probably grown. Absent hearts grow fonder so they say. Every game you play in the silence of a stadium we are there with you, every kick of the ball. Nuno we fucking miss you man. We miss you coming up to the Southbank and cheering your madness and love. We are not gone, we are just waiting patiently and the day we see each other again we will take the fucking roof off the place with our love. Until we meet again remember that you are not alone out there, when you go out to fight for those points listen closely and you will hear us. God Bless”

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      1. All good….great to hear from you mate…one day = ‘that pint we’ve bin threatening ‘