Notes From The Frontline: Raul and Jota

There is a breeze and I turn to say, Look at the beautiful day, but hey, There’s no one there but a whisper of grey, In the old gold magic of the day. (Verse of one of my songs) Nuno waved at the Ford Transit Pick up truck as it weaved down the leafy lanesContinue reading “Notes From The Frontline: Raul and Jota”

Sheffield United V Wolves

It’s strange thinking of this game against Sheffield United and the Campaign in General as being some sort of ‘Start’. When did we finish to start? I’m not going to be mawkish and sentimental about the lack of fans at these weird abstract games played in empty stadiums, already there has been much moaning aboutContinue reading “Sheffield United V Wolves”

Coady as Metaphysical Entity

Sometimes things happen in the world that makes you think…well, that things are all turning in the right direction for once. Justice has been served and perhaps we have seen ‘progress’ as naked and as raw as we will ever see it. Conor Coady my favourite Wolves player was picked for an England match lastContinue reading “Coady as Metaphysical Entity”