Hey Mr Grealish


As Football fans we encompass a large and varied bunch of Human beings, that variation also stretches to intellect and behaviour and you just can’t saddle a club ie Millwall and Chelsea with a history of racists behaviour as a ‘racists’ club. What I mean by racists is that a minority of the fanbase tend to offer insult based on ethnicity or skin colour. Cussing out or winding up someone by using their colour or ethnicity isn’t a very original way of offering someone a load of neck. It tends to bring nothing to the table of entertainments or ‘winding up’ other than a very embarrassing reflection of how thick you are that you can’t build and unleash a variety of insults about a person without using the basest methods. 

This ‘Chinky’ narrative I’m seeing on social media doesn’t surprise me in any way at all but it does sadden me. It’s all about ‘Chinky flu’ and Chinky this and that like all of a sudden it’s ok to hide behind the general madness, sadness and hysteria of this Convid-19 bollocks to slip in a few racist insults knowing full well that it may just slide under the radar a little. This isn’t only online I’m experiencing this crap, it has gone on in the last few conversations I have had with people down the canal while I’ve been walking the dogs. If you don’t like the Chinese fair enough but at least try and be a little bit more creative in the way you insult them and for fucks sake leave the racial bollocks somewhere else.

Am I even sad about it? Yes and no really. You expect this behaviour when the world seems to have turned upside down. It’s buying tons of bog roll and food you will never get to eat. Stock piling behaviour. Fear is the prevalent emotion and I know that this fear is bringing out both heroic and cowardly words and actions. All I’m asking is that just think for a moment that our owners Fosun International are a Chinese company and many of their movers and shakers in Wolverhampton are Chinese too (shock horror). They have come to this City to do business and to make money…primarily make money, but along the way a few crumbs might drop down from the table top to feed us scrotes scrabbling around in the dirt a bit. This is positive and good. We can learn from the Chinese, we too can define who we are in the global scheme of things and instead of casting a side eye at the Chinese and offering a few insults at them how about we start to learn something from them instead and become motivated by their madness instead of being jealous of it? Which leads me onto Jack Grealish (via that weird way I tend to think things).

When Jack Grealish appeared in my news feed concerning his late night bumper cars session in Sutton Coldfield (or wherever it was) I was mightily amused and happy. Here was a chance to wax some solid gold bars of madness about the incident. Have a go at Jack himself, his hair, all the shit he is connected with…and then I had a deep think about it last night while I was watching the Bats fly around outside. I actually felt sad for him a little but they often say disaster always offers opportunity. 

Jack…dude. You play some bloody lovely football, your vision at times is excellent, you pass the ball beautifully, you can command the midfield like someone much more mature and defined. Your goals and assists are often things of beauty too but you have a major problem, you have indeed reached a crossroads in your career and now you have to make a choice. That choice I think is to forego the trappings of your fame for a little while and keep the inner madness tucked away for a while. You are going to fuck up your life in no uncertain terms if you carry on with this bullshit. I have heard the stories from people who are more interested in this shit than I am. I have seen the videos too. A couple of months ago I would have giggled as your behaviour was a symptom in a larger sense of your clubs demise. I have no love for Aston Villa at all but humans do interest me. Prospective, half decent England midfielders interest me.

At this point in time you have been molly coddled by men who have no heart and no emotional involvement in what ‘Jack Grealish’ is apart from someone who his going to be (at some point maybe) a welcome input of football dollar when you eventually move on. Steve Bruce and Dean Smith are men of little worth when it comes to the methods in which they instil a professional mode of behaviour especially in the way their players do their jobs. I can see that the madness you have is exacerbated by this dullness and lack of idea. I can see that the people you have chosen to be your ‘friends’ also lack any idea of what it is you actually do for a living. All you have to do is attend a few ex players piss ups to see what happens to young men who travelled the road you are on at the moment. Back slapping pissheads Jack. Past glory absolutely gone over again and again until they are sick of talking about them. Glassy stares, wives who look polished and beautiful on the outside but their eyes betraying nights hiding in locked bathrooms while their husband flies into a pissed up rage about some transgression or other and smashes the ‘sports room’ up which now houses boxes of shit and crap you brought when you were loaded that wont fit anywhere else.

We all know how hard it is to turn your back on friends that have little worth and I suspect the circle in which you have found yourself offers little as to what you want to become. My advice to you is to find people who motivate you, who inspire you every time you meet them instead of doughnuts with a pocket full of Nox canisters and a few half dressed women in tow. All you are doing at the moment is preparing the future headlines in the Birmingham mail about the Grealish fall from grace…which will be lurid and written by people who helped you along that disastrous path. Trust me that the people you regard as your mob will turn on you in a minute. Get yourself sorted out. Ditch the bullshit company. Start to think football again. Get that move. Get an England place. Do what the fuck you are supposed to because that was the plan all along wasn’t it? Get motivated again you silly twat. 

I hope everybody is cool and healthy. I know a few people that have fallen very ill with this fucking virus. This makes me sad and trust me I am planted in this house every day like the Government wants me to do. I’m washing my hands like a lunatic every day as well. Not because I don’t want to catch it but I don’t want people catching it off me. Be safe and healthy…and Bill Staite, get well soon bro I’ve lit a few candles for ya.