YamYam Radio (I’ve forgot what episode)


New podcast! I’m always asked when it was to return and here it is…in fact nobody ever asks about the blog just the podcast hahahahahaha. Big thanks  to Ian and Pat for popping in and waxing humungous fat lyrics. They are much needed as if it was just me all I would be doing is talking about Conor Coady and how he is most excellent. Truth spoken. Anyway enjoy!




6 thoughts on “YamYam Radio (I’ve forgot what episode)

  1. The best Wolves pod cast by far, great to hear you again.
    I live 7000 miles away and believe me it’s a very precious for me to hear your podcasts.
    I do appreciate you taking the time to do them.
    Thank you

      1. Did not renew my season ticket in 2016. Emigrated 2017, fooking fantasy football since I emigrated.
        Sometimes have to get up at 3am or 4am for evening games, listen on radio. Do get FA Cup games live. No live premier games in Philippines, internet is crap

      2. Thanks, getting a ticket would be very difficult. I was back last May, met Manny Singh, lovely chap. Bought my young son two Wolves strips.
        Will bring you 15 year old Filipino Rum really good stuff very expensive £6.00 a bottle the cheap stuff £1.20 a bottle. Should be back 2022