YamYam Radio (I’ve forgot what episode)

New podcast! I’m always asked when it was to return and here it is…in fact nobody ever asks about the blog just the podcast hahahahahaha. Big thanks  to Ian and Pat for popping in and waxing humungous fat lyrics. They are much needed as if it was just me all I would be doing isContinue reading “YamYam Radio (I’ve forgot what episode)”

A Few Notes While it’s Quiet

The Liverpool match. Gutting mate. Apparently the Liverpool team spent the day at Compton. I wonder if they had Lunch there? I hope someone pissed in their stewpot. I don’t care what wankfest Klopp is having with Nuno and company at the moment, I just wanted sad Bindippers filing out…but. Thursday was extremely weird forContinue reading “A Few Notes While it’s Quiet”