Fosun Versus The Lizards


Things are happening at our club and most of us don’t really understand it. We have a passing knowledge of what and how is happening but it kind of gets lost in the general hum of life, work, the house, the kids etc.

I’ve just finished reading the Deloitte Football Money League report on Wolves. It’s interesting and healthy. One is quite content to sit back at this point and loosen ones belt content in the knowledge that Fosun-Wolves have attained some red blood all muscles pumping health in the old money arena. Now I’m going to digress for a minute…

When I left University I went and worked for a pair of hard nosed Accountancy Investigators Mr Banks and Mr Meese. These pair of nutters were very OK to work for but if you saw them (and knew who they were) walking into your company offices and you were on the fiddle, then you were shagged mate. They were very good. My role was a simple one. I was used to working in a Science environment, I was an Observer, I used huge datasets in my dissertation and afterwards in my Post Graduate work. I knew statistics, patterns, clues, I knew Excel spreadsheets better than anybody because I had a good relationship with the bloke who helped write the program, I used to race street luge with him. I looked between the numbers, saw patterns, errant variables that couldn’t be explained. I found weird things in those sheets. Weird things usually meant fraud. Then I would set the attack dogs (Banks and Meese) loose on the areas and people of concern.

I look into the gaps. I looked and read all of the Deloitte report last night. I read about every club in there to be honest. I saw weird things. Not with Wolves. Other clubs. Formerly big English clubs. Some of them are dying. The big ones who’s names we will not mention. Between the gaps in their seemingly happy and fat finances is another tale. That tale is woe. Your humble starving scribe sees a decline happening…now I intimated this in my books Viva Nuno and Viva Nuno 2 about how the typical framework of ideas that were prevalent in the Genesis of the Premier League aren’t any use in todays financial ecology. I used the example of Nuno and Fosun, ideas, some philosophical points. Things are moving fast in the world of football. New markets are opening up, old ones deteriorating, there is a Zeitgeist, a surface zeitgeist or a public face of these big clubs which assures us that all is good and healthy. But there is also something I call an ‘Untergeist’ and that’s the gaps in reports, it’s also a holistic view of a club which takes in the style of football, transfers (to an extent), the audiences, and how it ‘feels’ when I do look at the whole subject. 

These big clubs are dying because they lack a plan, a philosophy. They are filled with bean counters and the unimaginative ranks of suits vying for position and power with the club they are representing often forgotten…only cash money is important and at these levels finances are an abstract and often extremely fluid entity. You can’t build a house on sand. You need something stronger. Something that initially transcends finance which will then afterwards provide those financial rewards later on. 

Fosun-Wolves are growling deep in their throats while their eyes dart here and there at the manoeuvrings  of the system in which they find themselves. The FA, the broadcast and print Media, the mafia like greed of the top six system too. Yes, Fosun Wolves are growling quietly at the moment happy to sit back and watch the decline of the top six while awaiting their chance in the shadows of Match of the Day punditry where we don’t get mentioned much. We defeat a top six club and it’s all about how badly our opposition played, the excuses are trotted out verbatim nearly by a smirking Lineker or an abject idiotic aside from a Sky Sports pundit. 

Fosun Wolves are quiet. But I see you waiting. I see your propaganda too. It’s very quiet. A shallow growling like I said before. They wait…but they inform a few people that there is a waiting list for season tickets. 12,000 people on it now? It’s presented as an aside, a mere bauble of information that they have given to the Lizards in the press. But the message is of course for someone else….Wolverhampton City Council. 

The new stadium is ready to be built. I suppose it has been designed by now. Probably 45k or so for some of these bodies on the waiting list to squeeze in and watch Wolves. Revenue, Hotels maybe, a Casino the advent of the Molineux Entertainment Quarter…the changes to infrastructure around the ground making Molineux worth a day out for those with cash to spare. Cash that will find it’s way into building an unstoppable football team on the world stage as well as introducing Wolverhampton as a City to people that otherwise wouldn’t have a clue we are here. Investment my friends, not only from Fosun but other companies internationally. It’s us as a City the edge of an amazing set of prospects for the future. I can see it…me Mr 8p Noodles, the knobhead that blogs about Wolves a bit…but I don’t think Wolverhampton City Council can. 

This is where I start looking between the words and numbers again. Why haven’t the Council embraced the idea of investment and growth? Where are the artists renderings of the ideas Fosun and indeed the council have? What a great PR event that would be, a partnership between a democratically elected local government and a Multinational company. What benefits we as a people would reap. Jobs, money, new stuff to do…other companies as I mentioned would be at these events watching a dynamic and creative local government working in partnership, getting stuff done. How they would love that shizz. I guess they would be flocking to throw money at Wolverhampton. I guess the whole Fosun idea would drag in other dynamic ideas and before we know it we would have a City to be even prouder of and great to live in. But what’s happening at the great brown Pyramid of the civic centre? Not a lot mate…in fact very little. 

When the ‘immovable object’ let’s say lack of imagination and ineffectiveness of local government meet the Fosun Wolves machine ‘unstoppable force’  then we (I think) find ourselves at this current point in time when the clock is ticking. There are plans and there are timetables, there are frameworks to be agreed, there are people to get onboard, people to talk to who have tight timetables of their own. Nothing has been agreed in any sense as to when Fosun will get the green light to start expanding the whole Wolves idea. This is wrong and this intransigence has to be nipped in the bud straight away. Who is dragging their feet here? It won’t be Fosun-Wolves for sure, not a chance. Everything we have seen from them so far has been dynamic and solid in thought and action. But there’s something happening at the council for sure but what?

Are they unsure of their own powerbase? Are they too vying for position at the trough? Do they actually understand what is happening or is about to happen at Wolves? I’m inclined to believe that they don’t quite understand what is happening. They are confused, and when people get confused they tend to hide away just in case someone collars a hold of them and demands answers to questions. I bet Fosun have already become acquainted with that particular aspect of the Council…I mean if they can’t even cut the verges regularly how can you expect them to convene and make relationships at a meeting with a set of hardcore Executives and Professionals from one of the biggest Companies in the world? I think the Council are well out of their depth to be honest and I also think some questions should be asked as to the current relationship between Fosun and Wolverhampton Council. Is it working? If not, why not? Who are the intransigent personalities involved? What are their names? What positions do they hold? Are they fit for purpose? Because, don’t forget…if you are a Wolves fan and you live in Wolverhampton these questions are bloody important to us…in fact they are vitally important and probably one of the most important events that will ever happen to the people of Wolverhampton since the council decided in the 1960’s to turn the City Centre into the dystopic Bauhausian nightmare it currently is. Add to that the Cultural vandalism of  the area around Molineux by Moxey and Morgan and well….I’m concerned for us all.

I think it’s time to start asking questions of our Councillors and Local MP’s to be honest. A few emails and maybe a few phone calls to let them know we are interested to find out what’s going on. After all it’s our Council tax that pays for these people to sit in the Civic and wax whatever lyrics they wish to each other over bad buffets and worse coffee before they climb back into their Mercs, Discos and BMWs to piss off back to their lovely cottages and houses in South Staffs or Shropshire. Yes, questions.

What’s happening with the ground redevelopment?

Is there an intransigent atmosphere or a policy of exclusion against Fosun?

Who is the person in charge of negotiating with Fosun over redevelopment?

Why is nothing moving in regards to redevelopment?

Just a few things I would like to be answered thanks very much. If they aren’t answered in any acceptable form then why not? Is there an Anti-Fosun element within Wolverhampton Council? If there is, how do we remove it? I think a great way to get answers is like I said previously, get in touch with your local Councillor for answers. Start jabbing away at them. If we get no joy there then we will wait until the next local council elections and I will post information as to how helpful those Councillors were and we can react by switching a vote here and there.

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  1. The council haven’t got the balls to get on board with Fosun, Wolverhampton’s only chance for redevelopment to become a great city, the council haven’t got the imagination to jump on the ride and go for it. That’s why no redevelopment plans for Wolverhampton ever get off the ground. If Fosun leave it will be the small mindedness of the council’s fault

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