Who Watches The Watchers? The VAR Controversy.

The Summer of 2026 was beautiful. It was cool for a change, in fact it was just right. When the Sun shone it was warm, and when the breeze blew, it was cool. The crowds thronged to Wembley. It was the FA Cup final. They filled the stands waving everything they could possibly buy fromContinue reading “Who Watches The Watchers? The VAR Controversy.”

Chasing Shadows-Wolves V West Ham United

You know the past month or two has been a crazy time at Molineux towers. The games the team have played. The Arsenal crap, people getting nightsticks over their heads in Portugal, European football in general, Benik, all that stuff. Years ago we were quite happy to just slag Dave Edwards and Lambert off aContinue reading “Chasing Shadows-Wolves V West Ham United”

Rubber Bullets Euro Mullets

Rubber Bullets and Euro Mullets Italics by B. Simmo and normal text by me I’ll be honest I was laughing. Here I was in Poundstretcher listening to Cosmic Ray waxing sweet lyrics to me about Wolves in Europe while I was looking at 49p boxes of strange flavoured soup nobody bought. That’s why they wereContinue reading “Rubber Bullets Euro Mullets”