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Well here it is the Podcast I have been threatening for a few weeks. As some of you know I was diagnosed with ME a few weeks ago. Apparently it makes you tired and sleep a lot, sit in the chair and moan….which was probably why I didn’t know I had it hahahahaha. But it has made me a bit disorganised in getting content out while I sort some tactics on how to deal with it in some effective way. But fear not I’ve got a handle on it now so I’m going to be cranking stuff out. Over the past few years I have met a lot of people that should have their stories heard. Especially stories about the club, supporting them, what it means to us and stuff from way back in history too, 60’s 70’s etc probably even the 80’s and 90’s at some point. Thing is I hear a lot of stories that should get a wider audience because for me it defines what the Wolves fan mindset is about and how we have developed over the years. I think it’s history really and interesting.

I will be putting the Podcasts on ‘Podbean’ which is a great way of getting the Podcasts out to a wide audience as possible. Trouble is it costs £10 a month which I can’t afford at the moment so if anybody wants to sponsor an episode at a tenner a pop feel free to contact me. If you have a business we will talk about it for a few minutes before each poddy starts and big you up. If you want us to talk about a person or yourself we will do that too. The Podcasts get about 3.5k listeners on average most of them Wolverhampton based. Great way to get your business out there to people that will be most likely to use it ie Wolverhamptonites. You can get me on Twitter @petalengro or by email yamyambroadcasting@gmail.com

You can also sponsor a blog post if you like too, send a banner in or something and I will stick it on the bottom of the post. I would like to wax lyrical about the rates but hey if I like you then you get it cheap, if you buy me a pint is good too but I figure for a blog post that gets 6k people reading it then see above ay it.

Anyway I’ve put the poddy on here for now and for my Patreons only for a week or so until someone gives me a tenner to put it on Podbean then I will leave it private for a week or summat. My Patreons really do put food on the table for me and they deserve much love. Anyway….here’s the Patreon link, throw a quid a month in and get the extras I will be putting out including more podcasts and more writing.



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