A Step Forwards (Palace V Wolves)

To be honest I can’t say any more denigrating faintly humorous stuff about Roy Hodgson, or Zaha to be honest. I’ve not run out of things to say about them but I think I’ll leave it to one side a minute. So, this game was important on a metaphysical level rather than an empirical pointContinue reading “A Step Forwards (Palace V Wolves)”

Learn To Love Yourselves Again (Wolves V Braga)

Everything is a lie, a fantasy and nothing at all is true in this particular game. What are the shapes of this football, on this night? What are the sounds of it? I can taste the skills of Cutrone, I love Rui with all my heart, Nuno looks as if he is standing on clouds.Continue reading “Learn To Love Yourselves Again (Wolves V Braga)”

Why not Sponsor a podcast or post?

Well here it is the Podcast I have been threatening for a few weeks. As some of you know I was diagnosed with ME a few weeks ago. Apparently it makes you tired and sleep a lot, sit in the chair and moan….which was probably why I didn’t know I had it hahahahaha. But itContinue reading “Why not Sponsor a podcast or post?”