Way Of The Wong

Wolverhampton has always been a fractured place with an undercurrent of evilness in it. That’s just a fact. I’ve received three emails and a few Twitter messages this week where people are waxing some foul lyrics about what’s going on in the fanbase. At first I was like ‘what?’. Remember Charlie Nicholas getting a kicking in the subway on the way to sign for Wolves then he just turned around and went back home?

Firstly, what the fuck has it got to do with me? All I’ve ever done is try to be nice to everybody except the enemy of the week, which is whoever we are playing, but even that hate dissipates quite quickly after the full time whistle has blown and I forget about the enemy for a few days. That’s the way of the Wong for me.

Social Media isn’t a culprit of course. It is an easy target though. We all get a hard on for likes and retweets etc (initially) but that orgasmic high soon pales into insignificance, The ‘high’ isn’t self sustaining and you have to find other more nefarious and negative crap to get your ‘like’ numbers up or pimp whatever it is you are pimping. In my case it was selling my books, in other cases it’s certainly ego and personality. I can understand that sometimes insignificant personalities can become a giant of the social media scene because they have got 400 likes on a post or some observation they have made about the team. I can say from personal experience that the fact people know who you are can become a problem especially if you are invited to events that you really shouldn’t be going to and they are looking at you weirdly because you have Gak yobbed up a nostril and are waxing those egocentric lyrics to all who fancy standing in the circle around you. It’s shit. It attracts those negative entities who would really like to be that person. Because they aren’t negativity starts to nibble away at the fragile egos of these people and soon it all becomes like a rolling pebble down a mountain that gathers more rocks then boulders then half the mountain crashes down on your head.

I’ve been there of course. Why haven’t I met Nuno? I’ve written two books about how he has brought us the madness of beautiful football. Every other fucker I know has, but not me. Why isn’t my photo in the fucking programme? I’m an Author for fucks sake. I watch other people welcomed into the arms of the whole Fosun-Wolves experience by getting maybe a bit in the program or meeting a few players at Molineux. So the fact they are getting some love and not me initially pissed me off greatly. The negativity started to bubble up and I started hating people and wallowing in my own self pity. Sometimes when those moments would bubble up I would be sitting with my phone in my hands with Twitter fully loaded, ready to talk shit. That’s when you start to want to target people. That’s when the evilness starts to froth away in your belly and the only way you can get it out of your system is to be a twat on Social Media

I didn’t because I realise that I am a big enough twat anyway without being one on Social Media too (although there were a few moments). Thing is, the negativity and angst was always mine personally. Life was a bit shit one day, another job interview went shit, the Missus has thrown me out again, I’ve got no money, the dog isn’t well. Social media is a great place to vent your anger against someone else. Because you can do it anonymously or using your real account, who cares. We broadcast our own insecurities and bollocks to thousands of people using just a thumb and a finger. It’s easy.

Has our fanbase become fractured? It’s always been fractured mate. I remember loads of mass brawls between Wolves fans of one ilk or another. Fans from different areas would always have some shit to sort out with each other either on the train coming back from a match or in the stands itself. Extrapolate that to Wolverhampton itself and remember the brawls between people everywhere unconnected with football? How shit it used to be going for a pint in town wondering whether it will kick off? Aggro man, always there waiting to pop it’s ugly head up. I think now that physicallity has moved into the social media arena. A weird Gif, a shit horrible hurtful comment instead of a punch in the side of the head at the bar.

Fosun of course are open mouthed at this shit, they have to be. They are wondering why we aren’t all wearing Wolves shirts and dancing in the streets. Some are of course. The Fosun crazy train is a bit full at the moment full of people that can afford a ticket. They are waving their tickets proudly through the windows at those that can’t afford or can’t get their hands on one. These people are the disenfranchised and a small group of them want to get angry and angsty about it. In fact they may see a few people on the Crazy Train that maybe weren’t on there when there was room to pick a seat and the train wasn’t crazy, it was a bit shit, toilets overflowing with vomit on the floor and a few windows kicked in. Why the fuck have they got a ticket, how the fuck can they afford to travel all over the world to watch Wolves when we can’t? Who fucking cares really?

The fanbase is fractured because it’s always been like that and always will be. You can’t stick 30k people in a stadium and expect them all to get on can you? Some of them will be massive dickheads, some lunatics, some beautiful people and some that ugly their faces look like a hastily stamped out fire. All kinds mate, the full spectrum. What can I say to Fosun about it? Maybe don’t worry about it, it’s normal service, people can be horrible twats when they want to be and some can cause that much grief they can actually mentally harm their targets and love doing it to. That’s the way of the Wong man. My advice is this, don’t use Social media if you have a fragile ego or issues, it’s not a nice place. Find something else to do to get your hard ons. There are loads of ways to feed the ego, do some good in the world, be friendly and supportive to those around you. Enjoy peoples presence in the Limelight because that light ain’t on long and soon there will be other personalities pushing you out of the way. Avoid the knobheads as much as you can, they will do your life no good at all, it’s a kind of life censorship. Delete these people. Make Wolves something chilled out and enjoyable again. 

One thought on “Way Of The Wong

  1. Very good piece wolves and the Town come City in a nutshell. We will still always be a bit yampie. But we still all love the club in our own way. It was easy when the team was crap to focus the bike in that direction. Now with Lamborghini players on the pitch it’s all a bit strange. But fantastic