Notes on a pitch invasion


This pitch invasion thing bothers me. I was all for it of course but I can barely go for a piss with this leg…I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before? Any way…yeah Laurie Garglypimple has asked fans not to run on the pitch, I was thinking if it was Moxey and Morgan then I wouldn’t have give a fuck about what they thought and I would be on. Running around like a tit then stopping because you’re out of breath, you wave your arms, jump a bit, but then you’re knackered and you’ve run out of ideas. You wander around a bit, sing some songs, clap, wander around again. Some folk are running over to the away fans….you know the story. Like I said if it was Morgan in charge I wouldn’t listen.

Thing is man. The press, broadcast media, the FA, the EFL every club hierarchy in the league will be watching us. Ready to fucking pounce. We know what they are like. We have already seen it this season. All the bullshit propaganda, the lies, the deceit, they spread it like a virus. They think we should get back in our place. They don’t fucking like these sexy Portuguese football players, they don’t like Nuno either, he’s not one of us no, he’s one of them, won’t abide by the rules, all that bullshit.

If we invade the pitch they will pounce, they will be on us like a Rat at a potato. Imagine it for a second, the column inches they will give us, the reports the bullshit, every legal weapon they have they will use against us. It’s bound to kick off. The Brummies wont like it. We will want to take the piss. It’s a win win situation for the noses, their doughnuts get a reputation and we get doors kicked through at 6am by the goon squad. The club gets sanctioned and fined and the FA will have an excuse to put some bullshit investigation together.

I say fuck invading the pitch. I want to see my team win the game, walk onto the pitch celebrating, see their kids in Wolves strips maybe booting a ball about. I want to see how sexy their wives and girlfriends are.  I want to see Nuno striding across the pitch instead of Liam from Low Hill filming his self running into the centre circle singing Nuno had a dream. Maybe I’m too old now and wiser. But I don’t want aggro Sunday man I want happy shit, people singing and dancing around a bit. Do what you want man but lets do what Garglypimple says and respect their shit. This is where they do their work and magic where they have entrusted and invested huge amounts of money into the club. We must respect this and be as progressive as the club have been. Evolve a little bit and for once take the word of the man as honest and thoughtful.

21 thoughts on “Notes on a pitch invasion

  1. Spot on.
    We’ve all done the pitch thing. (Funnily enough pretty much as you described except it was Dave Joneses barmy army, mick McCarthyys barmy army and a few times in the 80s when there was actually more players on the pitch than fans in the (2) stands.
    I hope the masses listen, but l doubt they will. They’ll be too full of carling and hatred for blues to consider the feelings of the players, management and majority of the fans.
    God forbid the FA decide to make an example if us and deduct points, a long shot l know but given the stick we’re getting these days it wouldn’t be the most unrealistic sanction.
    Enjoy the day, but let the players enjoy it too. Show them the class Colin Lwanker days we don’t have.
    FWAW ⚽⚽⚽

  2. Lots of debate/abuse on the wolves Facebook pages about this, I don’t want the powers that be to have any excuse to knock us back in anyway.

  3. I contacted the club eaier in the week to get an anoucement out early before the weekend, nice to see it but sad that the minority could spoil it for people that have been going for years……..we can but hope they see sense.

  4. 100% correct we are on the brink of something great and should just sit back and enjoy it ! Lawrie has probably stuck a cigar to each seat for us to light up at full time

  5. Had the same conversation with lots of Wolves fans this week. The man wants to fuck us! Let’s not give him a good excuse to push our shit up! Wether we want to rub the Blues noses in it or not, let’s think about the club. Let’s put our team first and make them proud of us. Let’s return the feeling they’ve given us this season. Let’s stand firm and clap, give them the moment they deserve. We are Wolves! Let’s show it lads.

  6. I was in my late sixties last time I run on the pitch, Crewe it was great times. Even better to come,will keep my seventy something arse in my seat today, promise.