We Have To Get Out Of This Place

I don’t even want to write that fucker Atwells name. He disgusts me. What an inept show, what a total disregard for the rules and regulations. He looks like he owns one of those off road Landrovers. He fucks off to Wales with his mates to rollock around country tracks scaring the wildlife. She unbuttonsContinue reading “We Have To Get Out Of This Place”

A Few Words from the International Void

International breaks are weird and strange things aren’t they? Like all voids in our Wolves related lives we tend to fill that void with awful shit. I was arguing with somebody about Danny Batth last week. I don’t really care about Danny in many respects. I’m not sure about his current skill set but that’sContinue reading “A Few Words from the International Void”

Look into the Spaces John Ruddy

My Helder got the pelters at Fulham. Couple of balloons who were behind us started the rhetoric and I’m shutting them out, filtering them, getting them as far away as my mind could while concentrating on that awful game. Horace has taken his gloves off and he’s debating whether or not to pull them overContinue reading “Look into the Spaces John Ruddy”