As you know I like to bust open the doors of SBR to guest posts and here’s one from my good friend Hank who felt like getting some things off his chest and what better place to do it than here in the madness of the SBR blog. Gew on Son *Passes the Mic

Welcome to Molineux, the home of Championship leaders Wolverhampton Wanderers. It’s a place of joy, excitement and togetherness as almost 30,000 supporters cheer on the most gifted bunch of footballers seen gracing the hallowed turf in a generation.

Except… it’s not is it? What the fuck is going on?

Hit Wolves Twitter up at any time of day and you’re guaranteed to see some fan(s) banging on to some other fan(s) about what it means to be a Wolves supporter. Like there’s some sort of hierarchical scale of support that requires certain achievements be met before you can ‘level up’ and only the SuperFan who has home and away season tickets, buys every shirt the club puts on sale and turns up to watch the U23 and Academy games can truly have their voice heard as a “true supporter”.

When did we put these rules in place about what it means to be a Wolves fan? Or decide to split ourselves from a united pack into a disjointed bunch sub-branches determined by what stand we sit in, whether we sing at the game, whether we arrive on time or stay until the end?

This has been brewing in me for weeks but was topped off after the Forest game when someone tweeted a complaint about the South Bank singing the “Nuno had a dream” song for too long and for too many repetitions, thus introducing a new rule into the game – if you do sing, do you sing the right songs?! The aftermath of a home game now focuses less on what happened on the pitch and more on what went on in the stands.

The South Bank sings about the North Bank not singing. The North Bank retorts that they’ll sing when they want and that they’ve never had a Baggie in their seats. The Steve Bull feels left out so pipe up for a few minutes, while the Billy Quiet has a kip. Then we get photos from the South Bank of the North Bank, half empty, criticising the fact that some people have decided to leave early and get back to their cars before they’re locked in after the game, while the North Bankers have a go back about how there are still plenty of gaps in the South Bank after we’ve kicked off because some people can’t resist one more pint before making their way to the ground.

At the end of the day does it really matter? If you go to a game and you want to sing, great, do it but don’t moan about the folks that just want to watch the football quietly. Conversely, if you turn up for a football match then expect to hear some fans singing. Singing songs of their own choice! If you don’t like what you hear, ignore it and watch the game but, please, can we all just agree that we all want the same thing? That little ‘P’ next to our name on Sky Sports News’ league table in May (or earlier!), our name on the Football League trophy again, a euphoric victory parade through the City Centre with fans gleefully hanging off the Mon on the ‘oss.

We have three and a bit months to go, let’s be one pack, united, not lone Wolves. However you choose to support the team, I salute you. We’re Wolves ay we?