Kick Out The Jams


Racism eh? Songs and calls from the Millwall fans about the eating habits of some of our players. Big Alf here for the Chicken? Have you been to Dixies? Jesus Christ. Millwall of course were just being Millwall. They have been ‘Millwall’ for countless years. By Millwall I mean well…It’s a bit of a place isn’t it? Hemmed in on all sides by the cultural blancmange of whatever London is. They have a siege mentality, a kind of closing off of the mind when it comes to bantering and songs. They aren’t stupid, they know the songs and the casual racism will have some effect and they know those songs and ‘banter’ will identify them as purely Millwall. I’ve walked out of there with a lock knife stuck in my knee. I know this ‘Idea’ of Millwall. But fellas, to paraphrase Terrence McKenna ‘your culture is your enemy’ it stops you opening your eyes, it controls your lives, it filters out the world for you, its a firewall for interesting stuff.

The whole idea of Millwall as a club is solidified by a section of their fans as having that anti-cultural meme that all dystopian populations have. They do it because it winds us up and then there’s a whole gamut of threads on social media to  peruse and either laugh or cry. Lack of idea from them? Of course. When you have to use somebodies skin shade or country of origin to get banter points then you’ve pretty much lost the game.

It’s rubbish and it’s crap. But that’s culture for you isn’t it? Millwall have their own twisted entrenched and lumpen culture that involves being paranoid about what people think of them. Automatically thinking it’s going to be a negative view they are on the attack straight away regardless of what ‘we’ think. Can I cuss them? Yeah I think so but most of all I’m sad that they lack creativity to define themselves in the madness of their city. They lack the driving force of novelty to decide how their club should be seen by reverting to redundant racial slurs, songs about chicken, vociferous debates on social media about being a ‘snowflake’ a term probably stolen from the AltRight soy boys of the USA. It’s not banter, it’s just bollocks isn’t it?

I could blame the lead in petrol, the fumes around that place make your eyes sting. The chemicals, the lack of fresh air maybe affects Millwall pre natal mental development who knows.

What bothers me more is the identifiable and glaring casual racism shown by certain club Managers and the Sports Press. It’s there isn’t it? The odd throw away comment hidden in an article, the comment lost in the fog of a fast paced radio interview, the odd now deleted tweet. This is the arena that pisses me off the most because I know it intimately. I saw it in offices and schools, in meetings, visiting businesses. We get it in slurs about Winter time, whether these Mediterranean footballers can hack a cold North Easterly in Middlesborough. It’s rubbish isn’t it? Their ideas about our team are ignorant and lack energy.

We have in our broadcast media a tranche of people who regard casual racism as a way to further agendas. I know a lot of them have an agenda against Wolves. Against our Chinese owners, against foreign players or foreign involvement as a whole. I had a ten minute conversation with Robbie Earle years ago when he was doing a football show, he pretty much agreed with the above but in football in general. The FA I suppose has some blame as well. But Robbie Earle was the best commentator and pundit I’ve ever seen in the media. I looked forward to him talking, for him to show me new things I had missed during the first half. He indeed grew my football knowledge in leaps and bounds but…we never see him on the TV. Instead…Alan Shearer.

So what’s the conspiracy here? The ‘establishment’ want to know where the cash is going and why it isn’t going in their pockets. The English FA and the Press have a great relationship, the English Press and shadowy business interests have an even greater one. It used to be forged with secret handshakes in Masonic lodges and in the corridors of power in Westminster but as you know Jeff the world has changed. Now it’s done over expensive coffees and focus groups, in relationship initiatives and friendships made in Oxbridge University clubs. Even though these personalities wax lyrical about global opportunities and the global market they are in essence still deeply routed in the ‘old boy network’. It’s a white man dominated colossus, it’s a house in Buckinghamshire, it’s a Jag or two on the drive, it’s the weekend cottage, the back slaps, the juicy contracts, kick backs and fucking the PA in Travelodge. It’s defunct Jeff. Has been for years.

But under all the snide racist comments there is a method. This method is used as a vehicle to further an agenda and that agenda has to be set by somebody. I wondered, yesterday, who that group of people were. Of course I have some ideas. I intimated a few of them earlier this season when I said as soon as we started to put together a good run of results (which I knew we would) we would start to suffer the little digs and prods from sections of the media. And haven’t we half? Having a go at Saint Jack Hayward… we know he was a bit reticent about paying his taxes, we know he was a bit rah when it came to living his life. He loved his country (though he didn’t live here) and he loved his town (though he didn’t live here). There’s a whole thick folder of information about his financial dealings and the rest of the crap all in the public arena. I could write a shit load of blog posts about it to be honest. But…

We have fought these battles for years and years. Walked into meetings and had our accents mimicked and made fun of. Had our teams denigrated in the national press and media. This is what the ‘soul’ of Molineux is, the ability to withstand the slings and arrows and stay true to our ideas and beliefs even when it seems everybody is against you.

‘He’s one of our own’ part of the song we sing about Sir Jack. I’m quite happy to sweep a lot of his dealings under the carpet because of exactly that. He saved this club, which at the time was rattling around in some serious bad funk before he arrived. But he’s a target for sure. A way in which those fucking Lizards in the press can wheedle their filthy fingernails underneath our armour and get reaction, to try and build some sort of proto racist platform to have further digs at our club doesn’t amaze me like it does others. But he’s one of ours. With all his faults. This is why he is being attacked really and why some half pissed fat gutted shit beard journo fancy having a pop, because it gets a rise out of us, the fans.

Wolverhampton…for you fat press gimps, is a bloody hard and soft place. You prod it and it will bite back as it’s doing now on social media. You can’t have a pop at us because we are far too strong for you. Far too strong for you spineless free loaders with your double chins and your shit beards you grow to try and hide it. You are the blank men in M&S suits with the shiny arse. You are the 500 souless words on a website nobody reads. You are the glad handing grease smeared face on the other side of the taped off corridors of power. The FA were also you at some point and you circle and preen each other like arse sniffing dogs. How fucking dare you denigrate my team. How dare you denigrate people at my club.

You bastards never grew up here, never knew what real racism is, never knew the struggles we had. Those years in the wilderness have reforged the whole idea of what we are as a club and Sir Jack himself had a part in that albeit through the filter of Empire and The King. ‘Kick out the Jams Motherfuckers’ That Detroit band MC5 used to sing, but what was a ‘Jive Ass Motherfucker’? It isn’t the people that stand at Molineux every week. It isn’t even Millwall boneheads for we have discussed how their worldview is filtered by the dystopia they live within. It’s ‘them’ again. The dickheads from the home counties that get into good Universities because Mommy and Daddy have some cash. These people tumble through University on their Journalism degrees or new fangled Social Media digital bullshit degrees. They build contacts through the hazy bar burping up Jaeger bombs at a quid a pop. They forge links with others like them. People that talk like they do, make racial slurs in quiet voices while looking around to make sure there isn’t some angry black dude around. It’s like Freemasonry all over again but instead of handshakes it’s a tweet here and there. The odd weird article about a players background. The endless parade of crap pundits on Match of the Day. Their ‘ethnic’ friends have anglicised names and will choke back the overheard racism because they have a foot in the door of this world awash with cash. It makes me sick.

Here we are, us Wolverhamptons. For the most part we have embraced this idea of globalism and we are learning fast. That learning was forged in council estates where we had to learn to live with people from Pakistan, from the West Indies, Africa, India, the Middle East. That learning was hard for all of us. New cultures, languages, ways of doing stuff. New foods, smells, ideas. There were hard times when we couldn’t look each other in the face and we didn’t have the luxury of government cash to assuage the hardships. Sometimes it was so hard there would be battles and fisticuffs and there were things said and done. But on the whole we have come out a lot better than most places in the UK. Forged in the fires of the economic hardships of the post industrial landscape we have come out hardened off. Still with an idea of our own backgrounds and ethnicities but smashed together to form a new culture I suppose. Wolverhamptonism. Where the fellow you knew years ago who abused George Berry for being a ‘black bastard’ now walks his mixed race kids around West Park to feed the ducks. Don’t tell him his Grandkids are ‘little Monkeys’ He’ll probably kill you. In fact thinking about it he would.

That’s why we have embraced our Chinese owners. It’s not hard, we know this shit off by heart now. You tell us about your ideas and we will tell you about ours. You come from another country? What do you eat there? How do I prepare it? What music do you listen to? What are your ideas? And here of course is the rub. We have a Manager in Nuno who has been forged himself on an island in the Atlantic Ocean that has felt the boot and bare foot of many different cultures and ideas. Indeed he has come through that fire to present to us his own idea and how beautiful is it? How lucky are we? And how lucky is he that he decided to Coach a club that has itself been through a fire or two and come out tempered and stronger?

The media disinformation campaign against the Wolves is kicking in now. The odd article filled with bile and untruths. The Manager quotes (Yes you Steve Bruce) that have all the intellectual nous of a fucking Yoga DVD. Love it, bring it on. You fucking Dinosaurs, how dare you. You haven’t got the right to print anything about my club, you haven’t earned it. And your team got beat at the Molineux? Tough fucking tit. You’re all living in the past, Managers, Journos you have failed to evolve, you are old photographs, sad TV formats, you have failed to create new ways and new systems. We are the media now…..fuck, my biscuit has fell in my tea. Yeah the disinfo, the fake articles, the men in tight suits and tighter expense accounts, the back slappers, the sidlers, idlers, the useless dregs of the old order…picking out a floating half a biscuit in hot tea, shoving it in your face while your fingers burn. Got it all out too. Kwan. Belief. Just say No to Fake Football journalism

Let the fools in the media gloat and preen, present their shit to us, what does any of it mean now? The world is changing fast and they are too fat to drag their arses to the window to watch it as it goes by. What is a Talksport? What is a Broadcasting sidekick? What is all of this shit? My Nan used to say ‘if they are having a go at how you look then they have run out of things to say’ and that is the God sent truth. Talksport and the general Broadcast and print media have run out of ideas. My advice to all of us is to stop reading their shit. Get your news from fan blogs and web sites. Communicate with people, take in different opinions and utilise them to gain your own ideas of whats happening in football. Talk to people and exchange ideas, learn how to put a blog together so you can share your ideas and news, your points of view. Let everybody know what they are and build up a greater picture of how Wolverhamptonism flows. This is the way we destroy them, this is the way forwards.

33 thoughts on “Kick Out The Jams

    1. What a brilliant read. We knew we would be hated this season. I for one am proud of my team and long may we be flying high we deserve it. Let the haters hate. We’re Wolverhampton we do what we want

  1. Wanted to add my gratitude for yet another brilliant piece. Up there with the best you’ve produced.
    I speak as a 54 year old Asian Wolves born with 48 years of terrace service to the great city club.

  2. The pen is mightier than the sword and it’s high time someone threw a bucket of ink over the bourgeoisie printed media…

    You write with an authenticity and authority which simply cannot be immitated by, or columnised in sports journalism today (the root of its decline)

    Keep Pushing…

  3. Came across this while waiting for my car to be serviced in Shrewsbury. Can’t wait to share with my friends. Spot on . Whilst listening to Danny Murphy I thought to myself ‘ what is this man on !!’ . Well done 👍🏻

  4. What a wonderful article, like others it’s made me well up.
    We are going to take Wolverhampton and our club into the Premier League under Nuno, into Europe and to the very top.
    I have never been so excited about our club, 40 years after my first game and you capture it beautifully.

  5. It’s not just fake football stories. I stopped reading newspapers many years ago. Now we have social media to access our news, it is embarrassingly obvious how the mainstream only communicate what the Establishment wants us to know.
    Keep up the good work and give Barry Sidekick a good shoeing.

  6. Mikey,
    how the fuck do you write this stuff ? On the nail every time.
    Universerties will be using your stuff for English Lit’ degrees.
    In a hundred years time, they will have a statue of you next to the greatest Wolves player of all time outside the Golden Palace, which holds 120,000 Wolves Fans.
    What dreams are made of. Brilliant stuff.

  7. All of these posts are of exceptional quality.

    If you give a damn about quality writing blog that site, post this site. Get this out.

    Suggest that some of you folks late to this go back and read prior posts.

  8. Little late to the party, but I live in the States now and we get Robbie Earle on the Premiership coverage. Agreed he is incisive. Good read as ever.

  9. I avoid Talksport like the plague. Bunch of ill informed has-beens/never-was’s that cast preconceived crap around whilst imagining they are sitting in the Garrick club.
    Another great post.

  10. Bang on target again Michael.
    Our Soul is in good hands whilst you are there to constantly remind us who we are and where we have come from.