Bats in Wolftown


I was standing outside just chilling out smoking, watching the Bats in the street lights. I felt empowered by yesterday. I was twitching a bit and a bit brazen too. Loads of slugs on the garden path. Homeless Snails. It was a bit cold, there was another fucking super storm coming. That means it’s going to rain and be a bit windy. But it’s another storm that’s floating my boat. My team are doing well. My Team are a gathering storm.

I’m thinking about Jota too. How long he will be here with us? Neves? Costa? Vinagre? How long before Nuno goes, encouraged to extend his craft in another more lucrative arena. It will not be the filthy lucre that tempts him, it will be the dynamism of an arena where he can lay out his own footballing philosophy. Where he can stretch his own wings out. But I also think they could both extend their wings here. There’s no need to break up the band here. The team look like they have all the hallmarks of a bloody good premier league side. One which could develop under the tutelage of Nuno and his backroom staff. I don’t see why Molineux should not be entirely transformed into a stadium par excellence.

I don’t see why this Chinese investment doesn’t stretch into other areas in the town too. We have been starved of investment over the years. Our projects have always been shit as we see Government money flow into other towns and cities across the UK. The Council are a bunch of back stabbing liars and arseholes for the most part.

I read that Amazon are looking at ‘buying’ a City for a new headquarters. I don’t see why Fosun doesn’t do the same. I don’t see why they don’t transfer some of their European Business over here, in Wolves. Let some of that filthy money start to flow around the place and make sure it isn’t gobbled up by shady business interests. These Bats are freaky, darting in and out of the lights. It’s the first time I’ve seen them. Bats are cool. But I never liked Batman because Batman was a Cop.

So I can see in the not so far future when we are in Europe, a victory and success and our little city will be a thing to be known. ‘That’s where Nuno manages’. ‘Yes, Wolverhampton, they won the European Cup’. The name of the City will be synonymous with the success of the club and it stands to reason if their is further investments made by other businesses on the back of this success then Fosun will be in a brilliant position to lead and manage that investment.

It’s a thing that Globalism no matter how abstract it’s tenets are and how shadowy it has become, it is here to stay. Shit or get off the pot really, we have to embrace it fully as a City, start looking out of the box instead of in it. Nobody is going to save us, nobody gives a shit about Wolverhampton, yet.

I think Wolves may well be in a position to act as a catalyst for that global investment. India will soon be looking to invest in other countries, we have a population that for the most part embraces other cultures, do our best to get on, Wolves have a large Punjabi support base. Bats really don’t care do they? Echo location, I cant hear it but I bet the air is rife with hyper sonic bat screams my ear drums just wont pick up. Investment, Jesus Christ. We could do with it, some of that high technology shit that pays well, makes going to work worthwhile, invest in the University, make it a place where you train the people you need right there. Get some of those production centres right in the middle of town so people fill the place up, let people open interesting shops, subsidise those shops, borrow them money to start those shops. If the football is dynamic then so should the City Centre.

I know Steve Scrotum and Gary Electrician wont like it but that’s tough tit for them. We know they don’t like Fosun because we can hear them muttering about ‘The Chinese’ under their breath, they don’t want to say anything out loud yet, at least not in public. They keep that for the dicey sleazy Internet forums they hang out at, and the social media accounts without their real names. The reason Steve and Gary don’t like it is because they are comfortable. They are comfortable because they have worked hard to get where they are. They have a firm idea of social class and they probably think themselves comfortable, and warm, and they don’t like new things. They like a conglomerate of Businessmen to run clubs or a dynamic eccentric nutter. They are the lumpen Dingleariat. Yeah time for change, time to break out of the familiar and evolve as a city instead of just being uncomfortable when people talk of success and getting their hands on some cash. Instead we should look forward to it, stop listening to Gary and Steve, they have their own agendas and they ain’t always going to be in our best interests. I hope Fosun and Nuno and Jota and everybody moving this club on an upwards trajectory including us, the oi polloi can go hand in hand with all this global bollocks and share a little love between everybody.

Our Bert comes out and asks me what I’m looking at. Bats I tell him. He says I look like a nutter standing in the garden in the dark staring at the sky. Yeah man but if you don’t know what we’re looking at you will think that. It’s all perspective.



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  1. First time I’ve seen the Bernie Ecclestone ‘get off the pot’ comment he spat at Branson when he farted around with F1 used in a piece and I laughed just like I did when I read it in the Branson biography. You are touching a raw nerve here tonight Mike, the elephant in the room is our fear of not signing loanees and worse still losing Nuno. I really hope Fosun and Jorge don’t get bored with this ‘special project’ and the club consolidates in Europe in a few years’ time …………:

    • I tend to think if the ‘metaphysical’ variables are right ie Nuno is given the leeway to form and consolidate a team in his own image then I suspect he’ll stay. He certainly has the Gods on his side so far and I think this is a project (like all big projects) that has a five or even ten year timetable

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