Mad Men-Why England are Shit

A few notes on the Southgate England Team Well I had another conversation about the England football team. I hate getting into these conversations because I don’t know what to say about it. Or not that I don’t know, I just can’t be arsed to circle around the most popular England Moan Memes. Why areContinue reading “Mad Men-Why England are Shit”

Alan Araldite and the Shit Shoe Shuffle

Have I said enough about Conor Coady yet? I was into ten thousand words about his playing and all of a sudden I’m in love with the player I described as ‘he runs like he’s afraid of the grass’ and now I’m castigating myself for my lack of understanding. I save the 10k words intoContinue reading “Alan Araldite and the Shit Shoe Shuffle”

Lola Football and The Crucible Of Ideas

‘Make your ideas stronger than theirs’ Nuno on Wolves TV I don’t know whether it’s time to have some sort of round up. Is it too early? Six or Seven games in. Are we doing ok? It’s promotion level point attainment so I’ve been told. But that’s empirical, I want to know how the KwanContinue reading “Lola Football and The Crucible Of Ideas”

I Want To Be Portuguese Too

Millwall. Stuck in a pub surrounded by them. Millwall this and Millwall that. ‘They’ are Millwall, ‘This’ is Millwall. Soon enough you stop hearing the word itself and start hearing ‘Meewuh’ and everything is getting hazy and confused and you are stuck within that vortex of Londonish vowel stretching and confused random elbows as theyContinue reading “I Want To Be Portuguese Too”

Gary Mastic and Poundstretcher Football

I was in Poundstretcher and ‘Gary the Mastic’ who I know quite well came up to me spitting and blathering about the whole Fosun thing, lack of a striker, unsure about investment, the team, the whole madness. What can I say? I was looking at Bog roll. In Poundstretcher. Crazy. There he was covered inContinue reading “Gary Mastic and Poundstretcher Football”