Dear Jeff


How you doing Jeff? What a mad few months this has been. You’ve been very busy I see sorting out transfers, running the ‘business of Wolves’ and trying to work out what the fuck is going on too. But not to worry, i’m going to give the low down on the zeitgeist.

I’m not a spokesman by any stretch and I don’t speak for every Wolves fan at Molineux. There are some who will disagree completely with what I have to say but that’s cool. They can find other ways to vent their spleens.

I just read the Daily Mail hatchet job on the job you and Fosun are doing here. To be honest I thought it was hilarious. The writing was poor and Daily Mailish. No real facts, a lot of hearsay, the noise of war really, fake war of course as the article was an opener in the battles to come. But why a battle? Who are we fighting? We are fighting of course the establishment. Now it’s great to come out with such an easy statement when the establishment can mean all sorts of shadowy groups and sub groups and it’s very easy to get caught up in a whole plethora of conspiracy theories. But here’s a twisted saying I like to pontificate with at times…

What is a conspiracy? It’s a set of dynamic obstacles that refuse to disappear when you stop believing in them. You see, when the ‘established’ English football mafia see the work that Fosun are doing in our City they don’t like it. They never liked Wolverhampton any way. We are too ‘lumpen’ for them. We don’t have the attraction of bigger more glamorous clubs, we talk funny and we are funny too. Walk into any pub full of Wolves fans and the overwhelming reaction is that we are happy, we laugh and cry in equal measures. We are emotional but stoic. We understand everything but when you can’t laugh at it then it becomes an abstract and meaningless thing. ‘They’ don’t like that because they don’t understand it.

So what’s the conspiracy here? The ‘establishment’ want to know where the cash is going and why it isn’t going in their pockets. The English FA and the Press have a great relationship, the English Press and shadowy business interests have an even greater one. It used to be forged with secret handshakes in Masonic lodges and in the corridors of power in Westminster but as you know Jeff the world has changed. Now it’s done over expensive coffees and focus groups, in relationship initiatives and friendships made in Oxbridge University clubs. Even though these personalities wax lyrical about global opportunities and the global market they are in essence still deeply routed in the ‘old boy network’. It’s a white man dominated colossus, it’s a house in Buckinghamshire, it’s a Jag or two on the drive, it’s the weekend cottage, the back slaps, the juicy contracts, kick backs and fucking the PA in Travelodge. It’s defunct Jeff. Has been for years.

So the article. An opening salvo in my opinion. You’ve stuck your face into the Boardroom and they don’t like it. The easiest option for them to attack the whole Fosun dynamic is to call on that old boy network and there’s no better place to do that than get in touch with the boot boys at the Daily Mail. Surreptitious is the word of the day. It’s an underhanded and clumsy attack which should really fill the hearts of the troops at Fosun with joy. Indeed you should find a quiet pub somewhere Jeff, sit down and have a little giggle to yourself that the opening salvos of your battles in the UK are so poor. Really? The Daily Mail?

Have Fosun lost the soul of Molineux? Well to be honest it’s been kicked around the floor for a good many years. Shoved in a boot cupboard at Molineux and forgotten for a time but it’s never been lost. Jeff, we are the soul of Molineux, the people who scrimp and save through the year so we can buy a season ticket. What has this years cost me? I’ve been eating eggs and fucking beans for four months now. When I go for a pint before a game I have a pint and that’s it. It’s all I can afford. Where are my holidays? A nice dry piece of forest in Wales where I don’t have to pay camping fees, which is stupid because I can’t afford a fucking tent. Soul is getting up in the morning with a bit of hope in your heart that we can do something this season. Soul is being proud to say ‘Wolves ay we’ a much bandied about term which I think most Wolves supporters will never understand and which was born in the exchange of blows outside the stadium. Soul is pulling on your Wolves shirt to go to the shops. Soul is watching your kids run around in their Wolves replica strips with the other kids running around in Chelsea or Manchester United strips. Soul is singing your heart out while other fans are checking their fucking social media accounts or their bets. Soul is knowing that Fosun are the outsiders, the strangers from other lands, the people who talk weird, who like to kick the establishment in the balls. We are the team that took the piss out of the greatest teams in Europe in the 1950’s.

That’s what Soul is Jeff. We love Fosun not for the players, the cash or the football we are now playing (although it’s beautiful and welcome). It’s the fact that Fosun and you Jeff are the under dogs in the fight. We share the same position. Haven’t we always been fighting for some sort of recognition? Some right to stand with the glamorous and the well heeled? This ‘Post Industrial’ Midlands Town has strengths that are unknown to most and only walking the streets outside those Golden halls will show you this. We have fought these battles for years and years. Walked into meetings and had our accents mimicked and made fun of. Had our teams denigrated in the national press and media. This is what the ‘soul’ of Molineux is, the ability to withstand the slings and arrows and stay true to our ideas and beliefs even when it seems everybody is against you.

Stand true Jeff and stand proud. Regardless of the machinations of global business and the madness of financial implications we have a chance to grab that establishment club by the lapels and to stick a gorgeous smacking forehead into the noses of them. Already they are feeling that soft warm trickle of fear. The Chinese are coming, and they have a bunch of oiks from Wolverhampton with them. It’s going to be very nasty in the future Jeff but if you fall down we will be picking you right back up again.

13 thoughts on “Dear Jeff

  1. What a great write up, this says everything I feel, having been coming since 1953 aged four until today now aged 68 years old, I will keep going as long has him upstairs allows me to.
    We really are shaking them up in the football world, they don’t like the fact that we have money and can now challenge them to the core, it is only a matter of time before we kick them off their pedastall then watch them start screaming, me “I’m loving it”.
    Wolves aywe.